Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RSAF Open House 2011 : Our Air Force - Defending Our Skies

ABBEY: We saw the RSAF Open House ad in the lift lobby of our building. We're excited to go to the activity. But we woke up late on May 28. By the time we got to the free shuttle at Hougang Interchange it was already 11am; its the start of the air display. The queue for free ride is so long. We didn't waste our time and booked a cab. 15mins later, we're at Paya Lebar. At the gate are machines to scan your belongings and after that is the information counter. Visitors were given a brochure that serves also as a map. We also caught a glimpse of the air show. Different models of jet like the F-15SG, Chinook and Apache choppers, C130, radars, and other military weapons were exhibited. Guest can have a picture while sitting on the cockpit but you must take the long queue :) There were also flight simulators, aircraft LAN games on the open house. PR's and Singaporeans were given a chance for a free ride if their names were drawn in the raffle. Souvenirs were given away like pins, key chains, tattoos, and your very own pictures with your fave aircraft as backdrop. The sun also didn't miss the activity, good thing we put our sun blocks on.

WILL: Why we went for RSAF? Its for me to amaze myself how high their technology is. This is a free event for two days. Here they showcase their hardwares they uses to monitor the Singapore's space. 
      I enjoyed a lot their 11am air show. They have the men and women that is very approachable, very accommodating and smiles never left their faces. How i wish we can ride one of their air crafts but that chance were for Singaporeans and PRs only.
      Looking forward for 2012 open house :) 

Monday, May 30, 2011


ABBEY: We have visited their branches at Harbourfront and at Tanglin Mall. What I tried is rice bowl with fried pork. The rice is very delicious, topped with seaweed strips. Can't help to finish my bowl right away. The pork is tender and it taste great with a soy sauce dip. That bowl cost 6-7sgd. Oishi, Yoshinoya!

WILL: In Yoshinoya Philippines, we always ordering their noodles, here they do not have, so we stick on their rice variants. The taste is usual and the price is quite affordable. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


These are one or two-liners stories of people who had a bad day or unusual experiences. You can vote "You deserved it" or "Your life sucks" at the end of every story. You can read stories like a college student who planned to surprise his parent to go back to their home for school break only knowing that his parents are off to his school. Or a guy being dumped by his gf on SMS because he's not answering his phone as he's in coma for 3 days. Weird stories but funny. Visit the site, www.fmylife.com and vote. I heard that they have a book with illustration. Can't wait read that :)

WILL: F My Life. This is nice for iPhone App. You can say to yourself, wow I am blessed. Why?, here you can read how f@cked-up their life was. A worth reading, most of it you will laugh because of their stupidity, some of it creates the emotion of being worried for that person, some makes me feel sad. 
Overall, its a good read. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fila Shirts

ABBEY: These shirts were gift from Chat. She was hesitant to give this to us not because we will not return the favor but because the print shows the country where Wilma's ex is. Haha. I have also another shirt with different design. The fabric is comfortable giving me ease on my movements whenever I wear them.

WILL: This shirts was from Chat. She knew we are really fond of couple shirt. Gusto namin parehas lagi kami ng damit. Fila here in SG is more affordable than in Philippines. When they have the sale, you can have these for as low as SGD5.00 - SGD10.00 each. 
            it was made from cotton, smooth against the skin. I know mauulit ito Chat and we are expecting it. :D 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Skyline Luge Sentosa

This is what I like the most of the rides I tried in Sentosa so far. It has 2 routes; the easy one and the one they called Dragon route, which has a lot of curves. You must take caution not only for yourself but for the other drivers as well. A tutorial will be given to you as you enter the gate. Put all loose things in your bag or pocket so it will not fall along the way. Make sure to pull the stirring wheel for brakes, else you'll crash to the barrier.

