Sunday, October 31, 2010

MRT Purple Line ( North - East ) Singapore

This is my line simula pagdating ko ng Singapore. My employer provided my first week of stay sa isang hotel near Farrer Station. Then 3 days after, I found a room in Sengkang. When my housemates' HDB contract ended, we moved to Punggol which we are residing currently. Our house is a 15-minute from Punggol MRT station. Kaya talagang may excersise ako before and after work.

I can say na ito yung 2nd sa pinakamabangong MRT line. Huwag ka nga lang may makakasabay na may anghit :) It only cost S$1.86 for the whole line fare. All stations of the line are underground. Pero hindi naman nakakabore yung byahe, kasi may mga ads in LCD screens, sa tunnel ng mga stations and even sa windows.

Will: Well, I didn't much appreciate their train on the first time when I took my ride in it, I have a stopover here in Singapore. It was the Green Line. But when Abbey moved in to Punggol, I was astounded to see the Punggol terminal station. I can compare it on Philippine's international airport. 

There is seat for elderly and disabled that they always sure to leave it vacant. People are very courteous. They respect each other's right of way. Very safe. They keep on reminding the public that the safety and cleanliness lies on the hands of people riding it, which is very true! So nice trains!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Town

We watched the movie in GVmax, the THx cinema of SG :) The movie was based on a true story. It was a story of a group of robbers. They carefully plan their execution: complete blueprints, props, weapons, get-away vehicles and confidence that they can get away with it. As usual in a group, there would be someone who will cross the line on the group's rule. Then the conflict arises. One will rebel, one will keep secrets, one will try to live a normal life. But for every action, there will an equal and opposite reaction. As they rob people, gradually, respect and dignity were taken from them.
Di ko alam kung nasobrahan lang ako sa kape, pero kakabahan ka talaga at mag-aabang kung kelan sila mahuhuli ng pulis. All in all maganda yung movie. Hindi masasayang 10sgd mo :)

WILL: Like Filipino movies, being a robber was inherited. Like father like son. And like other stories, the bad guy (lead actor) will meet a woman in one of their plotted robbery and they will start to date each other, fell in love, but the twist..they don't live happily together. 
      Suspense, and yet, the story is very usual. 

Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, I'll admit it. Nitong college na lang ako ulit gumamit ng mouthwash. Kasi back when I was in high school, kinuha ko yung bote ng mouth wash ni Mama, then I used it for the first time, medyo napadami yata yung drops na nailagay ko. Ayun medyo may burning sensation sa bibig ko.Nadala na ako.  Kaya hindi na talaga ako nung nanguha, hehe, at gumamit ng mouth wash. I prefer Smints. Pero sinubukan ko ulit> Nakuha ko na ang tamang timpla. Now, I'm sure I have totally fresh breath and clean mouth. Huwag lang kumain ng sibuyas or bawang :)

Will: What is a mouthwash or mouth rinse? It is a product use to enhance oral hygiene. Many companies producing this antiseptic rinse, why Astring-o-sol?
Astring-o-sol gives me the satisfaction of totally cleaned mouth. One reason for it is the only concentrated sa market, very nice for the budget.
It only cost not greater than 100 pesos and u can use it for 2 weeks. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunch Liempo

10 pcs. Calamansi

1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic

2 cups soy sauce

Marinate the pork liempo. 


ABBEY: Naka-isa ulit si Wilma sa akin. Nakapagluto na siya ulit. Actually, akala ko yung housemate namin ang naglabas ng liempo from freezer to thaw, yung pala siya yun. At 10am, malambot na yung pork at we prepared the marinade - a mix of soy sauce and calamansi. Sayang nga lang kasi konti yung time ng pagbabad. 11:30, we started to fry with low heat. Sobrang bango ng luto. :) Exactly 12, we had our lunch. Fried liempo matching with suka (onion, red pepper, salt, and paminta) na sawsawan. Ang sarap.

