Sunday, May 29, 2016

Potato Gnocchi With White Sauce - Easy Recipe

Chopped onions and garlic 
1 Pack Potato Gnocchi
1 can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 Pack Bacon
1 Can of Button Mushroom - sliced

Cook gnocchi according to its package, add salt and black pepper to its boiling water. Fry bacon until it is crispy. 

Saute the onion and garlic, add on the sliced button mushroom. Pour the cream of mushroom soup and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the fried bacon. Put salt and pepper to taste.

Add the cooked macaroni, on the pan and mixed it well. Served hot with your choice of bread.

ABBEY: At last I got my hands on gnocchi pack. It is expensive here in Singapore. The one I saw in Youtube is made of potato flour but you need to make it. No time for that now.

But we found a store that sells it in Rockwell Powerplant Mall when we went back to Philippines. One pack is 200 pesos (6SGD). We bought two of them to try. Wilma cooked it in white sauce with mushrooms. It was creamy and aromatic. The gnocchi was cooked perfectly. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Singapore Airlines (Singapore - Manila - Singapore)

ABBEY: We've been going back and forth Singapore and Philippines but this is the first time we'll be flying Singapore Airlines(together). Yes, it is the fare cost. But in our April trip, the SQ airline fare is lower compare to others because of their 25th anniversary promo thus we grabbed the opportunity.

Our seats are the economy super saver ones. It includes hot towel, in-flight entertainment, blanket and pillow, and a complete meal.
I enjoyed every aspect of  the flight. The meals are delicious for the 2-way trip (main course as well as dessert). In-flight entries include the latest movies but I chose to watch Space Jam and Tom and Jerry. Haha.

The attendants are warm, friendly and always smiling.
One thing can be improved though, I think the pilots can still enhance their skills in landing the "big" bird well.

WILL: I am a s@cker for deals on anything I will buy. I always plan ahead, as in ahead as 1 year but our plan to go home last April is not giving me a nice prices until January. I am pretty disappointed that time, I still wait and *babam!* Singapore Airline hollers for it seat sale! Wohhooo! It only costs us S$468.40 for two pax - two way. SIN-MNL-SIN. It includes 30kgs check-in luggage and 10kgs hand-carry. 

Abbey's first time at the Singapore's flag carrier and he immediately saw the difference of the service brought to him by one of the best airline in the world. :) 

On check-in, there is no queue! As in no queue! We are not that early but the service in check-in counter is efficient. In boarding the plane, attendants gleefully greet the passengers. They assist non-stop for the luggages. Once all are seated, the hot hand towels were distributed...whew...relaxing! 

On distributing the food, you can not pissed-off the attendants by mere ordering too much drinks. Haha! After meal, they will all smile, get the trays and you will hear from them "How was your meal?". 

When you are on shorts, they will offer their blankets. I had a restful slumber because of their pillow, blanket and the movie I am "listening" into. Haha.

This is one of Singapore's Pride! No doubt why they came to the list of the Best Airline. :) 

'Till next time SIA ;)

Singapore Airlines
(T) 6223 8888

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater - Lunch Buffet (SM Mall of Asia by The Bay)

ABBEY: We scheduled a date with Papa Boy before going back to Singapore. We reserved seats for lunch in Banzai, a Japanese restaurant at SM Mall of Asia. Ate Beth and Rai tagged along. An adult costs 668 pesos (drinks included) and free for my nephew. 

My first plate had sushi and sashimi. Then I had beef tepanyaki, chicken karaage and yakitori. They also have variety of fried rice; teppanyaki, garlic and shrimp paste. Yes, that was a cheat day for me. They also serve Filipino food like chicken-pork adobo and spare ribs sinigang. And I was really with the sinigang. I went back 3-4 times. 

It was fun time and I enjoyed it much as I can see my father happy as well.

Banzai Building 
Tempura Station

Sushi Station
WILL: Buffet Restaurants are really the craze in Philippines. No wonder many Filipinos (ehem, including my siblings) gaining weight. The buffets are more affordable than buying an ala-carte meal plus drinks in other food establishments.

Anyway, if you want to see some choices for buffet, you can go to Mall of Asia and more than 4 restaurants are offering eat-all-you-can in there. 

I made a reservation at Banzai! It was located just beside the MOA Eye (Ferris Wheel). Luckily, there is a promotion for Visa Credit Card holders, we pay three for 4 adults. Nice right? 

