Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Steakhouse Burgers

ABBEY: I didn't get a chance to take a snap of the "Steakhouse Burger angel" for a free meal. This was the promo of BK. Anyways, I took advantage of their meal for 7.95 instead of 10.95 by showing their ad from my smart phone. I don't know when will the promo end but we availed it twice now. The burger is size of a small plate filled with lettuce, American cheese, bacon, tomato, mayo and large Angus-beef burger patty. Make it a meal with up sized drink and fries and it's a treat.

WILL:  I want to see an take a picture with Carl's Jr for me to join their free steakhouse burger, but I don't have time to go to Harbourfront. :( 
       So when they brought up the $7.90 worth of Menu, i asked abbey if we can buy one. This will be a great saving for $3.0 because the cheapest meal set costs in Carls' Jr about $10.90. 
So we headed at their NEX branch, ordered and savour for the burger. This has a sweet taste that remarkably awesome. Sarap tlga! :) 
       Nice burger Carls' :) Messssyyyy! 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

ABBEY:  It's a new year. We weren't expecting this gift; a pair of movie tickets for the gala premiere of Journey2: The Mysterious Island. And not only that, we watched the film in IMax. A great treat indeed. The movie was fast-paced and the effects were good. Mr. Gabato has his antics as well as grandpa and Hunk. They blend well with each other. Watch out for the tips from "The Rock".

WILL:  Weeeee! Good vibes it is! We won a ticket for 2 on a iMax theater, special thanks to F*** Magazine. :) 
       Journey 2 is a family oriented movie. Mom, dad and their teens can relate on this. This is a movie of adventure of the lost cities. For me, the story it will be 7/10 but the lesson 9/10. 
Good job the Rock :) 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garrett Popcorn Chicago Mix

ABBEY: I gave this to Wilma as a New Year's surprise. As usual she's shocked upon receiving them. Yes I got her a Chicago Mix and Buttery flavor. The 1-gallon-tin-can price dropped from 51sgd to 38 for promotions. Large bag of butter popcorn is at 10sgd. I'm glad she liked them. I gave it a try and the flavors are great. Chicago mix is compose of caramel and cheese popcorn. I like it more then the butter flavor. I think I've indulged too much with caramel popcorn giving me sore throat the next day :)

WILL: Booomed! This is not the sound of firecrackers. That was The garett popcorn chicago mix sounds like in mouth! The right spice and sweetness combined! Damn! My taste buds goes crazy ah! Haha! Love this a lot but this is quite pricey $39 for this big can. Anyways, I finished that popcorn in 3 weeks. Haha! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Singapore's Elephant Parade

ABBEY: They were gathered at Singapore Botanical Gardens for the last time. And we managed to bid them goodbye for now. They will going to other countries to promote elephant conservation awareness. I got a snap with Mosha - the inspiration of the parade. I also had a last look with Angry-bird, and durian along with other 162 elephants. I'm grateful I had one replica of Mosha from Tangs. Till then, gentle giants.

WILL: Elephant parade, as I said at my post at I Love Mosha is a fund raising activity to raise the Asian Elephants.
      Elephant parade increases the interest people of Singapore due to many activities that can be done in participation of TANGS.
The last stop of this elephants were on Singapore Botanic and I know this is a once a lifetime this 100+ elephants in one place. Hehe. So we headed here! My favorite is the Durian like elephant the cutest? No one beats Mosha.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Nivea Visage - Deep Pore Control Toner

ABBEY: After I wash my face with whitening soap my wife would then apply this toner on me. Vain? Yes, a little. I'm glad that the toner is not harsh on the skin. It tightens the pores and make you look good after every application.

WILL: My let's face it toner was all up and cannot bear this rough edges on my face and I am so afraid to try something new for my face.  Abbey pushed me to buy this toner while waiting for my toner coming all the way from Philippines. Hehe. I am quite hesitant but I have no choice, my only prayer is there will be no bad reactions that may came out on mu face.
      So i use this toner and STILL using it. Hehe. No allergies, no pimples or any blackhead prone face. :) thanks Nivea! Love this! We bought this not more than $5.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Singapore Philatelic Museum

ABBEY: I was a stamp collector when I was a kid. Got my collection from the letters that we received. Its only small scale though. My father told me that during their time stamp collection is a form of savings. Buy stamps whenever you got spare then once your stamp book is full you can exchange it for cash.

The museum got its open-house at New Year's day. They exhibited articles from Tintin comics.It showcases different post boxes from different years as well as the Singpost's history and memorabilia. Stamps from other countries were also displayed. Whole pad of stamps can be bought in here or you can buy an assorted pack. It located at Coleman Street; 5-min walk from any of Clarke Quay, Bras Basah, or City Hall MRT stations.

