Monday, December 28, 2015

Broccoli, Carrots & Tofu w/ Oyster Sauce Recipe

Tokwa (1-inch in length and fried)
Brocolli (separated into florets)
Carrots (1 1/2-inch strips)
Oyster sauce
Black pepper

Saute onion then garlic. Then put in carrots, brcocolli and tokwa. Don't overcook the vegetables. Put in the oyster sauce and water for your desired sauce thickness. Let the tokwa sip some of the sauce and then serve.

Thanks to Terence for the recipe. We modified yours a little bit.

WILL: Architect Terence proudly upload a photo of his food that time and I tagged Abbey to cook it for us. 

Well, it is nice! I can eat that for a week. This is a healthy viand to take. Thanks Terrence for sharing your wife's masterpiece.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Wang Jia Shan Jiao Bak Kut Teh

ABBEY: This bak kut teh shop has been in Suntec (Suntec City Mall B1-126-127) for many months now. Only when we were looking for a place to dine before going to The Future of Us exhibit got a time to taste their item. All the while I thought they are only serving coffee and tea as they took the place of Toast Box :)

For 10SGD, you have a bak kut teh soup, serving of youtiao, and a bowl of rice and a glass of barley. The soup is peppery and hot. I was sweating while eating it. Have a sip in the iced drink and your good.

WILL: Is there a day that you are longing to sip a nice soup? That was what I am experiencing those past few days and that when I saw of  Wang Jia Shan Jiao Bak Kut Teh  promotion of $10.00 dinner set. 

Abbey and I happily approached the counter, ordered and took our food. Every sip is a piece of heaven. I like their Ba Kut Teh soup and the meat is so tender. 

We finished it all and merrily went to our next destination. Hey! Bak Kut Teh should not break a bank. Try it!

Wang Jia Shan Jiao Bak Kut Teh 皇家山脚肉骨茶 
(A) Suntec City Tower 5 #B1 126/127
(T) 9760 7722
(H) 9:30 am – 9:30 pm

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Universal Studios Singapore® - Santa's All-Star Christmas 2015

ABBEY: I've been to Universal Studios Singapore many times and I act as a tour guide to our visitors. This time my highschool bestfriend paid a visit. The theme park "theme" is of course Christmas as the holiday is fast approaching. We were given candy canes at the entrance. We first rode the Madagascar : A Crate Adventure. Next is the 4D movie of Shrek in Far Far Away. After that was the new ride Puss in Boots' Giant Journey. I started to get dizzy. Haha.
We also got a chance to watch a dance showdown by Rockafellaz; Pinoy's very own Streetboys. We had pizza and pasta for lunch. Good thing that it was saved by Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.
We got a chance to see and feel how it is like to be in a sound studio in Lights, Camera, Action.

By the time we rode Transformers The Ride, my head is really spinning. It rained hard but still Wilma and Jennnee queued up for Cyclon of Battlestar Gallactica. Me? Just waiting for them to finish.

No one ride The Mummy indoor roller coaster. No one wants to experience the unknown.

We also got a snap with Marilyn Monroe. As the rain pour hard, we rested in Jurassic Park's Discovery Centre while sipping coffee and munching chicken lollipops. The Waterworld show was cancelled due to the weather.

The last ride we had is the Canopy Flyer. Our guest was happy and got a great time.

WILL: This is my first time to go to Universal Studios Singapore during festive season. Why? Because I am avoiding a jam-packed themed park, because I hate long queues for the rides and for the toilets, because it is very hard to take a seat for some snacks, and ultimately.. because I will not enjoy the rest of the day. But, when we were there, there is no queue at all, but of course except the leading rides. Haha. 

I am praying not to rain but it did. It is Sunday but the sun fails to showed up! Argh! But still the fun never stops. Umbrella is on! Haha. 

I enjoyed their Sesame Street Saves Christmas Show, as if I came back to my childhood! Haha. As the rain is pouring, we sat and ate at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. Luckily when we went out from the diner, drizzles greeted us. Oh, I am so excited for this.. Battlestar Galactica Cyclone version. Wohoooo! I only got to try the human version because the cyclone is always under repair when we visited the park. So what I can say? Cyclone version is indeed the best! Literally a hair-raiser, haha! I want to go for one more ride but Jennee refused my suggestion. Hmp!  

Next stop is the Transformers. Because I am with engineers, after the ride, they are explaining how it was made. Still raining, so we go to witness my one of favorite, Lights..Camera..Action. The. We go for kiddie ride Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Speaking rides for kids, we also got to try the new Puss in Boots Giant Journey and Abbey and Jennee cursed me when I asked them to seat behind the Canopy Flyer at The Lost World. 

We ate our snack at Discovery Food Court with my favourite corndog. Haha! We ended our USS tour with Donkey Show. We are definitely entertained. 

I hope our visitor enjoyed as we do. :) haha! Thanks rain and cloud another first time. First time visiting USS with no sunburn. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Singapore's Holiday Trees 2015

ABBEY: Christmas is a happy season. As the song goes, "It is the most wonderful time of the year". The holiday spirit is full of love, happiness, sharing and giving. Singapore malls and hotels showcase their giant and unique holiday trees. 

