Saturday, December 28, 2013

Triple-O's Singapore - The Star Vista Branch

ABBEY: Wilma wanted to have a taste of this Canadian burger. So one day after my shift, we didn't have food at home an I'm too lazy to cook, I asked her to meet me in Star Vista. She was excited when I told her we'll be dining in Triple O's. 

The diner is unique. Unlike the usual burger joint clad with red and yellow colors (this is to entice the eyes so you'll feel hungry and eat), this is donned with green and white. They're boasting that their burger are made-to-order and behold they are. You need to wait to sink your teeth on that "medium-rare" beef patty. The fries are indulging as well. It was a good dinner.

WILL: Are you in budget but you want a very tasty hamburger.. hamburger that was served to famous hotels? Well, you are in luck if you are just around the Buona Vista area.

Triple O’s was originated at Canada and branched out in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. Well, so lucky indeed. I saw their Star Vista branch and 2012, I asked Abbey to set a date for him and I to dine in there. And you know what? Year passed and that’s the only time he set a dinner for me on that diner. It’s our 5th year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Order and they will cook for you… freshly out from the pan. I asked for Original Combo. Shocks the meat is lovely. So juicy and the beef taste delicious! Their place is not so crowded and you can relax your stressed out mind.

Now we add up another diner to our list! Thanks Triple O’s! More more juicy burger to eat! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Philippine Airlines' International Flight - Manila to Singapore

ABBEY: The flight going back to Singapore last November 24 is my first international travel on board Philippine Airlines. It was a good trip. Flight attendants gave warm welcome to the passengers, distributed headphones and pillows. We had chicken afritada for lunch and its delicious as well as their leche flan. We got some landing difficulties as the runway was not cleared so when we expected the plane to touchdown the engine roared and minutes later we were up again in the sky. Finally we landed safely and came to halt on our gate. It was a nice ride.

I want to take this opportunity, even though this is regarding my parents' return trip to Philippines. I would like to commend the crew in PAL flight 103 (LAX-MNL) last Nov 6 California time. Their crew assisted as much as they can for the need of my mom as she was in a stretcher due to her illness. They really gave a helping hand showing that they care during that 14-hour flight. 

Again, PAL many thanks.

WILL: We need to extend our supposedly 3-day vacation in Manila when Abbey’s mom got home from USA. It is only a month before our desired flight and it’s very hard for me look for a cheap fare Manila-Singapore. Every budget airline was checked but all my efforts was futile. Then I started to check the flag-carriers planes and found the cheapest with Philippine Airlines.

Ticket are way cheaper than CebuPacific, we booked a one-way ticket to Singapore. This is Abbey’s first time to be on board in their plane. I am expecting a Boeing 747 but a PAL’s version of airplane bus parked in front of our gate.

I am gunning for Abbey’s comfort that’s why I purchased the tix also, I want an extra leg room for him but we were too late to request for it, and yeah you must top-up to have those seats also.

Unlike other budget airlines, PAL have a movie on board, food to linger on and complimentary coffee, tea, and water. It’s a good experience. Sometimes splurging is not so bad after all.

Next time, if we are really, really rich, I am hoping for a business class. Ha!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Investors' 2013 Year-End Party

ABBEY:  We were grateful to host investors' year-end party last December 8. Missing celebrating the holiday season was lessened as we enjoyed getting together as a family. 

Every guest brought their share of food, laughter and stories. We got adobo, cake, barbecue, sausages, grilled tuna, chicken and other festive delights. It was supposed to be a whole day party but "Filipino time" is still in our system; others went late but managed to come which is more important. The rain didn't dampen our mood as it poured late in the afternoon. 

We also got a Q and A portion with one of the finance guru, Sir Jess Uy. We hope and pray that more will be added to the group and together strive to become better investors.

WILL: We choose friends wisely and in our stay here in Singapore we only have few but when we found Investors Group of Singapore on facebook, there’s an itch to meet them personally... quickly! Tadddahhhh! We met very humble people with the same interest of ours.. investing in Philippine Stock Market.