WILL: I am not a thrill seeker as VA is, but I love to try new things. This luge is not just a ordinary ride, machine that needs no oil, just plain gravity. :) 
Now the dragon trail is open and we tried it. Astonished, just two of us only took this trail on our batch. 
The road is longer, more curves and more exciting! But this time, i hesitated to run the luge as fast as i took the old trail. I am afraid i'll fall to its cliff. Hehe. :) 
      Ticket how much? Free lah! A free gift when we attend the opening of Sentosa Boardwalk :) 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Survivor - Redemption Island

I was surprised by seeing former Survivors who played the game more than once to be be given another chance. Maybe thats why its called Redemption. Proving themselves of what they can do. A week after it started, Zapatera tribe made their greatest game; to vote out Rusell - the ultimate villain in Survivor history. Its good they voted him out. Yes, he can put spice in the game and make it to the final three. But I assure you, he can't win the million. That's because of his attitude of the game. Even Grant, the right hand of Rob Mariano, was pissed off when he watched the game. He was betrayed first in the immunity idol by his own "boss" then he was blindsided during the tribal council. There's also Matt the Newbie, who spent most of his time in Redemption Island. All in all, the season is great. Challenges and rewards are exciting. Congratulation to Rob and to all the Survivors.

WILL: I saw redemption island first at Survivor Philippines. So I am not surprised to it. What I am astonished with is to see the villains of Survivors and it made me more excited and actually I rooted for them.
      But Russell was shut out to the island. So Rob is the one who kept my heart pumping. Why? Anytime his tribe can vote him out. But Rob outwit them all. He became heartless but that is part of the game. It is how the people who voted out how will handle that case. Some were very bitter when they were blind sided. But is if they were in Rob's place, eh di ba nila gagawin yun? hmmmm..
      Very witty Rob, very good game! Looking forward for next survivor season.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Irene Verdida - Make up Artist

ABBEY: Wilma is looking for hair and make-up package for the wedding since last year. I think she has asked several artists for their quotations. She chose Ms. Irene Verdida. Asking for her wedding package the second time, she told us that she will retain the prices of 2010 since we inquired during that year.

She and her staff were very early for the call time and started their work as soon as they arrived. The products are great as well as the services. The make-up last the entire wedding or should I say hours after we tied the knot. Thanks Ms. Irene. You made my wife more beautiful.

WILL: I search and search, ask for their wedding packages, then I choose whoever my heart feels to be my make-up artist. So we chose Ms. Irene Verdida. Her wedding package was not the cheapest but when I talked to her over the phone, I felt the sincerity in her work. I haggled on her package but she told me that she increased prices for 2011 but since she saw my inquiry last year pa, she gave me the 2010 deals and it worth us Php11,000++ for Airbrush Make-up (bride) plus four traditional make-ups. 

What unusual to this dealings, we never saw each other before our big day. Just email, sms messages and phone calls lng tlga. I don't even hesitate to send our down payment sa account nya, as if na isa sya sa mga nababasa ko na bogus suppliers in the net. 

Very accommodating, nasa hotel na sya pero kami, still on our slumber. Ang usapan 530AM pero I think mas maaga pa sya dun. Ha! 

She uses MAC products, the product I only trusted for make-ups. Why? Di talaga sya natutunaw, sus sa dami na naman na events na pinag-abayan and napunthan ko. I usually asked for MAC tlga!

Well recommended. Four thumbs up (kasama thumbs ni Abbey). 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Singapore Arts Festival 2011

Another festival to celebrate here at SG. They encourage visitors by providing a ride in a FunVee bus. Once we stepped in we made our way up to the upper deck. That was our first time to ride in an open top bus. From Suntec City, it fetched people also in Marina Bay Sands, then went through the Festival Village. Temporary halls were installed for the exhibitors to showcase their arts. We headed to the food junction as we're hungry. We tried their chicken shawarma and german sausage all for 11sgd. What a great bite :) We roved around and see the exhibits. Lastly, we redeemed our freebies as prize to the first 2000 who joined the festival.