The Perfect White Shirt

Abbey: Nowadays, trend na ang statement t-shirts. Kaya nakakatuwa when I got mine from Wil. It suits me perfectly, Mr.Engineer. At least kahit hindi pina-practice ang profession, I have my tshirt :) My churchmate, Kuya Rico, even told me to buy him one pagbalik ko ng Pinas. Sayang lang talaga at wala yung profession na Customs Broker. Konti lang kasi sila at masyadong specific ang course title. "Luge akyen negosyo" sabi nga ng mga Tsinoy. Kaya I made one for her. All you need is a design, tshirt and a transfer print. That's "The Perfect White Shirt"-Abbey version :)

WILL: When browsing the net, I saw their multiply site. Delighted for this shirt's concept I immediately look for my profession. But there is none, I mailed them pa nga requesting to have a design for customs brokers pero there is no reply from them.
Bitterness aside, I just purchased my fiance's shirt.. MR. ENGINEER that was year 2008 for only Php350.00, and for this year, Abbey and I got LITTLE MS. NURSE version 2 for our friend Chat.
Wearing that shirt will make you proud of what profession you are up to. So kelan kaya nila dedesign ng pang-Customs Broker? hehehe.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

Visited Branch
 SM Annex 
 Glorietta 3
SM Mall of Asia 

At first skeptical ako, kasi di pa ako nakakatikim nito. Inosente ako sa ganitong bagay. Hehe. But when I tasted it, it was good. Yogurt na nilagay sa freezer at constant ang halo para may consistency. The taste is sweet and sour with a soft, smooth and creamy texture. The food is healthful, it helps fights the bad bacteria sa tummy just like Yakult :) Its good to have a treat like this once in a while. I think 90 to 100 pesos will not hurt our wallet that much.

Will: Tsk, we don't have pictures when we visited other branches of The White Hat. Who introduced me to this healthy food?, nonetheless it's Belle De Jour Power Planner 2009. Since then, I got addicted with its sour and creamy taste. 
      When I went to Vietnam, I got some yogurt for a complimentary breakfast in my hotel. Since then I keep on looking and buying yogurts on Metro Manila's groceries, but my search is futile. Until one day, I saw a coupon on my planner...a 1-for-1 deal, I asked Abbey to get some this frozen yogurt sa SM North. 
      Finally...I tasted and found what I am looking for months. Mmmmmmm, lasang lasa talaga ang milky taste nya and sourness. Tsalap-tsalap. 
      Since then, The White Hat never fails our taste buds.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crepe de Chine

Date       : 7 October 2010

Crepe de chine, at last. Ang tagal na naming plan na makapunta dito. Kaya lang malabo talaga na makapunta after office hours. Kasi 9pm ang closing nila. At 7:30 or 8pm na ako nakakalabas ng office. At minsan pa marami silang customers kaya dapat nakapagpa-reserve ka.

That's why I'm so happy nung makarating kami sa place galing Singapore. We ordered yung isang kind ng pasta (Creamy Bolognese) na lumalangoy sa cheesy sauce at ground beef. Ang sarap talaga. Tapos nilantakan ko naman yung best-seller nila na "Mabuhay Adobo". Its the same as Pinoy adobo but with a chinese-style sauce. At ang twist, nakabalot siya sa crepe.

Biniro ko pa nga yung staff nila kung meron silang kaning lamig, sarap kasi ng adobo nila. We ended our dinner with a dessert, Tutti Frutti - fruit salad on a crepe, topped with ice cream.

The price is reasonable and affordable. Before I forget Crepe de Chine is located at Juan Luna St, at Binondo. Phone number is 244-2270.

Will: If di mo gaano kabisado ang Manila medyo maliligaw ka, kasi may mga one way sa part ng site ng Crepe de Chine. Better to hire a cab going there. 
     Below the ground yung place which is good kasi d mo gaano makikita yung traffic sa labas. I reserved for 6pm then we went there around 4, but still they are accommodate our request for earlier dine in.
     Spaghetti is awesome, lots of chunks of cheese, take note chunks. The sauce overwhelmed the pasta. 
     Mabuhay! the Adobo crepe was avoidable, sabi ko di ako kakainin nun pero when I tasted the fillings, yumyumyum sobrang lambot and there something with the soy sauce that I can't explain the taste. 
     And to end up, we ordered tutti frutti, I just ate the crepe and ice cream on top then Abbey ate the fruits. ;) 
     Our bill cost not more than 500Php. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Japanese Bread Crumbs & Bell Pepper

Chicken Fillet 


Ham and Cheese


Chicken Courdon Bleu.. this is the second time na niluto ito ng Baby ko. Nung una, pagka-gising ko, ayun, luto na yung manok. 
Parang magic. Nung pangalawa, nakisama na ako sa pagluluto. All the ingredients were listed above. Once you have it ok nang magsimula. 

