Monday, September 30, 2013

Tropical Hawaiian Fully Loaded Pizza by Pizza Hut Singapore

ABBEY: Is it my hunger or the service of Pizza Hut that got me in the bad mood when we dined in their branch at Marina Square?

We planned to have dinner in the pizza parlor after a day's work and by the time we got there it took us 10mins before we had our seat. Many tables were empty but I noticed that the branch is understaffed that time. Only two staff I saw. Its ok; understandable. They took our order and waiting time began. It is still ok with us even the customer who came after us received their soup and drinks before us. 

But when we followed up and they gave the wrong order that is the start. The staff even showed us that, that is what his colleague punched in. It was later verified that is for the other table. 

Waiting and waiting then another food came, still that is not what we ordered. We told them that we want the Tropical Hawaiian Fully Loaded Pizza and a pasta. Finally it came but the mood for tasting that particular pizza turned sour. The pizza is good though. The stuff is delicious; it was even larger than the slice itself.

WILL: Advertisement plays a real big factor in every game of business and I am one of the TV viewers that hooked up on Pizza Hut Singapore's commercial of their Fully Loaded Crust.

When I got the chance to asked Abbey out after his APAC shift, we hurriedly went to Marina Square's Pizza Hut branch (nearest one from Abbey's office). My tummy keep on shouting for food, Abbey's meeting was send off around 8PM that time, but because of the cravings of mine, I still muster myself to wait.

But the wait really annoyed us. Oh Abbey ordered the Fully Loaded Delight Meal ($28.90). We waited for 30 minutes and really can't stand our grumbling stomach and we asked for the soup and soft-drinks. Well cola came out first and after 20 minutes the soup. We waited for 30 minutes more before we get the pizza.

I do not know if because I am really furious that time but the the pizza I craved for a long time taste so bad. The chicken doesn't compliment with the cream cheese and spinach. For the first time, I pushed away a pizza slice to my husband.

We do hope that the Pizza Hut management will take a look on this issue, time really matters on a restaurants.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013

ABBEY: Sentosa Buskers Festival 2013 exhibited many of the local artists' talents. Our first stop is with Dharni and K-Leah. We have seen the performance of Dharni in Singapore Night Festival and his beatboxing is great. Matched it with the husky voice of K-Leah and it was superb.  

After the acapella we went to see the string duo, Off Beaters. This kids really plays their instruments well. I liked it when they play Bruno Mars' Hey Soul Sister. They can improve their show if they would interact with their audience. 

We also got a photo shoot session with Sentosa Buskers Festival mascot. Last stop is Tribal Ninjas. Hands up to these artists especially with their fire acts. The show must go on even its windy causing the fire to touch their skins. I got also a chance to pose with The Leaning Man. We're hoping to see more of the world-class talents on the next festival.

WILL: Its Sentosa's 4th year in busking! Time flew so fast, isn't? This is a new for all of the attendees as they invite their local artists to perform at the stages of Sentosa, they were located at Merlion Pitch, Bell Pitch, iFly Ground, and to cut it short, they were all over the island. 
      On my observation, more audience actually went there to checkout the performances despite grey clouds engulfed the city-state.
      First we checkout the program so we can plan our visit. We listened first to Dharni and K-Leah, amazing voice accompanied by beatbox. Then we stopped to amaze ourselves with Off Beaters. Hey, I also attended the meet and greet the Buskers Mascot. 4th stop was the nice duo that played fire, well done tribal ninjas. To stop our grumbling stomach, we ended our visit with The Leaning Man. 
      That was a great break on a very hectic and pressured working environment. 
      I wish that the local performers will practice more on how to communicate with their audiences. 
      As usual, I am looking forward on 2014 Buskers line up. :) thanks Sentosa for this free event and helping a charity through our island entrance fee.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Phantom of the Opera (Singapore) at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: Me, Wilma and our friends went to see Phantom of the Opera at MasterCard Theaters at Marina Bay Sands on its last day of performance. At the theater lobby we took some snaps and prepare ourselves for the show. 

It started at 8pm. Once the lights went out, all became silent and anticipated the first scene. I don't know if it is just me having not enough sleep and my hearing got affected, it seemed that the sound is low. But when the Phantom started singing, he got my full attention. 

