Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shaq Vs - - -

ABBEY: We stumbled on Shaq vs's video series in Youtube as a video link was posted in a thread. The concept is unique. Knowing Shaq is a basketball superstar he pushed himself to go head to head with other sport stars, like Michael Phelps and the Golden Boy of boxing. It's fun seeing Shaq threw punches to Dela Hoya; a David-Goliath match. As expected the true boxer won.

Another match is with an 8-gold Olympic medalist Phelps. He is a great swimmer. With Shaq's height he can cover half of the pool's length but Mike managed to beat him. This is indeed a good entertainment.

WILL: Well, Abbey is a fan of youtube. He can find the most hilarious, disgusting and heart warming videos in that site.
      Now, he found Shaq vs who ever wants to beat. Very funny and entertaining. Worthy to watch!