As usual, indulge with ebi tempura, sashimi, and sushi. I can't remember how many plates I had of those. Haha. I tried their flavoured fried chicken and some sweets. I fell in love with their mocha meringue. I am the culprit! Haha! I ate it all and felt sad when I saw nothing left on the table but after few minutes, saw some refills and I attacked it again. Remembered my childhood days. Haha. 

We went there for lunch buffet, weekdays. Very recommendable.

Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater
Bldg J, By The bay Leisure Park, Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
(T) 09177067328 or 5527368

Monday, May 23, 2016

Kuretake Japanese Restaurant - Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

ABBEY: At last after a couple of years, I'm able to meet again the leader of Rabasu team; Aris Azur. He came along with Nica and His son Arwind. We met at Kuretake, a Japanese restaurant, at Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

I had Katsuma Tama Ju Box that came with miso soup and pickles for 320 pesos. I love the rice toppings. The chicken is tender and moist and rice is cooked well. Serving is good enough to make me full. Then I washed it all down with mango shake. Philippine mango is really the best.

The restaurant also serves teppanyaki, sushi, sashimi, ramen, and soba.

Tori Udon

Katsuma Tama Ju Box

WILL: We should be dining at Mamou II, but there is a 2 seating time and both cannot accommodate the timing we have scheduled. Just beside this restaurant is Kuretake. 

Abbey's best man, Aris and his wife Nica and baby Arwind were already there when we arrived the place. The restaurant is serene and this is the right place for us to catch up on our lives. 

I ordered Tori Udon (Php330.00) . The soup is perfect, the meat is tender and the thick noodles make my tummy full in an instant. 

Over that meal, we shared a lot of events in our life. It so nice to see an old friend face-to-face. Nothing beats that. :) Thanks Azur Family for the time spent with us. Till next time. Tori Udon $330.00

Kuretake Japanese Restaurant (Philippines) 
Ground Level Power Plant Mall Rockwell Drive corner Estrella Street Rockwell Center, Makati, Philippine
11:00 AM - 2:30 PM / 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM
(T) +63 2 898 0509

Friday, May 20, 2016

Playing Monopoly With Kids

ABBEY: When I saw Monopoly board for the first time, I started to like it. The feeling of owning houses and hotels and lots of money at hand interests me. This is what I asked my father to buy me when he's abroad. And he gave me the British version. So Mayfair is my Boardwalk. But time passed and I have no one to play with as I knew that the game will take time and my siblings got no time for that. :)

I got an iPad and I bought the electronic version. Still nothing beats the physical ones.

We want to teach financial education to our nephews and niece and I know this can break the ice. For them it is only a game but I'm hoping that they will learn from this. We started the game 10pm and ended at 3AM as the tutorial is being counted in. They now knew how to make a deal, when to buy houses, what are the key spots and getting out of jail free with the roll of a dice. I even heard one of them saying "Tatalunin kita Tita Wil" which made me think that they are having goals now. Few more games and then we'll introduce Reobert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101.

Hannah, Baste, Sam & Tito Abbey

WILL: Financial lesson must be learned firstly from home. I just want to pass-over all the lessons that parents thought me when I am still young. In my early age, all I have in my hand is either book, Barbie, or dice of this Monopoly / Millionaire Game. At an early age, they thought as how to save money in the bank (even, they do not trust banks, haha)! Our mind is open how to use “paluwagan” to benefit the members in good things. As early as 7, I am at our lumber business and learning to be a cashier and listening to tales for us not be fooled by my parents’ employees nor clients.

And I am so proud to my nephews and niece that they chose to have Monopoly Board Game than to have a rubber shoes. Haha! So we did bought it and asked them to take an extra good care of those.

When Abbey and I went home, they keep on bugging us to play with them. I witnessed for myself what are their traits in handling and solving issues about money.

My niece cried and threw a white flag when she realized that she have a small amount on hand. We explained to her that that is just a game, a practise. And the reality of life is a bitter or sweet and that will depend on the result of her choices. She then told us, she is ready again to fight us on the next round.

I observed that my Sam (the fat one) is really eager to defeat me and his Tito Abbey warned him “You will never defeat Tita Wilma in regards with money, Sam”. I smirk to my niece and look onto his eyes challenging him more.

