Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Nihon Mura Express - Rivervale Mall Branch

ABBEY: We went to Rivervale Mall to have dinner on another restaurant but got enticed by Nihon Mura Express.

They have a promo "Eat More, Save More" from Jan 9-Feb 28, 2017.
40 plates & above - $1/plate
30 – 39 plates - $1.20/plate
20 – 29 plates - $1.40/plate

We can only go up to 20. That will satisfy our hunger for some wasabi and sushi.

1. Huge variety of sushi.
2. You can order sushi besides in the conveyor and it will be delivered fast. Just make sure to confirm your order.
3. They also have other appetizers like chicken (yakitori or fried).
4. Food is fresh and delicious.

1. Wasabi is not that hot/spicy. And it is dry compared to other sushi shops we visited.
2. Green tea is not unlimited. 2 packs per serving and will be counted to the number of your plate.
3. Sushi serving or size is small. I can see that evident on my favorite inari.

Nihon Mura Express
Side Order Menu

Nihon Mura Express
This is the only shot we have on our order.
We are busy enjoying the food.. Sorry ;p

Nihon Mura Express
Maki Menu

Nihon Mura Express
Handroll Menu

Nihon Mura Express
Gunkan Menu

Nihon Mura Express Promotion

WILL:  We are at Rivervale Mall for an Italian cuisine fix but we saw Nihon Mura and its promotion, I looked at Abbey and informed him that I'm missing the exquisite taste of wasabi. In that instant, Abbey pulled me in to Nihon Mura. :) 

The selection at the conveyor belt is not as good with Sushi Express BUT! ---a big BUT! There is an iPad just beside your table for you to order some nice plates well prepared sushi, sashimi, handroll, its famous Slipper Lobster Mentai, and crispy bite size fried chicken. You cannot find those in any other restaurant with the same price with Nihon Mura. All of those, all in the menu, all food on the conveyor belt only costs S$1.60. Three plates of chicken + 2 plates of handroll will make you full. The price is worth it! 

Now, we have a different sushi restaurant to dine to. :) Thanks Nihon Mura for making us full without going bankrupt! Haha!

Nihon Mura Express
(A) 11 Rivervale Cres, #02-10 Rivervale Mall (Sengkang)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Ban Heng @ Harbourfront Centre - Dim Sum Lunch Buffet

ABBEY: This is where we have our New Year's day date, at Ban Heng Restaurant. It was lunch time. It was almost empty during our first visit, but come New Year's day, it was jam-packed and you can feel the festive spirit. 

We indulged ourselves with serving of wanton in tom yam soup, dim sum, crispy fried chicken wings, spring rolls, fried mantou, shrimp rolled in crispy bean curd skin, fried fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce and the two best entrees for us: pork ribs and salted egg custard in steamed bun. 

Wow, it was a feast for less than 25SGD per person. Drinks like tea, coffee, and juices are all bottomless.

Ban Heng @ Harbourfront Centre - Dim Sum Lunch Buffet Menu
is in this video =)

WILL: We are truly missing the dim sum at Banawe Avenue in Philippines and that is the main reason why we decided to splurge in different kind of buffet..Dim Sum buffet! 

If you buy an ala-carte of those it will cost you a ton of money and as suggested by Chat (long-long time ago) we headed to Ban Heng Lunch Dim Sum Buffet which was served at their Harbourfront branch. 

It is holiday, New Year, and yet the price of it never broke our bank. For 3 hours, we indulge to variety of Dim Sums, noodle, soup and even fried rice. Food served to us is surprisingly beyond our expectations. Gosh! The pork ribs! Drooll!!! I can eat it all day long! Haha!

We will surely be coming back in this restaurant. I will tag-along and recommend this well to all of our friends! 

Thanks Ban Heng. See you again...soon!

Ban Heng @ Harbourfront Centre
(A) 1 Maritime Square #04-01 HarbourFront Centre 
(T) 6278 0288 / 6278 1354 / 6278 1361 
(H) Lunch - 11:30am - 2:30pm / Dinner - 6:00pm – 10:00pm
All-You-Can-Eat Ala-Carte Dim Sum Buffet Lunch $19.80++

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mandarin Oriental Singapore's - MELT CAFÉ (Dinner Buffet)

ABBEY: I read that Melt Café offers one of the best buffet in Singapore and I want to try it. Wilma booked a reservation for three (Wilma, and the two November birthday celebrators; me and Chat) and went to Mandarin Oriental last December 5. 

We were ushered to a table and we waited for the buffet to open. A couple of minutes later we were told that we can start. 

The place was huge and homey. I didn't even know where to start taking snaps of the vast array of food. They have variety of cuisines; Japanese, Western, Indian, and local delights. I had plates of sushi and sashimi as well as tandoori (chicken and fish). I matched them with papadum, rice and naan. 

Their ravioli is bursting with cheese and really goes well with red sauce with beef. I also had slices of turkey and ham and some cheese. Desserts are fantastic. 

