Monday, December 29, 2014

Nutella Flan Recipe

Ingredients: for 3 medium-size llanera
6 egg yolks
1 can condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
4 tablespoonful Nutella
2 tsp vanilla extract

Caramel: 2-3 tablespoon sugar per llanera

1. Put sugar in llanera and place it under stove (low heat)
2. Once it liquifies, remove from heat and set aside. Make sure that all sugar is dissolved.
3. Mix other ingredients in a bowl slowly so it will not be aerated too much.
4. Use a strainer when putting the mixture in the containers to filter bubbles and lumps.
5. Have a pot boiling with water. And then steam the mixture for 30mins.
6. Let it cool for sometime and put it in fridge. Serve it cold.

WILL: Abbey told me that he have a surprise for me. He can’t hold the excitement so he told me that he’lll do a chocolate flan for me this holiday season. A bright bulb of idea sprung in my head, I get in touch straight away with my Ate Beth for her to cook this unique dessert. An instant business was built that day and she have more than 50 orders for 25th December alone.

Abbey not satisfied for a simple chocolate, he combined Nutella with yolks! The result! A PIECE OF HEAVEN! The creaminess of egg and milk went well together with the sweetness of Nutella Chocolate Spread.

Abbey never fails to create sweet surprises! Love it Chef Abbey!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

PK (2014)

ABBEY: Well I cannot say that it is "another" Indian movie. Why? There are talks and movements to ban the showing of this film on India. 

We watched it at Jade Cinema (Shaw Towers) a day after its release. Of all the taboo topics, they picked a fragile one: religion. 

We can't argue with an alien asking god to help him find his lost remote as the inhabitants of the earth always tell him that only god can help him. He tried rituals of all sorts of sects but nothing happened. He even questioned the god what would he do. One group says to take off your sandals when going in to the temple while the other insist on wearing it. And it is very confusing for him as he was out of this planet for having so much rules. 

What I am happy about in the movie is that he reiterated that there is only one God and all others are "wrong numbers". Good one, PK. Another movie to be recommended from Aamir Khan.

WILL: Aamir Khan is keen to entertain his audiences not only with his acts and antics but with the role he is accepting. From inspiring 3 Idiots to the massive action movie Dhoom 3, Aamir loved to awed his fans!

Lump formed in my throat when PK cried when he lost his hope to find his missing remote control. Oh my! I want to cry now, I just remember how painful for him to search for an answer. He accidentally saw a factory of images of gods and cried in front of them. He asked them what is the proper way to talk to them for them to give what he wanted. I hope that scene made the moviegoers to analyze their beliefs.

This is a movie that I will totally recommend! 10/10!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill (S'pore)

ABBEY: At last we set foot at Chuckwagon;send-off dinner for Ford. The restaurant depicts a classical Wild Wild West salon. I was waiting for the bandits and Sheriff to come and have a duel. Just kidding. 

We got half a dozen of spicy buffalo wings and their signature BLT sandwich. Ford ordered 2 full slabs of ribs. I somehow managed to finish two spicy wings and I can taste the flavour on each bite. The BLT bun is tasty as it toasted with butter. As always anything is better with bacon :) It made me full as the serving is big. I had a couple of ribs and they were delicious. The meat can be removed from the bones easily. 

Also, I would like to commend the staff for their efficient and fast service. It only took a couple of minutes to serve our meal so we can satisfy our growling stomachs.

WILL: Are you just around the *polis* area? I mean Metropolis, Biopolis, Fusionopolis. Do you want a very serene place to unwind on your very hectic schedule? Why not come down to 7 Portsdown Road for some booze and finger foods.

We went to Chuckwagon to celebrate the upcoming of Ford’s next life’s chapter. We ordered their famous BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($40.80), fries, nachos, buffalo wings, burger and prosciutto funhgi pizza.

Their baby back ribs is tender and there is an aftertaste of flavoured tea. Nice! I love their mashed potato, the side the was served for their Bacon, Lettuce Tomato Burger. You will ask for more nachos. ”The bad” buffalo wings ($18.80) is really a lip-smacker! A very good level of spiciness to be partnered with wine or beer.