Kailangan i-fillet pa ng mas manipis yung manok para mas madaling i-roll, then flatten it.Cut the ham, cheese, and bell pepper into strips. Pagkatapos ipapalaman sa manok yung mga strip. I-dip sa egg, i-roll sa breadings, at iprito. Presto, luto na ang manok mo :)

Ito na ang revenge ni Wil sa ground pork with kernel corn ko. Ayos talaga, pwedeng-pwede ko nang maging asawa 


Abbey: This was first time to receive this kind of freebie.

I was excited when one morning i read my name on the post card along with other mails.And gave it right away to Wil, and told her that my perfume has arrived.

I wear it last Sunday going to church.

I'll be waiting for my Lacoste :)

You can get this freebie by registering on the scents' sites like Check other sites, maybe you can get one from Bulgari.

WILL: When I was in Manila, I am so delighted to see that Hugo Boss is giving away samples of their perfumes. 

I am expecting to have some vial (kasi gnun dati yung natanggap ko) and my expectation is too much. 

Abbey received a postcard with a tissue sprayed by their perfume. 
The perfume is so good, that I'll have that for next wishlist for my baby. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

JK Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Sinubaybayan ko talaga ang Harry Potter but not to the point na naging die-hard. Yung iba nga na detail ng story hindi ko na maalala. Nakakatuwa kasi nagkaroon ako nitong libro.

Tales of Beedle the Bard is one of the books in the Harry Potter series. Ito yung Grim's fairy tales natin.

The book has less than 10 stories. Magkaiba lang nga sila ng terms. Puro jargons ang sa Beedle the Bard. Hehehe. Pang-wizard and witches talaga.

And like our fairy tales, they end happily ever after.

WILL: This is my 1st surprise for Abbey when he got home. He is a big fan of Harry Potter but he got the collection of the series, so I just decided to go for this book. 

I went to some bookstores but Fully Booked at The Block just got this one. Tapos mga 3 copies n lng, so I grabbed it agad. 

The story is for children and children at heart. I found it weird when I got to see the commentaries of Albus. Kaya si Abbey na lng ang bumabasa nun. It only worth not more than Php500.00. 

Natuwa ako nung makita ko na it was published to help some less fortunate people. I am glad in buying some kind of stuff like this. May libro ka na, nakatulong ka pa!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ground Pork with Corn Kernels

1 Medium size onion sliced and 1/2 Cup Oyster Sauce

1 Can of Whole Corn Kernel

1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic

1 Kg. Ground Pork

Abbey's Creation 


WILL: Our family is a big fan of Corn. Mapa-nilaga, inihaw or isama man sya sa mga ulam eh di naman yan tatantanan. hehe. So when Abbey announced na he'll be the one to cook our dinner sabi ko lng is a lame "ok". When he told me that we will buy some corn sa grocery..nakakaexcite, but when he ask me to get the oyster sauce out of the fridge, medyo nagisip ako, ano kaya lasa nun? hehe.
      He just sauteed all the ingredients, then some pinch of salt and pepper. Tenen! 
      I do not know if it is sweet or salty, but all I know, it's just great! 
      Galing ni Abbey, pwede na mag-asawa. hehe!

Bank of Philippine Island & Banco de Oro Internet Banking

Internet banking? Baguhan palang ako dito sa BPI. Ok na nagkaroon ng ganitong option you can easily transfer fund, pay bills, check accounts, all in clicks from your pc. May mga fears din na baka ma-hack ang account, or identity theft. I hope they can give more security sa internet banking to ensure their clients that they are secured and protected.

