Monday, July 27, 2015

Spicy Tuna Aglio Olio Pasta Recipe

1/2 cup of olive oil
250g pasta
1 medium sized onion and 4 cloves garlic
1 can Century Tuna Flakes Hot and Spicy
Green bell pepper

Cook pasta. Saute onion and garlic using Century Tuna oil. When onion is translucent add the tuna flakes. After 5 minutes add the Sliced green bell pepper. Pour in olive oil, once simmering put some salt pepper. Add pasta, and blend well with the oil.

ABBEY: Well when it comes to pasta, it is always Wilma. I like the red sauce and that is my favourite. But as per her, we need to have balance. So sometimes she cooks white sauce and recently the olive oil variety. 

The tuna, capsicum strips and the oil blended completely well that a nice aroma filled up the kitchen. Mamma mia, so simple yet so elegant and delicious. If I'm not into measuring my intake, I can finish all 1kg of pasta :) Thank you my baby.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweet Healthy Tofu

1/2 cup of butter
15.25 oz Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn - No Salt Added 
Medium Size Broccoli, cut in florets 
Firm 4 pcs Tofu
Pinch of salt 

Fry the tofu. cut into cubes. Put aside.
Drain the corn from water. Set aside the water for future use. Melt the butter. Saute the corn. Once corn is tender, add in the broccoli florets. After 3 minutes of stirring pour the water of corn. Let it simmer. Add salt to taste. Turn off the heat and top the cubed tofu over the corn and broccoli.

Serve hot.

ABBEY: This dish is sweet and light. The creaminess of butter gives its unique taste. 

I was suprised when Wilma made this. She woke up early and I thought she just went to fix herself in the bathroom. But lo and behold, I saw her in the kitchen when I get a cup of coffee. 

Next time we'll try to fry the tofu to the "crunchiest" level. Thank you, my chef.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2CELLOS - On The Road Tour Live in Singapore 2015

ABBEY: Yahoo, we won. This time it is a pair of tickets for the live performance at Kallang theatre of 2Cellos; Croatian music artists who play, of course, the cello. This is courtesy of The Exchange bar. Just like and share, and lots of luck. 

After their opening of classical music (JS Bach's Air), they told the audience that they can take all the pictures we want during their entire performance. They encourage us to sing ("You can sing if you know the lyrics because we don't know the lyrics :) ) and dance as well. How cool is that? Part of their repertoire is their Celloverse, Thuderstruck, With or without you, and The Book of love. The audience were on their feet when they played Trooper Overture, Highway to Hell and Smooth Criminal. It was unique and electrifying experience. A stringed instrument partnered with distortion and very good players, then it is a party. They ended with another classical, Pachelbel's Canon, and bid goodbye to us. 

Thanks, The Exchange.

WILL: I love classical music, the sounds produces by cellos, violins and magnificent orchestras. And few close people knew that. So when we saw that our favorite bar held a Facebook contest Abbey hit like and shared instantly and hoped to award the pair of tickets. And it is! Thanks The Exchange. 

2Cellos is not your ordinary classical cello players. Well, I knew that because of their youtube videos. But seeing them performing live is different. They are not that formal type of performer. They are the rock-n-roll version of classical genre. It seems that we attended a comedy show and rock and roll concert with a classical music at the end. 

I clapped, I stamped my foot, I holler and most importantly I laughed hard. Thanks 2Cellos for making mine and my husband's night wonderfully. Till next time. ;)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Spicy Cereal Chicken Recipe

3 boneless chicken thigh (cut into bite size pieces)
3 cups of potato starch (dissolved in water for min. 3 hours and then remove water)
5 chilli padis (chopped)
a handful of curry leaves
a pack cereal chicken mix
1/2 cup of butter

Coat the chicken with potato starch and fry (double fry). Set aside.
Melt butter in a pan. Once melted, stir fry curry leaves and chilli padi.
Mix in the cereal until the butter is absorbed.
Toss in the chicken and stir.
Serve with rice and soda.

WILL: Cereals proved itself not to be good only with prawn or luncheon meat. At this time Abbey put it with chicken. 

Crunchy-crunchy chicken inspired by Maangchi + spicy cereals is heaven. Sweetness of cereals, spiciness of curry leaves and crunchy chicken brings perfection to this meal. 

I will surely  asked Chef Abbey to cook this again for us. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mandarin Orchard's Triple Three: Lunch Buffet (1-for-1 DBS Indulge Promotion)

ABBEY: Wow a second buffet in a month. Another cheat day for me, but its worth it. Triple Three is at Mandarin Oriental hotel at, yes you guess it right, 333 Orchard Road. 