Last 8th of December, we gathered and celebrated a year-end party, we are almost 40, growing circle of friends. Cashflow 101, food tripping, free talk from Sir Jess Uy, and non-stop laughter and new ideas how to grow our investments more.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Italianni's Philippines - TriNoMa Branch

ABBEY: We have our first dinner date at Italliani's Glorietta Branch. And Wilma paid for that. Poor me that I don't have that much money to pay for a decent dinner date. I got a taste of their house bread dipped in olive oil with balsamic vinegar. So as a re-enactment we went for lunch at their branch at Trinoma. This time it is on my tab. 

I ordered a quarter of spring chicken and I got pesto with chunks of ground beef as Wilma saw that mine got a good presentation. All our needs was finely attended. It was a great lunch; the food is flavourful and delicious, ambiance is homey and I got to have lunch there with my wife :)

WILL: Are you tired of the fastfood chain ambiance of the different pizza parlours? Well, as always, I enjoy the food more if the place is quiet and have a peaceful aura.

Tuscan and foccacia bread really captured my heart dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. That bread is a complimentary and I keep on asking for more until my order reached in front of me.

I ordered Penne with sausage but there some beef so I asked if Abbey can switch his Herb Spring Chicken for for me. Gladly I asked him to give me the chicken, it is so tender anad flavourful. Their chix alone can make my whole day happy. Haha.. 

Their people served us extensively. They keep on coming to our table to check if we like the food and we need more drinks. 

Thanks a lot italianni's for a very memorable time each time we visit any of your branch.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Costa Coffee Singapore - Metropolis Branch

ABBEY: What gives you a good night sleep after a night's shift? Breakfast! 

Costa Coffee recently open up their branch Metropolis (near Buona Vista MRT). I got their roast beef sandwich and one of their holiday specialty. We went there and had a free sandwich and drink. 

The branch is bigger than what they have in Vivo City. The staff received us warmly and even posed for the pic for our blog :) 

Thanks Costa Coffee.

WILL: The first branch I and Abbey visited was Costa Coffee's VivoCity branch. Well, this London-orgin cafe is all-over the island competing diligently with American coffee shops.

Abbey and I are the lucky ones who was given a invite for the opening of their 2 branches. We are too near at Metropolis so we decided to take our hot breakfast in there. 

As we are eyeing to go inside, an all-smile staffs were already welcoming us. We asked what are their recommendations for us and they me to get their Hot Choco Mint, I am pretty hesitant since my stomach get really upset everytime I drink choco but I chose to go with the staff's suggestion. I love wrap, the I ordered one.

The hot choco is good, warms my tummy gently and didn't created a war against my stomach. Excellent! The chicken wrap tastes so nice, really nice. 

Thanks Costa Coffee for the wonderful breakfast and for having a branch few steps at our home. Oh, before I forgot, this branch has a comfy feeling, hope the VivoCity will follow the ambiance. They do deliver also, please click here for their menu

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Razon's of Guagua - Pampanga's Famous Halo-halo & Pancit Luglug

ABBEY: Razon's was famous for their halo-halo. So we gave in to our cravings after our facial session. We visited their branch at Monumento Circle. The staff warmly greeted us and we told our order: halo-halo and sizzling bulalo. 

A few minutes later our food was served. I assure you that the gravy is delicious. It really goes well with the soft and flavorful bulalo. Wilma even ordered for another serving of the gravy. 

Then time came for dessert. Only three ingredients: macapuno, leche flan and saging na sabah. Their ice is finely crushed and mixing it all together is a breeze. It is not too sweet and you won't ask for sugar to boost the sweetness. It was a 500php-snack which I enjoyed with my loved one.

WILL: I am craving for halo-halo and everytime someone asked me what I want to eat when I got in Manila, I always replied "Gusto ko ng halo-halo". I got what I want, Chowking and Razon's but for now we will blog about the famous Razon's dessert. 

