Friday, December 31, 2010

Centrum - Complete.

ABBEY: I used to take vitamins since I was a kid. It stopped only when my mom noticed that it doesn't produce any good results for me. Still, I always have colds, cough, fever and very thin. Walang effect daw sa akin yun. This gift is good for my age because it will supply me the vitamins that I need. And one more thing, baka maging kamukha ko pa si Papa Piolo. Hahaha. Thanks Baby Wilma.

WILL: Four days to go and it will be our anniversary. Cannot think of any to give for my baby. I roamed Suntec City after Abbey and his colleague go to their office. My feet lose its power and a good idea for a gift is not yet seen by me.
Surrendering and paving my way home. There is some energy pulled me to go in at Guardian. I just look the bottles of beauty products in their stand but I know, that is not enough. Until I got to the pills section. Tadaaaaa! I thought why not give him vitamins, we religiously drinking juices but I know that the supplements in their is not enough.
Complete and satisfied. I went home with a relief :). Happy anniversary Darl :) 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Marina Bay Countdown 2011

Abbey: I used to see ads for this events when I'm at Circle Line. Here you can place your wish in a white ball. The balls will be used as floaters and screen in the Marina Bay. People are encouraged to participate in this event in celebration of the coming new year. I wish that we will have a prosperous new year ahead.

WILL: I wish for world peace and I am not kidding. This is my 2nd time to write at the wishing spheres. An event that truly encourages every people to participate.   
      Marina Waterfront will be open for this event. This can also be seen at Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza. One Fullerton Hotel, at The Helix, and Merlion Park.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Starbucks Tumblers Holiday Edition

The wind paved the way for me to buy Wilma this tumbler. :) But promo for free coffee voucher ended before I bought it. We now have 4 tumblers, 2 broken and 2 functional. We used the former as canisters and the latter at the office, of course for coffee and tea. Our current tumbler is bigger than our last, meaning you can drink more ;) They only cost 19SGD each. Thank you Starbucks.

WILL: We have other set of tumblers and auntie told us that it was blew off by a wind that caused the fall and breakage.. duhhh, so lame of her excuse.  
      When the Starbucks here in Singapore open their house for free drinks of their flavors for this season (peppermint mocha, toffee nut latte & dark cherry mocha), I also bought the above huge blue tumbler for Abbey. 
      Why we use the Starbucks Tumbler? because of its quality and its a way cheaper than others. And one more thing, :D here in SG if you buy a tumbler, it will come with a free coffee voucher. Nice right? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Valu$ - Sengkang Mall

AbbeyWe strolled Compass Point and we found this shop, Valu$. Out of curiosity, we entered it. As we were walking through their aisle of goods, I heard someone talked in Tagalog, then came the reply in the same dialect. I scanned the faces of every staff. Most of them are Filipino :) Wow. We also see goods that I thought were only sold in Lucky Plaza. Yahoo! I can now buy Pinoy chips here at a fraction of the fare. The prices are slightly cheaper than Fair Price or Sheng Shong. Here we bought our over-the-door hook rack for about SGD1.90. I'm looking for this thing since we can't drill to any part of our flat.

WILL: Nothing to do and nowhere to go, that's the main reason why we stumble upon this store. I thought it is just an ordinary store that caters imported food, yun pala most of the staffs were pinoy. You can just imagine how we feel when we meet Filipinos here in Singapore.
Valu$ makes the Lucky Plaza nearer to Punggol. Hehe. Kasi we buy chichi pa to Lucky when we miss our mighty junkies. 
You can visit this store at Compass Point in Sengkang, fourth floor. Oh, i forget, some of there items is way cheaper than Daiso :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Singapore Post

Snail mails are very slow? I think here in SG, the mails are on wheels :) The delivery is faster and prompt. We hope that all those mails that we sent will be delivered on time. Or worst until the holiday season will be over. Receiving mails from your loved ones, specially the traditional mails, is so heart-warming because they do have the personal touch compared to the electronic messages. No wonder na ganun kiligin si Wilma everytime  she receives one from me.

WILL: Letters slash mails play big part with our relationship. Even emails is around and sending sms is just a second away, snail mails are very different. It has the kilig factor lalo na pag makita mo na yung handwriting ng taong mahal mo.
      So in this season, even though we cannot send a very big present, we hope in small ways like this we can show how important our family & friends to us.
      Kung sa pinas di na uso ang post, dito sa Singapore, every street ata merong mailboxes and to my surprise even the collection is everyday. On afternoon, it is always full.
      Thank you Singapore Post for a wonderful service.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA)

I'm always skeptical regarding products that will be applied on the face. Because it will leave patches of red marks if my skin harshly reacts on the it. After clean-up, when Wilma told me to try Hada Labo, I replied "Ikaw na lang siguro ang magsubok". She gave me a smirk :) I applied it. My face was not irritated. The product worked well on me. My cheeks were soft until the next day. We managed to its cost around SGD 25/100ml bottle.

WILL: There is no Hada Labo in Philippines, so when they announced that they are giving away free samples, I did not have second thought to request for it. It took a month before this came to our pad. 
      After cleaning our face, we applied the face lotion. Then the feeling is so intense, so soft. Indeed, it hydrates our face. Thank you Hada Labo for this product.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

I really like to hear love songs. I was hooked up by this song the first time I heard it. The melody is easy to remember and has an up-beat tempo. The lyrics tells about the true love of the man to his woman. Nothing must be changed because I love Wilma just the way she is.