Their place is comforting and their servers are really warm.

Thanks Ford and good luck on all of your endeavours!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Spa Elements

ABBEY: It's been months since we had our last body massage. And good timing, my Citibank family gave me a complimentary massage at Spa Elements (Orchard MRT near Forever 21) which costs more than a hundred bucks. Visit with a friend, in this case, my "best friend", and can get the same treatment at 18sgd. 

So we went there after office, filled up the form and then a couple of minutes later we're in the room with our own masseur. I chose the light intensity massage. But still I felt it was a deep tissue one. Every stroke on my back and neck is painful but the muscles were relieved of tension. Two questions came from my therapist; "When was your last massage?" and "Do you know how stiff your back is?" I just smiled knowing where will the conversation will go. Anyways, I'm happy with the service. It was really relaxing.

WILL: December!!! We still celebrate our bf/gf anniversary and for this year we went for a spa. Post-celebration but I know still worth it. 

Friday. And all the people in Orchard Road were like ants roaming around in every shop. Abraham and I were on our way for some relaxation. As the Citibank Voucher indicates, Spa Elements is just near Forever 21(MRT). We walked found it few steps away from Poppeyes Restaurant.

I am so happy when I lay faced down on the bed. It has a heater. Warm bed makes me more relaxed and ready for some kneading. The masseur started the massage with medium pressure. She was hesitant to apply the deep tissue massage on me. So when I can't take the mildness of her touch, I blurted out to apply more pressure...and the enjoyment began. 

Aching muscles soothes right away. All the clenched fiber of my body begin to loosen up. What a relief!

Definitely a recommendable place. We got Abbey's session for free from Citibank. They gave us the voucher on his birthday month and an $18 for one-hour massage for your tag-along person. Good right? That's why we love Citibank Singapore. So what are you waiting for? Apply your credit cards now. ;) 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wingstop Singapore - The Wing Experts (Bedok Mall Branch)

ABBEY: Since Wingstop only has one store in Singapore (Bedok Mall), going here is a challenge fo us living in the West. Not until December 2014 where they opened another branch at City Square Mall.

But never mind that, once you're in sitting and munching on their delicious and flavorful chicken, nothing else matters. I like the most is their garlic parmesan flavor. The saltiness is right in every bite and after taste of garlic will kick in. Next flavors are lemon pepper and Oriental Soy pepper (for Singapore only). I'm not a fan of hot and spicy flavors. 

Wilma wants to try the atomic but declined on second thought, maybe we'll try it next time. You can either order classic chicken wing or chicken tenders so you can eat all up.

WILL: When Abbey and I were going to Changi for his EMEA shift, we smelled a terrific aroma of freshly fried chicken. We looked around and I saw a man holding a carrier of Wingstop. I asked Abbey for his tablet and googled the branches where I can buy it. At that time their only branch is at Bedok Mall. So far away but we still made it at Wingstop not only once but twice! 

I get the second spicy flavoured chicken (Original Hot). Poor decision, I should get their hottest chicken. I ate those wings messily. The meat is tender. Not bloody and the flavor sinked in up to the bones.

Finger-lickingly-awesome! Try this and for sure you will not get disappointed. They will give you a freshly fried chicken; You-order-They'll cook policy. :)

Friday, December 12, 2014

SILEO Balamban in Cebu City

ABBEY: Honestly, I forgot the name of the place where this beautiful house is located. But I do know that it is an hour travel from Cebu city proper and you will go up, yes up not north as it is on top of a hill. 

It's a 3-storey house; guest rooms with toilet and bath at level one. Next storey is dining, kitchen and living room. And on the top is a library and the master's bedroom. Since it is on a hill, the second floor acts as the main one. 

A veranda will give you a good view of adjacent hills. In early mornings, fog engulfs this space. There is a nearby restaurant which offers not only food but have "anger and fear management" activities. You can throw a plate on the wall if you're angry or conquer your fear by riding the zipline. The place is very good for relaxing and vacation.

WILL: Hey Cebuanos are you envious of people in Luzon because they have Baguio City? Look no further. You also have Balamban that Manila boys and girls are eyeing for their next vacation trip.