Surprised that they have a branch at Monumento, after we visited Let's Face It, I asked Abbey to dine in before going back to my Tatay's pad. 

I planned for their halo-halo only but my favorite sizzling bulalo enticed me. We ordered 2 halo-halo, one sizzling bulalo, 2 rice, and an extra gravy.

Drooling! The halo-halo never fails me. The finely shaved ice, the leche flan, sabah,  macapuno bombed up sweetness inside my mouth so yummy. Gluttony showed up when the sizzling plate appeared in front of us. So flavourful.  

Abbey and I will sure mark their Monumento branch.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Buttered Broccoli & Cauliflower Recipe

Broccoli Florets
Cauliflower Florets

Melt 5 tbsp of butter, add garlic and stir until medium brown. Pour the broccoli and cauliflower florets. Cook and stir until the veggies are covered by butter. Serve hot!

ABBEY: This is another variation of how you can cook vegetable. Mix it with hot rice then you're going for a treat. Make sure not to over cook it. Maybe next time will put chicken liver for new taste.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Victoria Court Caloocan

ABBEY: This motorists' hotel always show different type of rooms whenever I pass by EDSA going to school. Any room theme that you can think of I think they have it; XMen, 50 shades of Grey, Asgard and many more. We checked in and we're escorted by the full force of my in-laws after a full day of relaxation and family bonding time. It is as if we're newly weds and they are pushing us to consummate our love :)) 

For less than 2000 pesos we got a deluxe bedroom including breakfast. The washroom has nice design of floor tiles though the room appeared smaller by its shade. Cable TV is very poor. It's as if you're watching from an antenna. Well how can argue with it when I only paid less :)

Upon checking out, we were asked if we want a cab, but we told the receptionist no need for that. Most Pinoys doesn't want being seen coming out from that place. (if you know what I mean) We wanted to know how it feels being stared at by people knowing that you just go out of a motel; we're married and we needed a place to stay and relax :)

WILL : Since this is just located outside of our place, I am fully aware of this it. Abbey and I planned to check-in in a hotel around Manila but time was so constricted that even an hour is so precious.

So we decided to go for Victoria Court in Balintawak, my siblings drove us through to the motel. Abbey deserved a goodnight slumber, a fully airconditioned and all-silent room. He and Ate Gail attending Mama Sweet, and he is obviously lack of sleep for the past week.

The room is very spacious, the sheets were all white and I felt that is really clean. The bathroom seems so sanitized and they have an unlimited shower gel/shampoo. Do not have a comfy blanket so we phoned the reception and asked for another sheet.

We have a relaxed sleep, no buzzing of people voice or honking vehicles. Refreshed it is!

We paid around Php1900.00 for 12 hours with breakfast, oh they will give you a free drinks once you ansewred their survey.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Easy Cheesecake Recipe

2 250g-block Philadelphia cream-cheese
2/3 cup castor sugar
1 cup sour cream
1 cup whipped cream
2-3 tsp vanilla
1-2 tsp lemon juice
5 tsp unflavored gelatin powder
1 200g-pack or graham crackers (preferably crushed)
1/2 block of butter (melted)

In a bowl, mix butter and graham crackers until the texture is like a wet sa
nd. This will serve as your base. Put the mixture in a spring-form cake tin (20cm diameter). Compress it with the bottom of a glass. Place it on a freezer to harden. Then make the cake.

Soften the cheese by putting it out off the fridge until the it has the room 
temperature. Put it in the bowl and mix it with other ingredients; sour cream, sugar, whipped cream, lemon, vanilla, and gelatin powder. Continue to mix it (not whip) until the consistency is smooth.

Pour in on to the base and cover it with aluminum foil. Place in freezer a minimum of 6 hours (depends upon your freezer's power), preferably overnight.

Put in a cake stand, cut and enjoy with tea.


