Friday, November 4, 2011

The Three Musketeers

ABBEY: This is another premiere that we had. It was shown in Shaw Lido at Orchard. Acting of the musketeers are great. Their house help did a good job too by giving funny punchlines. And for Mila, wow, she's so beautiful. The dress and hairstyle complement her very well. The story is good but you will be kept on waiting for the sequel as the war unfolds.

WILL: Another free premiere night ticket. ;) thanks baby, he won this from F*** magazine. This time we have it at our dream theater, the Shaw Lido. Again thank you baby, we got this on 3D. 
    Three musketeers is my kind of movie, i just don't know why. But i am fascinated how the people lived their lives on that era. Era of war and deception. 
    Love it and i will be waiting for part two. I hope next year, it will be free again ;)