WILL: When I am on my way to Suntec para manundo ng asawa, I heard a group of people singing at esplanade exchange. 
Actually i don't understand their songs but I am happy to see them singing, a relieved after a stressful week of work.
They hand me a brochure and its a Singapore arts festival. :)
So I asked Abbey if we can get there on Sunday afternoon. And yes we went there, 15th of May.
      From Suntec Bus stop, we found their free shuttle to the festival village. Hopped out, we hurriedly go for the food stalls, ordered Singapore's famous chicken shawarma and sausage. Food around the festival village costs from $5-$10.
Goodie Bag for early birds :). We have the bag just answering some trivia questions.
      The arts festival stretches up to esplanade, so we were there to see some musicians.This event is up to June 5, hoping to have time to come back. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Pizza Hut Singapore Facebook Party 2011

We were excited to this occasion, the Facebook Party. Only few people are selected to see and taste the newest dishes offered on the red hat. Their staff sent mail and guests should reply as confirmation. They also called us on the actual to double confirm. A fee of 8SGD for all the guests but I'm telling you that its more than 8sgd of what we got on the party. Sets of appetizers; fries, chicken drumlets, bread. A choice of main course between rice and pasta with seafood or chicken as core ingredients. Choco-berry banana in thin crust as dessert, and free flow of drinks. Prizes were also given away after each game. What we got that money can't buy is the new friendship among our table mates :) Proof of that is when we won the first game. Go table 1. Thanks Pizza Hut.

WILL: Pizza Hut Facebook Fan Party!!!
We were the lucky few to get in to this event. Ever since, back from Philippines, I am huge fan of this restaurant! I just love their pizza! 
Okay, we won the group game. We managed to put up 48 words within the letters of ANNIVERSARY. :) Then we get the big red bag for a prize. 
After that we got to taste their new menu. Abbey ordered seafood fiesta baked rice, paella look a like. What really really really love the cheesy mussels. The party costs $8.00, not bad ha, for free flow of drinks and 3 course meal :) 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gloria Jean's Coffees

I was introduced to this shop when my manager treat our group when we had a meeting. As usual I ordered their chocolate drink. Its good. A grande cost 150php. Here at SG, it cost 6-7sgd. We once waited for me here while I'm on afternoon shift. It was in their Suntec branch. Another coffee shop to explore other than SB and CB.

WILL: We have another day to spend lunch together. Undecided where to dine and we saw this restaurant catering a 9.90SGD for every meal. 

      Ordered lasagna and coffee, very good combination to warm up our body on that rainy and gloomy day.
      Sa uulitin, anyway its just steps away on our buidling, The International Plaza

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zynga Cafe World

ABBEY: Before I cooked a real dish, I used to practice on these game. But unlike the real one, you won't accidentally cut your finger or get hurt by cooking oil that pop out of the pan. This game introduced me to different dishes of the world; Italian, Mexican, American, and even "alien" food. Be sure to get the food out of the stove once its cooked else it'll spoil. I cook dishes that has large number of servings but less time to cook. Once I got many dishes to serve, I picked the food that can give large profits. They would take days to cook, but you can be a millionaire in no time :) Sadly, we got bored to this game. Its endless. Glad to have played this game for some time.

WILL: I am self-confessed Cafe World Addict then. It gives me some satisfaction to look on my level heading up than others.
      Here you can decorate your own restaurant. Then cook the food you want sell. Dito, walang nagrereklamo sa lasa ng luto ko.. Hehe. 
      I just ended up the game without a reason. Fed up. Worth a try but so many time wasted.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Artease Cafe

Wilma told me that we will have a new thirst quencher to taste. She sees that this store always have a long queue of customers. Its another version of Zagu. They offer various flavors and u have to choose between pearls and crystals. The drink cost no more than 4sgd. Aba'y foreigner na sago't gulaman. Ahhhhh!