WILL: I am using BDO since 2006 and I was introduced to internet banking two years ago. Since then, I transact most of the time using that facility. 
      I pay bills, through that technology. No long lines. Just me and my laptop and internet connection. No weekends, a 24/7 service. 
      What I don't want with this feature? None. I really like it when the system constant reminding me to change my password. Its a added security for their clients.
      I highly recommend to use this specially to those person who is so busy doing other task. 
      Kelan kaya pwede mag cash deposit through Internet din? hehehe.. sobrang katamaran na noh and parang impossible.. hehe.. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cebu Pacific Air - It's Time EVERYJUAN Flies

Abbey: Nakakatuwa kasi naging motto ng Cebu Pacific ang "Its time everyone flies" kasi isa ako sa mga nakalipad na. Not literally na lipad like Superman, but makasakay ulit ng erpleyn with an affordable fare. Almost every month may promo fares sila, kaya naman ang sarap umuwi sa Pinas. Kaya si Wilma, mga kapatid ko at kaibigan e naka-subscribe sa alert ng promo fares ng Cebupac.

Di talaga maitatanggi that it helped a lot of our kababayan abroad na magbalikbayan. Pero there are still issues that glooms the company. I hope it will be resolved soon.

Wala pa naman akong flight na nasakyan na may nagsasayaw na FA, babae man o lalaki. :)

WILL:  Pasensya na Ros kung ikaw ang napasama sa pic. Wala kasi kaming picture s airplane ni kuya. hehehe.
Cebu Pacific.. Sinong di makakakilala dito? First I thought the Piso Fare was a scam, until I got a ticket for only P40.00 MNL-CEB. Then yung CEB-MNL sinagot na ni Den. hehe. I am one of their client constantly checking the fares and their promos, domestic and international.
Pinakamaganda ata nasakayan ko n flight nila eh yung Palawan to Manila with Denise and her family, iba yung seat cover, hindi leather. Parang CX ang dating nun. Then first and always international flight ko with them is MNL-SIN-MNL. Then dahil international na, akala ko may food na, hehe, wala pa rin. My usual flight was morning, kaya i got a hot tea as always for P50.00.
Twice lng ako nanalo sa games nila. I got a pouch and a coin purse. Tapos ng games, sleep n ulit. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore - Hollywood After Hours

ABBEY: Want a taste or glimpse of USS? They are offering now a S$5-ticket every Fridays and Saturdays, the Hollywood After Hours Ticket. You can purchase it at the ticket booths at the Waterfront Station of Sentosa Express. Be there early as the ticket will be sold at 6pm but it will be a long queue.  At the USS entrance, you will be greeted by smiling staffs :)

I’m so overwhelmed when I passed the gates. I can’t believe that I’m walking on the streets of Universal Studios. Maligayang pagdating, Abbey. Kaya smile lang ng smile with every snap of the camera. We came to Hershey’s Chocolate World. Nandun ang World’s Largest Chocolate bar. Malaki rin ang presyo, S$400. Then nag-picture taking din kami sa mga New York-theme dispays. Kakapagod kaya we decided to have a bite to eat at Loui’s. Their 20-inch pizza is so mouth-watering. Sa sobrang laki, di namin naubos. Take-away na lang yung iba. We also visited the place of four friends from Central Park Zoo, the Madagascar characters.

At 9:30pm the fireworks display started at the lagoon. Ang ganda talaga. Nakakagulat lang kasi ang lakas ng explosion. After that konting picture-taking na lang then uwi na. 

It was a great night. Pupunta ulit kami dun :)

WILL: Abbey, me and Chat stomped our way to Sentosa Island. We met at Vivo City and hopped in at Sentosa Express alight at waterfront station, the first stop.  Chat and I queued for Hollywood After Hours Ticket, while Abbey started snapping everything his eyes set on.  When we already roamed around the stores... delighted, when we are about to enter the Hershey’s Chocolate World, Abbey gave me a carrier inside it is a dark chocolate hershey’s choco. Abbey’s so sweet tlaga. Hehe.

7pm. We invaded half of the Universal Studios Singapore. Picture..picture..picture.. Window shopping and when we paved our way deeper in USS, we smell something.. pizzaaaaaaa… Then we ate at Loui’s .

The strolling inside the USS ended with a fireworks display.

Nice night…happy night.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Delifrance Chicken Bourbon Sandwhich

Abbey: of the place na helpful sa akin when I'm making ligaw kay Wil. I remember that one morning after my shift, I bought breakfast for her sa Delifrance.