They cater mostly Japanese and North Indian cuisine when we visited. But they also serve foods from the West like honey-baked ham, roasted beef and chicken, and barbecued pork ribs. 

My first plate was consist of naan, pappadum, tikka (chicken, lamb and fish). Then I had the Western one. I really liked their pork ribs matching with garlic fried rice. On third trip, I indulged in slices of salmon, and crispy japanese fried chicken. I washed them all down with calamansi juice, fruit punch, and masala tea. Haha. Then I got few cuts of watermelon and a stick of strawberry potong ice cream. 

Since it is a 1-for-1 deal, we paid only 80SGD including GST and srvice charge; usual price is 68SGD.

WILL:  This lunch is to celebrate our investment #7 which occupied almost all of our time from the start of January until first days of July 2015. We know we deserves this. :) 

We reached Triple Three around pass 12noon. After we were escorted to our respective table Abbey and I moved urgently to check out why they were named as one of the best buffet here in Singapore. 

They have Indian and Japanese cuisines and meats, meats and meats. What I love the most in this buffet? All! Haha. But I fell in love with poori, penne pasta, pork ribs, & freshly fried tempura. Even though they do not have a long selection what they served to us was enough to keep us from comparing this to another buffets that we have went to. 

This really proved that you do not need to serve more variants of food but it is about how tasty your it is being served to your diners. 

Hooray! Triple Three virgin no more! Thanks DBS Indulge for 1-for-1 deal.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The House of Robert Timms: 1-for-1 Dining Deal

ABBEY: The House of Robert Timms caters Australian cuisine and just in time, DBS is offering a 1-for-1 deal. So we headed to their branch at Suntec City. 

I got honeyed chicken burger. It took a couple of minutes to be served but the long wait is worth it. I got tender, sweet and juicy chicken between the burger buns. It was fresh and delicious. 

I hope they can somehow lower the prices; just a suggestion. They also have coffees, pies, and pasta.

WILL: Robert Timms is throwing a promotion of 1-for-1. I am eyeing to dine in to one of their restaurants since the start of 2015 and this will be a good deal indeed. Unplanned date last 9th of July when we went in to their Suntec City branch. 

I ordered Che esy Veggielicious Lasagne. The food arrived quite late. It seems that we are waiting for forever. Haha! Abbey is getting irritated that time but when the food arrived and started to eat, I just can tell that it is worth the wait. Haha! 

Their pasta is firm, the sauce is creamy and the vegetable??? seems I am eating a pasta with a meat. 

This will surely include in one of the restaurant that served me an excellent white sauce pasta. We'll definitely come back for more.

Friday, July 17, 2015

eat at taipei (Kallang Wave Mall)

ABBEY: Make sure you know where the exact stall number of this diner. We got lost finding it at Kallang Wave Mall. The name was not written in English :) We should have memorized the logo or learnt to read their words. 

Once there I ordered Taiwan-style braised minced pork for 10.50SGD. Few minutes later I'm digging in a rice bowl with sweet minced pork, hardboiled egg and pak choi (pechay). 

Visit their site for updated menu and prices. They also have branches at JCube, Tampines Mall, and Chinatown Point.

WILL: Oh darl, Singapore residents are so lucky to have diversified cuisines that made available in every mall. After the Korean dish wave, Taiwan's food little by little conquers the food preferences of people here.

After our short trip from Kallang Library, we went eat at taipei for dinner. The restaurant's aura will make you fill that you are in Taiwan.. really! I am craving for noodles and soup so I went for Keelung Braised Mee Sua with Pork Knuckles. 

The dish was served and we were astounded on the size of the pork bones. It is really huge! The taste of the mee sua is awesomely tasty. 

Well, we do not need to spend for airfare, just head over to Kallang Wave Mall for you to taste this loveable Taiwanese cruising restaurant.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Exchange | Singapore Bars and Clubs - Ladies' Night

ABBEY: Wednesday nights are Ladies' night in Singapore. And we visited The Exchange (Asia Square Tower One). 

No entrance fee for the men. They are offering free margaritas and cocktail drinks to the women from 5PM to 9PM. Yes, only until 9PM as there will be office the next day and it is only the middle of the week. 

We had a lot of fun, stories shared with a good serving of nachos and bucket full of garlicky fries. Tip: You can sit on chairs at Tower One's facade. Appreciate the staff for delivering our orders there.

WILL: Just want to clear up the middle week blues but do not want to break your budget? Why not go to The Exchange for some round of frozen margarita for free! Yes an unlimited frozen margarita for free. 