WILL: What's the current buzz around Tanjong Pagar? Its the Artease Cafe. In order for you to taste their drinks, take the long queau. It took us around 30mins. The taste? For me, is not quite good for my taste buds. It seems very unnatural. 

What's good with their serving? You can request for the sugar level you like to add in your drink. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quaker Oats - Oatmeal Cookies

ABBEY: Open my bag and you will see packets of cookies, crackers and biscuits. These can put off my hunger at work. In a busy working environment, sometimes you wouldn't notice time. They come in different flavors; plain, with raisins, and my fave, chocolate chips. Oats can help to absorb bad cholesterol. During their promotion of product costs 1.25, but now its 2.50 to3. Look for these whenever you're in the supermarket.

WILL: I saw this first at Grand Central Supermarket. Too anxious to taste i bought all the flavors for Php10 each pack. The taste well, yummy. A good source of fiber. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toast Box @ Suntec City Food Republic

ABBEY: Wilma and I used to have breakfast at this coffee shop in Suntec. We ordered the 3-piece peanut butter toast. It was cut into 9 tiny squares. Good match for their brewed coffee. They also serve Kaya toast along with boiled eggs. A meal cost no more than 5sgd. Starting the morning with your loved one along with a delicious breakfast. :)

WILL: That was my last day here in Singapore. So sinundo ko si Abbey from his night shift. Craving for Singapore's traditional coffee and kaya toast, we headed to Toast Box.
      We queued, ordered kaya toast, coffee, and peanut thick toast and waited for almost 20 mins for our food. The taste? Not similar to what I expect. I think a more western side than Singaporean. 
      A nice alteration, but original is still the best :) 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wild Wild Wet

ABBEY: Its April, and its summer. Its Friday and its a holiday. Two weeks before the date we were planning to get a splash in a new swimming destination. As she is eager to have a swim, she was not able to oppose my decision for a Wild Wild Wet adventure even though the ticket costs 16sgd per person. The water theme park is at Pasir Ris along with other entertainment facilities in Downtown East. Its 15 min walk from the MRT station. According to their rules and regulations, outside food is not allowed but I saw groups have food that were not offered by shops inside. The rides were great; Tsunami, a wave-pool,be sure to get there when you heard the siren sound. Ular-lah, a water slide for group of six. All the members will ride a giant circular water raft. Shiok river, in which you will can circle the park and see the other rides. The ride which I frightened the most is what they called Slide Up . Its a U-shaped slide. Only 2 people will be on the slide at once. The slope is set at 50 or 60 degrees and has a height of 4 storeys. I just remember the feeling that I had when I rode the Space Shuttle on EK. Butterflies in stomach and was very nervous, but it was fun. I overcame it. Haha. Other rides were closed for maintenance. We ended the visit after our dinner.

WILL: Summer isn't complete if i will not dip in on a pool or see beach. Celebrating the earth day, we went to Wild Wild Wet. Entrance fee is SGD16. Its quite smaller than our own Splash Island and the slides is fewer. But anyway, I totally enjoyed. We ride the Tsunami waves, went for Urla-lah and bravely slided to the U-slide. 
We also dipped and relaxed our muscles to their jacuzzi.
Nice one but quite expensive because u can experience all these at some government owned pools for only a 1SGD. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Adidas Running Shoes

ABBEY: Basic requirement for jogging is RUNNING shoes. I bought the one used for basketball, and later I got blisters. Now the old one has worn out, she insisted to buy a new pair. We went to Adidas. They have their new design, the one with comfort heel to support your heel while landing and also breathable. Running is a breeze. The shoes is light as you run and also light in your pocket. A pair is 175sgd.

WILL: In preparation to run we bought rubber shoes. I am totally satisfied with the comfort of Adidas rubber shoes brought to my feet. I used this brand since i am on High School. So when we are looking for Abbey's new running shoes, I eyed for Adidas. 
      Thankful for its quality and comfort.