Baste, the thin one, while he and his brother is bidding for a certain lot blurted out “$900.00!!!” Sam happily responded “Iyo na!” Sam knew her brother do not have enough cash and the pitiful Baste can’t do anything but to mortgage some of his properties with the bank. It does taught him to honor his words.

Consecutive days, we are all out of sleep. But I am happy playing/teaching them. 

Toys"R"Us - VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk #02-182/3

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tokyo Tokyo at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig

ABBEY: I've been to Tokyo Tokyo many times. I think we also ate there with Papa Boy, Mama Vangie and Ninang Zeny in their branch at Trinoma. But this is the first time we'll blog about them. We visited the one in Venice Piazza McKinley Hill.

We had a large group and we went there lunchtime. We ordered their bento meal: pork tonkatsu with miso soup, read tea and coffee jelly. It costs Php204.00. We were told that the meals will be served after 20 minutes. But lo and behold even before the said time expires, we were already half on our lunch.

We would like to commend their staff for giving good service on April 28. Rice is unlimited. The pork tonkatsu is crispy on the outside and tender inside. One thing to improve though, please make the wasabi to have a kick. Honestly, I didn't even feel the spiciness.

WILL: Tokyo Tokyo is the most affordable Japanese Cuisine fast-food chain in Philippines. I can't shake the memories of eating there, eating there with my cousin, my sister and when I got married..with my husband and in-laws. What can I say? I am an avid fan of Tokyo Tokyo since their first branch at SM Carpark. :) 

A smile on my face when we got a chance to eat again in here. After our Ace Water Spa, we went to the Taguig for our lunch. And lo and behold, we went in for before all the employees swarmed into the place. Haha! 

I joyfully ordered the food but Miss, the one and only cashier that time is pretty grumpy, luckily the girls who provide the food equates the cashier's negativeness with the love in serving their diners. 

As usual, they are still in an "unlimited rice" promotion. Their tonkatsu is still yummy but I am quite disappointed with their wasabi. I almost chuck down the whole wasabi in my rice just to feel its presence in. Haha! 

We spend a lot of time in there! And after we fueled up. We paved our way to the Venice Grand Canal. As planned, not so many people in there because it is Thursday. We got all the place for photo ops.

Tokyo Tokyo 
Second Floor, Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig City

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

3 Cheese (Ricotta / Parmesan / Cheddar) Stuffed Chicken Recipe

2 boneless and skinless chicken breast 
Cup of ricotta cheese
Grated Parmesan cheese
Grated cheddar cheese
Red Bell Pepper
2 medium size Onion
salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut the chicken horizontally and season it with salt and pepper, set aside. 

2. Saute the onion and bell pepper. Mix it with ricotta cheese, parmesan and cheddar.

3. Stuff the meat with desired amount of mixture. 

4. Turn on the heat of the previous pan, put two table spoon olive oil, then fry the chicken in a low heat (put on the a lid), approximately 10 minutes each side. 

ABBEY: We have another pack of ricotta which was to be used in our stuffed jumbo shells. So Wilma looked for another recipe with ricotta. It was stuffed chicked breast. The meat was cut in half but not all the way through but just to produce a pocket. And it was filled with cheese and bell pepper and then fried. It was delicious, aromatic, and creamy. Thanks Chef Wilma.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Ace Water Spa (Pasig City, Philippines)

ABBEY: Tatay 's birthday falls in April and it is summertime in Philippines. To beat the heat, we schedule to go to Ace Water Spa in Pasig. We were there 7AM and we're really excited to have fun at the water. I'm glad that there are less people by the time we arrived. 

We enjoyed the spa treatments multiple times. I really liked the Rainfall Acupuncture; the pricking sensation is relaxing. I also tried their herbal pool where I stayed in the 38 degree one then cool down in the cold pool as well as the 8-nozzle shower.
Sauna and steam bath is also there. We had fun in the Bucket Splash and also in the lazy river.

I also got foot and back massages. A person cost Php550.00 and can stay for 4 hours. They are strict in swimming attire; only cycling, trunks, swim shirt, bathing suit. Baby diapers are required for kids below 3. All of the attires can also be rented for 100/150 pesos. Bring your own towel or rent at your own risk. I hope they can provide more good smelling towels.

WILL: As a culture on my family side, every April-May, we are going for an excursion. But time is not enough for all of us so Abbey and I decided to go to Ace Water Spa at Pasig for a 4-hour fun in the water plus relaxation. No snooze at all from our flight, we directly headed to Pasig. 