The acoustic is great that you can feel the dynamics of their voices especially when the Phantom became angry. You can feel that he hovers on to the place. The effects was good as well. It helped me feel more the intensity of the emotions. As the performance is superb, they got standing ovation from the audience.

WILL: This is our second chance for us to get a ticket from Sistic. Well, when Marina Bay Sands announced an extension for Phantom of the Opera show, Abbey and I immediately decided to get th last day ticket at 8pm.

As I say, I am fond of seeing plays, and we are so blessed to have some spare money to check-out this broadway show that traveled long wayto go here in Singapore. 

How good is it? They made me cry! The sounds, the music, the acts is so perfect that will touch my stone-cold heart.

Next time they visit Singapore, it is a must to watch this play.. ;)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sentosa Costa Sands Resort

ABBEY: We've been to Costa Sands Resort at Sentosa a couple of times. You can get there by taking the Sentosa mono rail and alight at Beach Station. Then you can either ride a tram to Siloso beach or walk until you reach the Wave house. Across there's stair up to Costa Sands. We've stayed at Kampung Hut. It has a twin double-deck beds with cabinets. 

The resort also offers arcade games, billiards, and swimming pool. Barbecue pits can be used with 8sgd charge. Laundry machines with dryer and mini mart and cafe are there as well. Wifi, hot and cold water are free.

WILL: Do you know that there is an affordable accommodation that Sentosa Island can serve your tight budget? Check out the Costa Sands Resort. 
      Chat always do the booking for a chalet that can house a four people. It caters pool, a bbq pit, and the outstanding view of Siloso Beach's breeze and waves. 
      Every chalet has 2 double-decked bed and 4 mini cabinets, air-conditioned but the bathrooms were un-attached. 
      Go visit their site, book a room and see it for yourself ;)  

Friday, September 13, 2013

1-for-1 offer at Ricciotti China Square

ABBEY: We went at China Square for the 1 for 1 promotion of Riccioti. The catch is if you order a pizza then the free one is pizza also; unlike other offers that you can order a pizza and pasta. But still the same for me and Wilma; we can order both pizza and pasta then split them. 

The place got an alfresco ambiance and tables were candle-lit. I ordered Prosciutto Cotto E Funghi and I put tabasco on half of it. The thin crust pizza looks appetizing so I grabbed a slice and indulge. It was hot and delicious. For pasta, I had lasagne. The taste is different from the ones I had before. The sourness and sweetness of tomato is very rich. So good that I almost ate it all without taking a snap for the blog :) The bill is less than 40sgd all in all. 

Half of Wilma's pasta was brought home as she's full with the pizza.

WILL: I am an avid facebook fan of pizza parlor because obviously, I want to taste what different stores can offer. And Ricciotti is one of the FB page I hit the like button to get all the promotions and when they announced the reopening specials on their China Square branch. Then I planned for a date. 

We arrived there and chose a seat in their alfresco area (no smoking). As agreed, we will order one pizza and one pasta for each of us. I ordered Pizzotto and Linguine Al Granchio  . 

The pizza is not so big unlike the other pizza, I ate almost all of it and I left one slice for Abbey to taste. The pizza has no special thing, that you can remember. Same old, same old. 

A big "No" was said against his idea to taste my pasta. He have allergies in seafood. This is a must taste when you will get here. I like the taste of the crabmeat on a pasta a lot! 

They still continue this promotion and a lunch deal at their Star Vista store. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kid President Explains It All

ABBEY: Kid President is just a kid with a hope for the world to be more awesome. Simple yet complex task to fete. Given with osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition wherein the bones tend to be very brittle, this guy moves, acts and lives like any ordinary child. 

All his videos moved me. The world is a good place for him and he wants it to become better. His World Humanitarian Day message especially his hug gave me determination to continue doing my own little acts of kindness. He will always be my Kid President.

WILL: "The world can be better, in spite of its flaws. The world can be better and you will be the cause. Keep going, keep going, keep going."

Kid President presents a video with his simple poem to the world. As young as this kid he wishing and hoping for simple changes from all of us that will effect a great cause to the humanity.

Kindly subscribe to SoulPancake and see for yourself all the funny and uplifting videos of this Kid President.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Singapore Night Festival 2013 (Bras Basah.Bugis)

ABBEY: This is the second year that we attended Singapore Night Festival. This was held along City Hall until Dhoby Ghaut. Art installations and performance were exhibited. We participated in one of the interactive light display by drawing on a led wall which will be activated by a wet sponge. 