Make sure to get that slice of Melt Cafe chocolate cake before it is gone. It's pure chocolate heaven. I tried their homemade frozen yogurt, crinkles, and bon bons. Our experience is great. 

Aside from a 15% off the bill, we were given a birthday cake and an excellent service by Angela. Thanks Melt Café.

WILL: We celebrate anything and everything. This makes our mind and soul to be grateful in everything we are achieving and welcoming more blessings to come. And to that, we booked Melt Cafe for 3pax, this is to share our accomplishments with out friend Chat. 

Abbey's birthday/graduation and Chat's natal day is a must to celebrate for me. Those are days when Almighty decided to put this lovely souls to accompany me in this beautiful journey of life. (Kakaiyak!) 

Without further words, Melt Cafe is one of the yummiest buffet we have ever went to. It is not your ordinary international buffet. There is a huge variety of food that you cannot found on other restaurants. Like what? Chocolate crinkles, ravioli, the Melt Cafe Cake (ahhm, yup you cannot find this in other place haha), lamb chop, the lobster that we indulged in non-stop and the very caring attendant of our table, Ms. Angela. Our table attendant relentlessly serving us and non-stop checking on us if we are enjoying our food. She frowns whenever there is no plate in front of us. Haha. 

Ms. Angela, also recommends us to be a member of Mandarin Orientals's Dining Society. This is for us to get a huge discount on that dinner buffet that night. We got an automatic 15% off when we signed online the registration form. Her manager (I forgot the name. Sorry) welcomed us with warm "hello". 

No doubt why people keep on recommending this restaurant. You have huge variety of food to indulge and a team that welcomes and made you feel that you are "home". 

Thanks Melt Café. Will surely be on our top list of buffets. :)

(A) 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square
(T) 6885 3500
(E) mosin-dining@mohg.com
(W) http://www.mandarinoriental.com/singapore/

DINNER: 6:30 – 9:30pm - S$75++

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ina Spa (In front of BHG Bugis)

ABBEY: I thought this was one of our usual massage session but I was wrong. Ina Spa is one of the shops at the busy place of Bugis. We made a reservation at 6:30PM. Unfortunately, we were half an hour early and we were asked to pass some time first as there is no available masseurs yet. We came back at exactly the appointed time but was told if we can have it the earliest at 9PM which really set my mad mood on. Sensing that we will not give in for any other day or a very late time, we got a slot at 8. 

Just want to finish the long day, I sat down on the massage chair. The masseur washed my feet. The session includes a back massage as well. My tensed muscles started to loosen. Few minutes later, I was relaxed. And when the foot massage began, it was all worth the wait. 

Fang Fang made my feet numb. Haha. I can't feel them after the session. I feel like like I'm floating. This is recommended. I hope they can have more masseur so they can accommodate more customers. 

Book a session with Fang Fang!

Ina Spa's Cozy Seat

WILL: Didn't we deserve a foot massage after a 10km marathon of Standard Chartered? Actually even if we don't ran on that tracks, I am still targeting to have it. Its been a while since our last foot reflex session. Haha. 

I am searching on Vaniday for a deal but nothing beats Groupon in offering this kind of services in massive discounts. So, still, I went for Groupon and found this newly opened spa just in front of Bugis BHG. We got a 60-minute foot reflex + 10-minute back massage (S$22.00). 

My masseur assigned to me is pretty aggressive,  the more I crouch while she is kneading my shoulders, the more she is in total offence to get rid of my tight muscles. Haha. Oh! She is doing that while my feet was soaked on a lukewarm water. 

She dried up my feet and started for the foot massage. I want to scream whenever she hit a point that is quite painful. She concentrated more on my legs and not on my foot (I am wondering why). 

Oh, please make sure to be there on time, not too early because they do not have a waiting room for you to occupy and not that late because the other sessions next to you was affected too. 

Will I be back again for another massage in Ina Spa? Yessss! But I will be requesting for Fang-Fang. :) 

Thanks Groupon and Ina Spa!

Ina Spa 
(A) 247 Victoria Street #02-00 (Bugis) 
(E) enquiry@ina-spa.com
(H) Weekdays: 11.00 am - 9.00 pm / Weekends & Public Holidays: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm

Monday, January 16, 2017

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point)

ABBEY: From time to time, we dine outside usually after our weekly grocery. 

We went to Social Square @ Waterway Point. It is one of the brands of MOF (Ministry of Food). I got Grilled Chicken Pesto (S$15.00). The chicken is moist and juicy. And the pasta yummy and got flavorful taste of pesto. Wow.

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point) -
Plain Udon + Kakiage Tempura

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point)
Grilled Chicken Pesto

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point) -

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point) -

I am more of an "udon" person than a ramen and on that week I am craving for it but CitlyLink's Mall is seriously far from our flat, so we decided to hunt an udon at Waterway Point at Punggol and we found Social Square. 