WILL: I know that Abbey loves me a lot but he never fails to make me feel that every now and then. Making my favorite cake is always on his list.

He made a cheesecake! Gosh! The taste is pretty same with the popular cafes. I talked about it for days how good the cake was and even our housemates confirmed it.

Now, everyone is requesting for it this holiday season. You can order the cake for a minimum fee. Please give Abbey a call, haha!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

ABBEY: So Loki was captured and being detained at Asgard. The whole kingdom was at peace as well as the inhabitants of the earth. But then again another villain was in the rise seeking revenge and that particular "indestructible" force to complete it. The plot thickens; some fell but still the good manages to prevail. It was simple but it was good as this is a superhero movie. 

The effects and action relives my imagination. Sometimes I'm wandering what if I have superpower :)=

As this is a Marvel movie, we waited for the Easter egg at the end of credits. SPOILER ALERT: There is Thor 3.

WILL: What can I say about the 2nd chapter of Thor’s life, well, he is now mature! The way he talked, the way he fight and the way he think! I enjoy this movie more because of Loki’s idea and the appearance of my Captain America.

The whole story for me is pretty childish. 6/10. Unbelievable way how to save the world.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Singapore's Krispy Kreme

ABBEY: My wife loves Krispy Kreme. And I want to surprise her with a dozen of original glazed-doughnut. Right after my night shift, me and my colleague queue on Krispy Kreme's opening day. I read at the paper that the first 200 customers will be entitled  to a free dozen when you buy one. I'm not expecting to win that but there was a change on the rules on that morning. First hundred would be receiving 4 dozen of doughnuts for a month and next one hundred will get the one for one deal. And guess what? I'm the hundredth customer :) 

Boasting aside, I was even featured in Krispy Kreme's report on Yahoo Singapore. I'm blessed having that opportunity to share those free sweet delights to my friends and family. Dozen of original glaze is at 23.50 and 26.5 for assorted.

WILL: I am always thinking when will Krispy Kreme put up a store  here in Singapore. Always missing the taste of their original doughnuts together with my afternoon tea. Well my wishful thinking was granted last October 12.

I am surprised that one of my colleague shouted that she want also doughnuts. I am shocked to see a photo of a box of original glaze Krispy Kreme at my facebook timeline, gosh!, my husband really knew the things that will make me very happy. Abbey is very lucky that day and got the 100th spot on the queue, he won a dozen of original doughnuts every week and to be a blessing to others, he decided to share it with his colleagues, my colleagues, our friends and housemates.

We are so happy to know that now there is a branch here in Singapore, even though this is quite expensive than their Philippines branch, the taste really worth it.

Until now we are queuing and buying a dozen once we set our foot around Orchard road.

Thanks Krispy Kreme! I really love your doughnuts!  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

(Washokodokoro) Waraku Japanese Casual Dining Singapore VivoCity

ABBEY: We won an invite for the opening of Waraku Japanese restaurant in Vivo City. It was located on the rooftop park of the mall. Outside the restaurant is a photobooth where you can pose with a Samurai. 

We were given a table for two and the staff told us as part of the store opening a meal including a drink will be served for free. The meal includes tempura, udon, sushi, and potato salad. The sauce brings more flavor on the tempura. 

I really like the sushi; I hoped that they will serving more of those.

WILL: Fan of Japanese Cuisine? Add up Waraku Japanese Restaurant on your list. Waraku is one of the famous and oldest restaurant from its at East Coast Park.

Its the opening at their VivoCity branch when we first stepped our feet in one of their restaurant. The place portrayed a very cozy feeling. Its seats, tables, even plates and chopsticks well complimented to each other. Relaxing is the great word to describe it.

They offered us drinks and I asked for cranberry juice after a while the food was served. The tray consists of udon, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and volcano maki. The most memorable was the noodles packed with flavors and very chewy, its seems like a gnocchi texture.

Thanks Waraku for this free dinner and free photo shot with Sushi Ronin.  

Guys please visit their page here for more details.