But the main stage is at the National Museum. Again, all entance fees on  the galleries were free. Princely Treasures showed portrait and landscape paintings of oil, graphite and other mediums and canvases. At the facade of the museum Vertical Extractions defy the gravity by doing acrobatic stunts in midair. Starlight showed dancing skills with fire as the attraction. 

Armenian street was also closed for street performers and concerts. However, Perenakan Museum didn't hold any shows as it is under renovation but other galleries were open though. 

In my opinion last year's festival is better.

WILL: This is our second time to attend the Singapore's Night Festival and this is bigger and many attended this unlike before. The festive stretched up to Plaza Singapura and City Hall MRT but we focus ourselves more in the National Museum Galleries and its performers.
      After Abbey's office, we walked from Suntec City to Raffles Place to experience to write on something at their water light graffiti. You can see what Abbey wrote on photo above, ha! A lot of walking is a must to any of Singapore festivals so wear your most comfortable shoes or sandals. 
      From City Hall, we paved our way to National Museum. Absolute Vodka Canvass was open for public. We took the chance that everyone was watching performance of Circus Swingapore when we slipped through a thick crowd then entered the Princely Treasured Gallery. 
      8:00 we positioned ourselves to watch the Vertical Extraction and Pyramid of Void but we are too late to have a good spot to see Starlight Alchemy. 
      After those performances, we visited Armenian Street. We entered the Peranakan Museum but decided to stop the tour. 
      Its almost 10pm and we decided to hail bus 7. That was a tiring night. We ate bit too late. Next time we should be there from 6pm ;)
      See you guys on Singapore Night Festival 2014! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breakfast at Da Paolo Gastronomia - Holland Village

ABBEY: My wife requested for crodos and she just told me that the shop is at Holland Village. So on one of my weekly offs I started my journey to find that treasure chest. I've been at Holland Village many times but Da Paolo Gastronomia was located across the road. I was happy bringing home Wilma's craving. And I planned to bring her to it for breakfast. 

After my night shift ended, we went there and had our fill. I got a breakfast combo for $10.50; scrambled egg, mushroom, the greens, garlic bread, and coffee. It was good and became even better when I put Tabasco sauce for a little kick. 

Wilma was happy to see the place full of pastries and cozy.

WILL: Abbey kept on bragging about the Gastronomia at Holland Village. He keep on asking me to have a breafast with him in that place and we got the chance to dine after his night shift last 9th of August. 
      As I walked-in to the restaurant, the aroma of freshly baked pastries and breads greeted me with delight. 
      I ordered a tea and croissant set and hubby ordered the egg breakfast set. 
      The tea is so great and have an unusual taste, it was named enery tea. But the croissant failed on my expectation. The bread is hollow inside, I felt that I was cheated, why? the price of their croissant is quite expensive compared to others.
      I hope that Gastronomia will look on to this issue.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clash of Clans

ABBEY: Whenever I view memes through an iPad application I got ads to try Clash of Clans. But most of the time I turn them down. One day it was listed on the AppsGoneFree and it was priced at 7sgd. I don't know if this is the real price but I downloaded it anyway. It just sit down on my device for a long time. When I was bored and searching for a new game to play, I saw it then tried it. It was like Farmville-RedAlert- strategy game. Woah, Red Alert? I'm too old. 

The game is good. You must put a good defense for your camp and offense if you will be raiding another camp. You can also join a clan which can help you for your strategy. You can ask for additional troops as well. But in turn, donate some also.

I observed that you can only attack or have revenge a particular camp for a number of times. This is a breather if you're on the defense. We still have a lot to accomplish on this game. I don't know if SuperCell will release a version for Android.

WILL: Me: What is that? 
      Abbey: Clash of Clans
      Me: Is that building an empire? Like Battle Realms?
      Abbey: Yes
      Me: Let me see.

    And from there on, I took in-charge what should be done on Abbey's clan.
    I love to play chess that maybe this kinds of games lure me. A strategy/building game.
    Abbey got the iPad application for free and keep on updating to suffice the happiness of the user. Its almost a month when we started to play this and I am so addicted that I woke up in the eerie time just to check my clan. 
    Really nice game to heightened your skills and you can find some friends here too from different parts of the world.