Then came her turn, she presented me a printed promo ticket of French Dip Roast Beef. Sarap nun :) Kaya talagang nawili kami sa food nila. We also tried their pasta for lunch.

Kakatuwa kasi nagpromo ulit sila, pero now may twist, as in twister talaga. "How much bourbon can a chicken drink if a chicken could drink bourbon?" Akala nila mahirap? Sa taong gutom, walang tongue twister na mahirap, kasi nagti-twist na ang sikmura ko.

Hope to have breakfast in Delifrance with my wife soon....

Will: Delifrance is a real friend. We subscribed sa mailing list nila so we were updated sa mga promos nila. 
      The latest was the Chicken Bournbon Challenge. We just recite the tongue twister thrice and as easy as that, we get a sampler of their new sandwich.
      I got addicted sa French Dip Roast Beef nila (P99.00) last 2009. With my mighty foot, I am always in their place sa Zeta Building, on foot lang kasi one way Salcedo, hehe. 
      Love delifrance. Keep the promos coming :) 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monster Radio RX 93.1

Abbey:Iba talaga ang online streaming lalo na kapag sa ibang bansa ka. Less ang homesickness specially if you heard your name greeted on air. Nakakagising ng diwa sa night shift. :)
As usual, online streaming sometimes buffers, but still its good to hear pinoy radio channels over the net.
This channel also plays the latest songs even my favorite,"Amazing" (...when I see your face..there's not a thing that I would change...) Just the way you are pala.

Will: Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar. Yan, yan, yan, ang may sala bat ako pinagtitinginan s shuttle every morning, can't help myself to laugh. 
      Lalo na yang si Chico pag bumanat na di ko na alam paano itatago yung tawa ko..well meron nmang pang-tabla dun si Del, pag nilalabas n nya ang hinanaing at bitterness nya sa lovelife.. hehe.. 
      That's for my morning, paano ang gabi? DJ Tom is always ready to read on air my greetings for Abbey and his colleagues, may kasama pa yun na song request. 
      Kaso lng medyo madalas magbuffer sila dito s Singapore, as in madalas. I hope magawan nila ng paraan yun.
      Love u RX :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Deja vu.. this is Westin Philippine Plaza, right? When we had a wedding coverage in this hotel, I told myself, someday I'll eat at their restaurant. And it happened :)

We went there 10 minutes before 11:30am. Takot magutom. Picture-picture muna, sight-seeing. At exactly 11:30, we attacked :) Hindi pa nga handa yung ibang food. I first got pizza and pasta. Sarap nun. Thin crust, pero sobrang daming toppings at ang pasta nilunod ko sa sauce. Next, is pizza again, and beef yakisoba. Sobrang lambot ng karne ng baka. Isang dekada nila yatang pinressure cooker yun. Wagyu beef po yun.

I also tried our local Bistek Tagalog, roast pork, grilled pork chop, dimsum. Lastly yung chocolate ice cream. Ang sarap talaga. Kaya talagang bondat ang tiyan ko. Minsan lang naman. Nakatulog pa yata ako sa busog nung nagfi-fix si Wil sa restroom.

Definitely, we'll come back sa Spiral :)

Wilma: Well, antagal na namin gusto kumain dito pero time is not friendly with us, malayo kasi sa office namin. 

       I reserved a week before, kasi I know lagi jam packed. And we did not went wrong, ang daming guests na hindi nakakain kasi all seats were reserved. 
       As usual, lugi ako sa buffet. Liit kasi ng bodega ko, hehe. I love the pasta, pero this time, I went for the red sauce. Pizza is sooo good, thin crust, but there's something with the dough na very delicious. Siomai, just an ordinary taste. Steamed lapu-lapu, strawberry gelato, marshmallows dipped in chocalate fondant, cakes, grilled meats, ano pa ba?, dami ko nakain di ko na matandaan ang name. hehe..
      Konti ang pics, because wala na kami time to take pictures na-overwhelmed kami ng dami ng food. 
      Masarap sya in all. There's a lot of fruits pa, and take note my fave fruits. Mangosteen, unriped papaya and dragon fruit. 

Telephone #       : 832-6988