No hesitation and second thought, I went for Plain Udon + Kakiage Tempura ($14.80). I dug in as the attendant placed my meal in front of me. The udon is firm as usual, the kakiage is crisp and not faltering in that texture. But the soup is not as tasty as I am expecting. *Sad Face* 

Anyways, I am there to have a bite of udon. Will I come back? Hmm, maybe not. 

Social Square by MOF (Waterway Point)
(A) Waterway Point East Wing, #01-26
(W) http://ministryoffood.com.sg/
(F) https://www.facebook.com/SocialSquareSG
(H) 11.30am to 10pm (Mon to Thurs & Sun) / 11.30am to 10.30pm (Fri to Sat)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas

ABBEY: We pampered ourselves by booking a pair of Golden Village Gold Class tickets to watch The Great Wall premiere for 120.50SGD. 

It was Christmas day and people flocked the mall as well as the theaters. But for us, we enjoyed our time in the Gold Class lounge. Aside from the snacks that comes with ticket purchase (date pudding with vanilla ice cream and a glass of brut), we got a box of popcorn for a few cents more than the usual but no queues. Yes, the food were delivered to your seat. The lazy-boy-type seat is comfortable. I gave all the blankets to Wilma as she got very cold. Haha. It was a good experience. But I hope the price should be less :) And also if the table can be dragged towards you to ease the process of munching your snacks, it would be better. 

They also offer sodas, juice, fries and burgers on their menu. With just a push of a button (like in a plane) they will come and attend to your needs.

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas -
Date Pudding and Wine 

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas
Waiting Area

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas
Holiday Menu Package 

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas
Inside the Cinema

Gold Class (VivoCity) - Golden Village Cinemas

WILL: Leave was not approved and it will not be a hindrance for me and Abbey to be joyful on that season. As they say, if there's a will, there's a way. And this is our way to celebrate holidays...splurging in cinema. 

We booked Gold Class at Golden Village Vivocity. We got a discount for almost $5 (Abbey is a GV Movie Club Member). 

What to expect inside? A Very-very-very important person treatment. Once you step-in at the foyer an extraordinary smile will greet you. A seat is there to keep you comfortable while waiting for the time. A free wifi and an attendant that always there checking on your needs (warm or cold water). They have their own washroom, actually everything is in there. Yup! Even popcorn! You do not need to join the lone queue outside. 

Inside the cinema itself, of course it is given that you will have a La-z-Boy like seat. A mini table on the middle and blanket. I am disappointed when I smelled the blanket. Gosh! It seems that it was used by too many people and they forgot to changed it. We hurriedly call the attention of staff and they gave us new set of those. Unlike the Platinum Movie Suites - The Cathay they do not have a a table of your own that you can pull in and out on your pleasure and a privacy thingy that blocks other to look at your site.

The date pudding is tasty and heavy. I want to have another plate of it. Haha! 

Anyways, I am sorry for comparing. It still at your preference...our readers :) 

It is okay to splurge once in a while. Enjoy the fruit of our labor and enjoy life! 

Happy New Year to all of you!

Gold Class - Golden Village Vivo City
(A) #02-30 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity,
(T) 6653 8100

(W) https://www.gv.com.sg/GoldClassHome#/

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sankranti (Everyday Festival) - Fine Dining @ Changi Business Park

ABBEY: In search of great-tasting briyani, my colleague told me about Sankranti. 

They have a branch at Plaza 8 (Changi Business Park). I had chicken briyani. It comes with raita and gravy and two big pieces of chicken. It is delicious. I got a take-away for Wilma so she can taste the food treasure that I discover. She liked it and finally we dined there after meeting with the Philippine President Duterte. 

It doesn't come cheap (~12SGD) but worth it.

Sankranti (Everyday Festival) - Fine Dining @ Changi Business Park
Chicken Briyani

Sankranti (Everyday Festival) - Fine Dining @ Changi Business Park

Sankranti (Everyday Festival) - Fine Dining @ Changi Business Park
Vegetarian Briyani

WILL: If you have tasted Sankranti's Briyani, you may ask yourself "Am I only eating colored rice for the past few years just to be called 'briyani'?" Of course Bismillah is an exception. Ha! 

I will rate Sankrati's Briyani to be one of the best in Singapore. It is located at Changi and just steps away at Abbey's office. When I crave for Indian cuisine, he make sure to buy some this for me. 

The spiciness is bearable and you can buy vegetarian version of it. Do not forget to top your ooozing curried rice with its tasty yogurt! 

Before I forget, they are quite pricey. That is the only thing I can say in the negative side. 

Sankranti (Everyday Festival)
Fine Dining @ Changi Business Park
(A) #01-14/15, 1 Changi Business Park Crescent SINGAPORE
(T) 67848498
(H) 8:00am – 9:30pm (Mon- Fri) 11:00am – 9:30pm (Sat)

Monday, January 2, 2017

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