From 5pm-9pm you can go here for some shots plus pica-pica(try their nachos) and non-stop stories with your friends. Forget your phones and socialise in real life and The Exchange is the best place for it for sure. 

Be early as you don't want to end up standing without even a table to put down your drinks. Hooray Ladies Night!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ban Heng Restaurant Harbourfront Branch - Dinner Ala Carte Buffet

ABBEY: Ban heng is located at the fourth storey of Harbourfront Centre. In here we have farewell dinner with Kar Yin. 

They are offering a 22SGD ala carte buffet. By the time we get there, I immediately get a bowl of congee. It has thin slices of pork and century egg and I topped it with green onions. Next is a plate of Chinese fried rice combo with our ala carte orders; deep fried chicken, honey glazed pork ribs, fish in sweet soy sauce, sweet and sour pork, and roasted pork. I think I really like the roasted pork then dip in balsamic vinegar as I finished 4 orders of that :) 

Be cautious in taking a bite with their fried chicken, it is spicy. I also finished the leftover hor fun of April. It was delicious and the fish taste good. This place is recommended for wedding or company affairs.

WILL: It is my fault, I thought their dimsum buffet is served until dinner but I am wrong. Anyways we were there so we just decided to go for Chinese cuisine buffet dinner. 

We ordered too many food and there are few of them that I will not ever forget. First is their Gong Bao Chicken, then their out of this world thick Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Fish with Egg Gravy, their Deep-Fried "Soon Hock" with Superior Soya Sauce and their sweet yum. 

It is a great place for you and your tourist friends that want to splurge for food without emptying the wallets. One of the best and yet cheap buffets in Singapore!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cafe Mondo at Orchard Central

ABBEY: After our sumptuous dinner, our bodies are going for shutdown. But still we're not at home, we're in a mall. So we went to Cafe Mondo. 

I was about to order their signature hot chocolate but their affogato entry caught my eye. For 7.5sgd I got a shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Yes it was small but it gave me a jolt. The vanilla ice cream is smooth and creamy. Half of it I melted with the espresso; instant ice-creamed coffee :)

They also serve pasta, cakes, chilled beverages and tea.

WILL: Its a waste of time, money and experience if you do not try the varieties of cafes here in Singapore. So after our fulfilling meal at Tony Roma's we paved our way to Cafe Mondo for a dose of hot drinks. 

It is one of your unusual cafes that you can find at the stretch of Orchard Road. It was exactly located at Orchard Central 2nd floor.

Since my throat is shouting for me to take liquid in and my brain wars me that taking anything in to my stomach will make me vomit and that is the reason I asked for Calming Your Tummy tea. 

When I soaked the teabag the water turns to green then after few seconds turned to brown. Sip by sip my tummy pacifies. Love the minty taste and soothing effect. 

Delight yourself and check it this out cafe that serves coffee, tea and ice cream in one roof :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tony Roma's Singapore - Signature Trio or Anniversary Trio

ABBEY: Tony Roma's Suntec City celebrates its 20th anniversary. And from July 1 to August 31, they're having an offer to taste their Anniversary and Signature trios, yes for 20SGD++ only. But the magic doesn't end there. It is not only valid in Suntec City but also at their branch at Orchard. 

Since it is halfway between mine and Wilma's office, we went to latter. I got the Anniversary platter. It comes with a soup (potato), mozarella sticks, fish and chips, baby back ribs and salad. As usual I was able to finish it all and my tummy so full. It was a good dinner as we also celebrate Ate Monnette's promotion. So you know who paid the bill :) 

Congratulations Tony Roma's and Ate Monnette.

WILL: This is our second visit in Tony Roma's but this time it is on their Orchard Central branch. They do not accept reservation and we are truly lucky that we arrived there with more unoccupied table. 

We ordered our food while waiting for the star of that dinner, Ate Monnette. We, three girls went for Signature Trio. Once the soup was served my colleagues reached seconds after. We linger in the hot potato soup. Soup is an appetiser but it make us quite full. Haha. Plateful of food was served and we immediately dig in. Their ribs is really remarkable, tender and meat is tasty and the bones also clings on its flavour. The fries is too much and I just got only one few slices of my chicken and Abbey finished my fries. $20.00++ for this is truly a great deal. 

Thanks for the treat newly promoted Ate Monette. :) more more promotion to come. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Changi Museum Singapore

ABBEY: Entrance is free for this museum but to make the experience better, rent their audio guide for 8SGD. It will narrate the events that happened during Japanese occupation on Singapore. 