WILL: After the Love Story LSS ni Abbey for almost 9 months, ito na ang sumunod. Before we go to bed, he plays the mp3 and sing-along with Bruno Mars, with matching actions pa.
      Love Abbey when he sings. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010


Finally, we made to eat at one of the food establishments at the Festive Walk. :) And Naruto will be jealous of that. We ate at Ramen Play@Sentosa. I tried Pork Katsu Toji Set. Its composed of pork wrapped in soft eggs and served in a hot pot. The set also includes a bowl of rice and miso soup. A delicious meal indeed. Our whole order cost SGD 28.95. Plus a 4-piece dango from our friendly bank :)

WILL: After laughing at the Busker's Festival, we need to fill in our stomach for a dinner. I want to go back at Vivo but Abbey insist to experience some restaurants at The Forum. So we decided to get some chinese cuisine. 
      I ordered a Wafu Shoyu Ramen, pangalan palang delicious na :) The soup is sooooo good. Creamy. Of course I play with my food. I added some of their spices. Then we have a free Dango courtesy of DBS bank. We thought it is a desert. Un pala parang dumpling.. 
      This only cost not more than SGD10.00 (Php300.00) per order. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fountain of Wealth

The world's largest fountain. The admission is free. And every night they exhibit a light show. Like the "Songs of the Sea" at Sentosa. You can also fill your stomach with foods offered by food junctions around the fountain. Before the light show start, you can get to the center, circle around the fountain 3 times as you touch the water and make a wish. For a romantic suggestion, you can fill up a form with your message to your loved ones and a song of your choice. Hand it over to the jockey and wait for your music to be played. ;)

WILL: When you roam around Singapore, You can address this country as Fountain Heaven. Who will think na this country have a scarcity in water? hehe. 
      This is the world's largest fountain, kaya this is very popular, kaya we need to see this lalo na its for free. hehe. After seeing the Avatar at Suntec City, we find time to go in there and touch its water. 
      We also waited for the Laser show. Happy.       

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Singapore Flyer - A Moving Experience at Every Turn

Wow, ferris wheel. I'm eager to ride this one as I wanted to see Singapore in aerial view. This is part of tourism's promotion regarding landmarks here. I heard reviews that when you ride the wheel in morning, you can even see part of Indonesia. I can't proved it cause we were there at night. The lights give more beauty to it. Truly a remarkable experience. A very nice sight when you're at the top.

WILL: This is the largest observation wheel all over the world, that's why we never let this experience to passed us. :) 
      They have a promotion for land-water-air view. For only S$29.00 each. So we do the boat ride first, in that, we saw Merlion ng paharap, lagi kasi patagilid eh. hehe.. Then we queue sa pagkahabang pila for our flight. 
      In the capsule for 30 mins, you can see the lights and glitters of city of Singapore. Their river is so clean. Nature was truly reserved in this country.
      It's a nice experience even at first my feet got numb because of the great height. Si chat nga muntik na magback-out. haha! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quilt & Beddings at Metro Magic

Abbey: I'm hearing complains.."Pangit ng kumot"...."Ang lamig..tumatagos ang lamig".."Turn off the AC or electric fan". I don't have any idea what to give Wilma this holiday season and for our anniv. Then one Monday while I'm ironing clothes, I have this great plan. I'll buy what she wants. Quilt, with matching bed sheet. So after my chore, I hurried to the mall, and bought my presents. I was not wrong, she liked them. She was happy to have them. "Parang nasa hotel ako", that's what she said. It only cost a couple hundred of bucks, but her joy and her adequate sleep is priceless. Good thing there is Metro in Compass Point.

WILL: We badly need a rice cooker so I hurriedly go to Suntec to buy one. Upon asking Abbey if he can carry the rice cooker for me on his way home, he said "Ano to?", I answered "I bought new bed sheet, sale eh." 
His gift was busted again (bwahaaha), he opened his suitcase and there was 4 sets of gifts. 
Ripping the wrappers off, I saw a quilt and the whole set of beddings. Missed my comforter back in the Philippines. Kahit gabi, I cleaned the room and put on our new quilt. Hayyyy goodnight sleep. Parang nasa hotel lng ako. Love my Abbey, he knows exactly what I need. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore Holiday Trees 2010


International Plaza
The Forum - RWS
Vivo City
Orchard Road

Ferrero Christmas Tree - Obvious ba?

Interasia Line 

Vivo City Rooftop

Keppel Tower

Resorts World Sentosa

Compass Point Sengkang

Takashimaya Holiday Tree Bears

Marina Square

Takashimaya - Very Big Holiday Tree =}

Suntec City Mall

Merry Christmas :) Very seldom you will find belen in Singapore. That's why we decided to blog the most prominent Christmas symbol here. Yes, the Christmas trees. I like the most is the tree near our office. Siyempre, loyalty to your area :) They have a contest in Orchard for the most beautiful Christmas decoration. You can see different colors and sizes of the trees. In every mall, the tree becomes their center piece, reminding you that you have to go shopping. But beware, touching them will get you electrocuted. Just look at them, have pics and feel the Christmas spirit.

WILL: So, holiday is just around the corner. This is my 2nd year na I am not with my family, sadness, but the new and happy part is to be with my Abbey. Here in Singapore, walang malamig na simoy ng hangin.. malamig na simoy ng air-con lang.. ahahah.. U can only just feel na December na kasi ang daming Xmas Tree. 
      Kaya, Abbey and I decided to feature it it in our blog. For me the best tree eh yung s Sentosa. Why? recycled eh. Mas mahirap magpaganda ng galing s junk. Go Green :)