I have been to Ace and this will be my fourth. I am shocked to know that there is not a free towel for us to use. I do not know if my brain is serving me right but I know that there is a towel for the guests when I visited their first branch around 2008. Oh! There is no free cup of soup after your hydro-massage too. Tsk! Tsk! Anyways, we ended-up visiting this branch because I heard a lot of complaints of my relatives on their Quezon City branch. 

Pasig Branch is pretty small compared to their QC but the odor of the chlorine is less intense. We where there around 7AM and not so many people is hanging around and we literally enjoyed each part of the pool. My favorite? The jet Chair with Foot Massage. It targets the side of my tummy area, my thighs and high pressure on feet area. Kids keep coming back at ice cold pool just in front of herbal pool.

After 3 hours of dipped on the pool, I decided to go upstairs at their resting area, I snooze for another hour. 

Kids and adults enjoyed this 4-hour bonding we had. 

Special thanks to Belle De Jour Planner for a free 2 vouchers. :)

Ace Water Spa
United St., corner Brixton St. 
Near Pioneer Pasig City
(T) 404-9995
Bring your own towel
Proper Swimming attire (no board shorts and t-shirts allowed)
Baby Diapers is a must for 3 years old and below
Adults : Php550.00
Kids : Php250.00

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary with Barber's Violin Concerto at Victoria Concert Hall

ABBEY: I am a Friend of SSO, we got a pair of complimentary tickets for one of their concerts: Barber's Violin Concerto; was held at Victoria Concert Hall. 

The harmony of the instruments and the joyful beats really feels like they are celebrating with Our 5th wedding anniversary. The two-hour program includes the following:
Stravinsky' Danses Concertantes 
Barber's Violin Concerto, Op. 14
Symphony No. 38 in D major
K.504, Prague.

WILL: This year, we are really into music. We are astounded of the music created by many instruments. Being a friend of Singapore Symphony Orchestra is a real win-win thing.

We always want to try new things for us to not bore each other so this year we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a blast! 

We watched Barber's Violin Concerto . Gosh! I can live forever listening to those instruments. Music is very powerful that you can feel what the musicians wants you to feel. Yep! They are one of the best in manipulating our emotions. Haha!

Glad to hear some Mozarts LIVE. I only used to listen in cds of my niece. :) 

Thanks again SSO for a free ticket for this event.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra
For a minimum donation of $75, 
All Friends enjoy all the Privileges above
Get your form here and fax to 6602 4222 or 
email at

Friday, May 6, 2016

Buffet Dinner at The Dining Room - Sheraton Towers Singapore

ABBEY: We celebrated Wilma's birthday and our 5th Wedding Anniversary in The Dining Room - Sheraton.
It was a buffet for 72SGD each. We're a bit early and we got a chance to strike some poses in their waterfalls and also see the food being prepared.

The buffet opened 15 minutes early than the specified time and I got salted egg crusted fish and roasted beef on first go. It was delicious and new to my taste. Salted eggs are new craze in Singapore.

Then I tried chicken tikka, sushi, tuna and salmon sashimi. I also got a plate of cheese and crackers as well.

I got watermelon and rocky road ice cream for dessert. The ice cream is already melted even on the container itself. I hope this can be looked at. I didn't even finish my serving as it doesn't look like an ice cream anymore.

They also have crabs and oysters but I can only take snaps on them :)

WILL: It is my birthday!!! Wohoooo!! And I planned for a dinner that will not pay so much yet Abbey and I will enjoy a romantic place with an unlimited food to devour. And on that, I booked for dinner buffet and reserved for Sheraton Towers' W.o.W promotion. 

As usual we arrived early and we enjoyed the place and took some shots while people are busy in preparing the food. We looked at what buffet table offers. Well, as many told me, there is not enough selection but sometimes it is not how many, it is the taste. :) 

I love their freshly baked breads that complements well with their soup. I keep coming back for their variety of cheese, sashimi, and sushi. My tummy was filled by their Mussel Glass Noodle Aglio Olio and I have no space for their slice of special birthday cake for me. :) 

That dinner date is perfect! Hugs, kisses, flowers, cake and food! I love my life! Love it spending it with my Abbey. 

Thanks Sheraton Towers for giving a chance in spending this special day with you.

The Dining Room - Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
(T) 6839 5621
W.o.W. Promotion - Women Only Wednesday 50% off on Buffet Dinner