It was a dark period of Singapore's history. Food was rationed, security was scarce, justice is always given to the one in power. It also exhibits the part of a cell where 3-4 prisoners of war stayed. But even with their bad condition, the POWs still came up with their arts like paintings and other activities to keep their morale up. The narration also contains account of a comfort woman on that time. The heroes of war and all those people who helped for the liberation were listed and given honor at the museum.

The last phase of the tour is the chapel. Despite of what people experience, they still look up to God. Just like what a prisoner prayed every night "to deliver us from present circumstances".

WILL: Are you brave enough to hear the stories of the survivors in Japanese occupation here in Singapore? Their grumbling voice? You can? Then check-out the one of the must-visit place of Singapore...The Changi Museum and Chapel. 

No photos and videos inside please. Pictures and memorabilia will make you feel how cruel that era is. 

You can rent an audio guide to maximize the experience and I will strongly recommend it to you. 

Simple and yet touching presentation guys. My tears are about to welled up. One of my favorite place here in SG.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prata Wala - Bedok Mall Branch

ABBEY: It was past lunchtime when we finish our visit at Changi Naval Base. We dined in Prata Wala at Bedok Mall. 

Wow, they have fried chicken biryani rice set for 7.50SGD; veggie strips, fried chicken, big serving of briyani rice and pappadum. It was delicious, spicy, and hot. We also have an order of naan and extra pappadums to complete our sumptuous lunch.

WILL: Indian cuisines were either be seen at hawkers or at stand-alone restaurants. Well, this Prata Wala reached out to be a fast-food-like theme. 

Prata Wala is well-known for its, of course, pratas. But that time due to a growling tummy we adhere to our decision of taking rice than pratas in our mains and naan at the side. 

I got buttered chicken. It is delicious. I even asked for mint sauce to elevate more the richness of its flavors. Naan is on its usual taste. 

Next time, we will back to try their pratas. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Navy Museum - Ministry of Defence (Singapore)

ABBEY: We've been to Singapore Navy camp when they had an open house last 2013 but we haven't got time to check on their museum as their "stars" on that occasion are their big ships for warfare, monitoring and security. Shuttle buses were used on open house but going there on your own, you have to go either by own car or cab (15-20min ride from Tanah Merah MRT station). You have to register as a visitor and you will be escorted to the museum. Make sure to follow all the rules on the camp.

Big numbers will guide you on viewing the exhibition. The museum exhibits their navy history, from wooden RSS Panglima to their state of the art ships. It also shows how Singapore helped in search for MH370 when it crashed on 2014, defend the waters from sea pirates, and doing humanitarian works.Simulators and games were also made available for more interaction with the guests.

Visit the museum and learn more about navy and maybe you can have your "Andreas and Nicole" who will give you a lift to nearest MRT station :)

WILL: Taxi is the best way of public transport to go in here. To add up their strict compliance of security, once you register and get a museum's visitor ID, one of them will escort you to the premises. 

It was a sizzling Saturday afternoon but all the sweat was worth it. The Museum will welcome you with a chilling airconditioned room, an all smile staff and free badges. You can take photo inside. 

In this exhibit you can see that Singapore doesn't want to repeat the history with Japanese occupation. They will prove to the visitors in this museum that they are in watch 24/7 for achieving peace here in the country. 

You will love this branch of Ministry of Defence even more if you will see the last floor of the museum. It was consisted of their charity works and how to befriend not only their neighbouring country but also the West. 

Love of the country is really the answer and best reason for a good public service.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Star Cinnamon - Bakery - Halal Restaurant

ABBEY: We planned to bring home half a dozen of Beard Papa's cream puffs. But instead we got a box of Star Cinnamon at basement of Bugis Junction  near the MRT. 

Tip: You can buy more on their happy hour. For 10SGD, you can have 6 buns.

The smell of cinnamon will entice you and your tastebuds to look where it is coming from. You will be given a sample bite to keep you from drooling. :)

I like the one with cream cheese and the original. If you cannot finish all six on one sitting,  just reheat the cinnamon buns and match it with coffee.

WILL: It's a feast to bread lovers whenever the clock strikes for the bakeries which are bound to close for the day. Almost all of them will holler a "sale" just to finish all the breads in their displays. I caught the banner of 6 for $10. My joy exceeds when I saw cinnamon... in different flavors. 

Abbey bought a box of six. I ate and I asked my office mates to try it too. I love it. They love it. Since then, whenever I go to Bugis I never failed to buy some for me to take home. 

Thanks Star Cinnamon for a another choice of bread.