When we get there at Cebu, John’s mom is our host, Mommy Coy. She lent us car and their rest house up above Mount Manunggal for a night. We went there late that we never got a chance to have a glimpse of the whole area. When we arrived at their home, we were shocked to see the food waiting for us. It’s a feast!

The famous lechon Cebu was there, wine, rice and a lot more that our tummies cannot afford to take more. After our dinner we stayed outside for some wine. We talked, laughed and reminisced. It is November and the weather is so freezing cold. The breeze is cold as Baguio City but fresher.

After finishing our drinks we went to our rooms and awed with joy. Shocks! In my head, I am thinking is this a hotel or  just a house? We are so lucky to experienced this stay here! I told to myself by tomorrow I will ask Mommy Coy how much she invested in this magnificent home.

Sun rose and we were all up. Showered and went to Adventure Cafe. After our zip line escapade we went back to the Sileo and saw Mommy Coy. The ever warm and all-smile Mommy Coy. We talked about the house and more plans for the home. We told her that the rest house is awesome and why not help the others to experience also the wonderful time we had while staying in her home. Abbey and I confess that we want also a home that exactly like that. A peaceful home surrounded by green scenery.

Now readers, we are so excited to announce that this resthouse is open for public. Bed and Breakfast Style. We personally recommend for you to stay and know for yourself the amazing and serene time we had in this place.

For more information, please visit SILEO facebook page.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

ABBEY:  Book or movie? That would be an endless argument especially that this came from the Bible. 

We won a pair of 3D Premiere night tickets on Shaw Lido. It is the story of Moses; from his years as prince of Egypt until leading the Israelites to the Promised Land. It showed how God sent the plagues due to Pharaoh's hardened heart on releasing the Hebrews from bondage. No one will finish his plans and no one will work for him if that happens. 

My imagination for the story when I was a child came to life and I'm happy with it. Though, there are points that should not be depicted as such but as the saying goes, to each his own. I'm glad that this movie somehow became an antidote for Noah's silverscreen appearance.

WILL: I am really pretty disappointed about "Noah" and that is the reason why I do not want to watch Exodus. But when it came to my knowledge that Christian Bale will play as Moses, I am somewhat convinced by Abbey to watch it one weekend. 

Why pay if you can get it for free? We won a movie preview in 3D at Shaw Lido. Whooah! Totally blessed. 

The story was well read in Bible's old testament that I am not quite familiar but some of the magnificent parts are all clear in my mind. I saw some of the scenes were altered and they made an explanation. It is terrifying that they have the guts to amend what was written. 

Anyway, for the movie effects and actors 9/10. Well played... Well played... 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Night of Comedy with Rex Navarrete 2014 (Hosted by: Orion Perez)

ABBEY: This is the second time Rex visited Singapore and I'm glad we won a pair of ticket for his two-night performance by simply answering who is the character he made famous helping the Superfriends. Yes, it is Maritess.

The show was held at Drama Theatre of School of the Arts (SOTA; near Dhoby Ghaut MRT). Singapore-based Filipino comedian Orion Perez prepared our jaw and belly with his antics by speaking in a lot of accents. Like Australian, British, German, chong-ching-chang (Chinese), shubu-shubu-shubu (French), Singlish and (pakata-katak) Pinoy English.After thirty minutes or so, he introduced Rex.

Rex started his act by telling the story about his flight. It was very funny. "Don't "fanic", don't "fanic".  Then, he told us regarding the very first and probably the last dinner of his friend on their house. His friend definitely had a nightmare eating "black rocky road" (dinuguan).

Just like the first one, that night is great. I laughed a lot and I had a good time. Hoping that someday, Rex and Russel Peters will team up. Somebody's gonna hurt real bad. :)

WILL: It's harder to make someone laugh than it to make them cry. Comedians are the best pleasers in the world. We usually love them than hate them. That is why I salute this artist specially the stand-up comedians.

Last, 28th of November we went to SOTA Drama Theatre to see live one of the famous stand-up comedian in America.. Rex Navarrete. This is the second time we will watch him on stage and for this round we got this for free. Thanks to Curtis Curtis for the free pair of tickets.