WILL:  Its 2012 and whats the best way to celebrate holiday here in Singapore? Go to their museums! This time we went to Philatelic Museum's open house. A house of stamps! Hehe.
       Here we found out history of stamps and what's is function except uses as payment on posts. Here it, illustrates how country uses stamps to magnify the culture and customs.
Love this museum, information about the Singapore posts is so much to handle. :) From
       City Hall MRT station this is just few blocks away. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amethystory - Mineral Aqua Gel

ABBEY:  I've tried facial soaps and scrubs. This face product is different; it peels. Don't wash your face before application. Massage it until the serum sits in and the peeling begins. Rinse and then pat the face dry. I had soft and moisturized skin after applying it and a sense of cleanliness. I felt I had an instant face lift :)

WILL: Ginvera people is very generous giving some samples of Amethystory for the people who are so curious to try this mineral gel facial wash. 
      I use their facial wash as instructed, dry hands and dry face, put the gel on the face and start scrubbing away the dirt and dry skin. Of course there are some skin like that came out on my face. Hehe. Dead skin or "libag" as we called it in Filipino. Haha. Then I washed it away and astonished, it leaves a moisturized and supple feel face! 
     To prove that me and abbey really like the outcome, Abbey asked me to buy for him. Hehe. Vanity is now kicking in to my husband, but he worth it! Guys also need those facial cares ;) 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SuperBowl Marina Square

ABBEY: This was my first and I won. Not that good score though, 121. We had fun when we're at Superbowl in Marina Square. A game is 4sgd per person. I was really nervous for my first rack. But I managed to drive the ball away from the gutters. On second game we had "strikes". Wilma got two as same as VA while I got one. We'll be getting more next time.

WILL: Counting down the days before My comeback to work my a$$ off hehe, Abbey and I hurrying ourselves to do almost all the things we wanna do before the work gets in and consume half of my life again. :) 
      My phone buzzed, VA asked us out to do experience some bowling. Haha! Agreed to the plan, after an hour of waiting at Superbowl Marina branch, we are now at the alley of pins! Haha. First time lei! 
      Superbowl Marina is very accessible for those who have offices just around suntec and esplanade :) their place is so clean and I am happy to see that they have Abbeys shoe size.  
My prayer that day, is to keep the pins standing. Why? We bet in that if I have done a strike I will treat them for dinner. And damn it, i got two strikes :( hehe. Not bad for first timers like me and abbey right? Love it then after two games we headed to The Manhattan Fish Market. Oopps this is VA treat, minus Chat. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Darkest Hour

ABBEY: This movie got a lot of nod from me whenever I fall asleep. I don't know if I'm just tired when I watched the movie or the story made me bored. Its about alien-invasion; you can't see the enemy (ring any bell?). While hiding from them you came to know that there are submarines in specific places which finds survivor (Hello, Resident Evil). As usual there will be a person who will lose his mind as he can't handle the situation. Effects are not that good either. I gave it one of five.

WILL: Out of the blue, Abbey asked me if we can watch movie. That was holiday then, so our Mr. Popcorn will not be honored for discount that's why I am hesitant. Hehe. But he wants it, all i can do is to accompany him.
       Chat is keep in predicting the next scene and she is always right. Haha. Me, I cant help myself to prevent from yawning, but I think I yawn more than 20. Haha! Worst, I saw Abbey sleeping. Predictable, slow pace, and boring. 3/10. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

112 Katong

ABBEY: The mall has been renovated recently and re-opened last December 22. We made plans that we will watch a movie there in time with the opening. The mall has free shuttle ride from Jurong East MRT station. Once we arrived there we noticed that the entire floor is covered with carpet. Unusual for a mall huh. The mall houses restaurants like TGIF and Nando's. Shops for electronic gadgets, appliances, and home fixture are also there. We watched a movie at Golden Village on the fourth floor. Food court is on the same floor also. The floor area is small compared to others but its a good place to visit.

WILL: Never heard of this mall ever since until they put up a facebook account to promote the renovated mall. :)
      I am so astounded to see that the mall is carpeted and with a very classy and elegant design. They housed a lot of high class restaurant and of course foodcourt will never be out. Golden village is present for movie addicts like us. Haha! We love this mall but it is little bit too far from Punggol.
      You can get there by alighting at Paya Lebar station then wait for their free shuttle. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


ABBEY: NYDC celebrate the holidays by giving 1 for 1 vouchers for their Christmas meals and ala cartes. We dined at the their branch in Wheelock Place . We opted to order ala cartes compared to other festive entrees as I'm 100% sure that my wife won't be able to finish it. The servings are big. Other meals are for bigger groups. Prices range from 29sgd to 98sgd. I got their Christmas ala carte "Catch of the day". It is halibut fillet with pesto cream. The fish is so flavorful and fresh. Side dishes includes steamed asparagus and carrots and mashed potato. My wife likes the potato because of its creaminess. Each ala carte comes with a Fizzy Drink, which keeps the other diners to look at our table and ask the staff what is our drink, and a slice of Choco/white logcake. Its been a Festive lunch for us :)

WILL: NYDC grants us a 1-for-1 treat for its festive meal sets. Well we do not get their hearty meal for a reason that we cannot finish that serving of 4 :D So we ended up munching up their ala carte meal!
      I ordered their chicken meal. Chicken is nice but there is no something new. What I love with them? The side dishes! The asparagus, the carrots, the pumpkin and most specially their mashed potato! Hail to their mashed potato! As of now, this is the nest mashed potato I ever tried :D Its so smooth, creamy and sometimes tastes like a milk. D@mn good!Their logcakes, OMG! I want it in our fridge! That will be so nice with a tea!
      Thanks NYDC! We will surely go back at their Wheelock branch at Orchard!