Master of Accents (Orion Perez) a fellow Filipino living here in Singapore heated the stage by making his distinguished act.. The wacky way in explaining the accents of different people around the world. OMG! I laughed so hard when he say how the Filipinos talk, that we are like a duck... haha!

After Orion’s performance, Rex immediately came out and make us laugh out loud when he is explaining his experience in PAL. Well, I kinda experienced that around 2-3 incidents also while boarding the  Philippine Flag Carrier. I don’t want to explicate more, I do not want to spoil and divulge all their antics. But really, 2-3 hours is not enough to watch this guy. I want to befriend this kind of man. I think he turned in to laughing stock every hardships he had.

Better watch this kind of performances. Laughing is good for your heart, brain and lungs! Till next time Mr. Rex!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fat Cow Palace - Chinatown

ABBEY: Big burgers are a craze nowadays. Just like Zark's burger in Philippines. Singapore's Fat Cow Palace in Temples Street (nearest MRT is Chinatown - Purple Line) offers a wide variety of burgers on their menu. 

As promotion, for only 9.50sgd, you can get a whole burger meal; big burger, fries, and a drink. I got the beef burger instead of chicken. The best part is that the beef pattie is not ground, it is pulled. Yes, just like the corned beef is made. The presentation is awesome. It was served in a chopping board, with side salad, burger in the middle and the fries were in a cute little fryer. The burger tastes somehow close to a Malaysian-kind of taste, but it was good. 

WILL: Looking for something that value the worth of your money? Go to the voucher sites like Groupon and and for sure you can see cheap finds there. 

Direct from office, we headed straight towards the Fat Cow Palace which just a street away from Chinatown MRT station. I asked for Crispy Chicken Tower Burger Set. 

In a burger business nowadays, if you do not present your food nicely, taste is just a norm and not in reasonable price, you will be doomed to failure. 

After almost half an hour of waiting, the huge burgers and fries is in front of us. I know it will be a messy dinner for me. :) Their fried slab of chicken inside is really crispy and tasty. Their fries is so thick.

If you're just around the area of Chinatown, don't forget to drop by at Fat Cow Palace Restaurant at Temple Street.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Robata Robata Japanese Dining Buffet @Westgate

ABBEY: The first time I saw this restaurant on third storey of Westgate Mall, I told myself that I'll be dining in it.  Lo and behold, we decided to hold my post-birthday celebration lunch there with my ever-beautiful date, Wilma. 

I munched on their grilled chicken wings and also on grilled saba. I took a sample of their tepanyaki with chicken as meat. It was delicious. The mushroom give it a good aroma and taste. Since this is a Japanese restaurant, sushi will be present. 

My favourite inari is there. With chopsticks, wasabi and soy sauce, I ate a plateful of sushi. I also tried their porridge. Then I went for Japanese curry. It really went well with Japanese rice and chicken karaage. I thought I'll not be having  room for dessert but I did. I got chocolate ice. I washed them all up with a couple of lemonade.

WILL: It is Abbey’s long-month birthday celebration and to grant one of his wish, we dined at Robata Robata at Westgate.

Robata is a style of cooking on which originated in Japan. It is similar with the usual barbeque. But we dined at lunch so the pit was closed. Anyways we always want to lessen the grilled food.

Luckily they have a promotion until the 19th of December and we only paid for $26.90++ instead of $33.90++. From 12PM – 2:30 we were there! Can you do that? Non-stop eating? This is Japanese Buffet, and what is one of their specialty except for the Robatayaki? Well they also have Teppanyaki! If you know how to mix and match the vegetable with different sauces, that side is for you.

But for me and Abbey, we settled to already cooked-food. Of course I splurge on seafoods! Tempura, fresh shrimps, sashimi, sugata-zukuri, crabs, sushis! OMG! They occupied a large part of my tummy. Haha! Before my dessert. I tried their Japanese rice plus their famous curry. Then I looked for tonkatsu but there is none! Disappointing.

I got their lemonade. Finish 3 glasses of it, and on my count Abbey got 5. Haha! I have waffle topped with chocolate ice cream as my dessert.

Thanks Baby for your lunch treat! We headed home and never ate dinner for that day! Haha!