One is made of macaroons, while the other full of lights. Orchard road is where you can feel much of the holidays. Lights, songs, people in costumes and specially the wonderful Christmas trees. 

This year a couple of those caught fire. Still the festive mood goes on. Hoping to see more design in the coming years.

WILL: You will definitely feel the holiday and festive season once you see the gigantic Christmas Trees all over Singapore. From North to South, East to West, every mall and establishments have their own to express their feelings. 

Very creative minds were behind this magnificent trees. Next year? Hmmm... I am thinking who will win the award for Orchard Road Business Association's (ORBA) Best Dressed Building Contest for next year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

International Buffet Dinner at Window on the Park‎ (Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre)

ABBEY: Festive season is here. And cheat days as well. Nyahahaha. At last my bestfriend spare us some of her time. We had dinner at Window on the Park at Holiday Inn. 

The buffet has few choices but the food is delicious and fresh. I got a couple of plates of sashimi and sushi. I also had slices of roast beef and chicken, ham with their fried rice. It was aromatic and appetizing. Can't have even a piece of the chicken as it was mixed with shrimp paste (calling allergies). 

It was a good time catching up.

WILL: Abbey and I are proud of the restaurants here in Singapore. They are very competitive and only serve the freshest and finest. That is why, if time conforms to our foreign visitors' schedule, we never failed to let them experience a sumptuous buffet. 

For Abbey's bestfriend, Jenneelyn Flores, we went for Holiday Inn Orchard's Window on the Park Dinner Buffet via Groupon $40.00. 

Laksa, fresh oysters, sushi, ice cream, array of desserts, beef, and ham (because it is a festive season). What do I love? On all of the food that is in there? The shrimp paste fried chicken..perfect on their fried rice. The sashimi, the fatty part of fresh salmon is awesome. All you can drink tea and coffee is available. I tried their live pasta station too, their white sauce is too milky and not so creamy. 

You can see the chefs, roaming around checking on the food they are serving. You can approach them and they are friendly. ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Arnold's Fried Chicken - City Plaza Singapore Branch

ABBEY: I read a lot regarding Arnold's Fried Chicken and most of them says that it taste great. So when we got a date with our "Singapore parents", we planned to try to dine their first branch at City Plaza (#02-99). 

Long queue greeted us but you can place your order while waiting. We got 2-piece chicken meal with fries coleslaw and drink. A couple of minutes later then we were led to our table and a few moments and our meal came.

The chicken was freshly cooked. It was crunchy and juicy. This was the closest to Pinoy's Jollibee Chicken Joy. It was good that to know I can have an alternative. The chicken was really good that we had take-aways. I hope they can serve rice on their menu.

WILL: One of Abbey's Diners List is Arnold's. Arnold's Chicken is the oldest and most famous chicken here in Singapore. In saying that, we invited our own "oldies" to splurge on this restaurant. Haha. 

When we arrived at City Plaza (nearest MRT is Paya Lebar) we were astonished on its queue. We waited for 20minutes before our number was called. They are pretty systematic on their table system. Plus points. :) 

We all ordered 2 pieces chicken with 2 side dishes and I requested a coke float. After we dined, I witnessed myself why it is famous! The chicken is crispy and juicy. Just like our own Jollibee Chicken Joy. 

We will sure be coming back...that is for sure!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Future of Us (Singapore) Exhibition 2015

ABBEY: As the name of the exhibit implies, The Future of Us showcases the future plans for Singapore. It was located besides Gardens by the Bay. It shows how an individual sees a problem and makes a solution for it. 

Intelligent cars that can drive by themselves, playground for persons with disabilities, future housing designs with vertical gardening are just few examples shown. 

The last dome asks every guest to put their wish for the city state. It just shows that nobody will be left behind when the Little Red Dot progress beyond.

WILL: So what's with Singapore after celebrating the big SG50? It is inlaid in this dome. 

From here, people saw what will the futuristic Singapore will be look like. What will be the steps to achieve those and how easy the life will be if that will happen. This Future of Us Dome mindsets the residents that those brilliant ideas are the plans of government for the Little Red Dot. 

I am so excited to see the future. I am fan of vertical gardening. Woooohoooo!! Majulah Singapura! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition @ Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: When somebody says or boasts that her bag is from Louis Vuitton, I can say "Wow that must cost a fortune". In current times, owning a branded merchandise means that you can afford a lot. But there are more factors than meet the eye. Louis Vuitton proved it on their exhibition "Louis Vuitton Series 3". The designers found and revived an old emblem found in the their trunk. The logo now has a circle around it.

Series 3 shows the collection of new designs where in fact they are "old". Old in a sense that the designs or patterns were already there but got missed for a long time like the trunk keyhole and diamond patterns.

They also presented how a handbag was made. Every stitch and overlay of the fabric is carefully done by the artists. Some of them flew to Singapore to show how its done. Simple tools were used to make them. Now I know why they cost a lot. It is for the effort and hardwork rendered to each of them.

WILL: After our date at DC Comics Cafe, we headed immediately to this Louis Vuitton Series 3 pop-up museum. 

We were warmly welcomed by the staffs. The guided tour is very informative. From historic trunks to the fashion shows and to the 2 people originated from Paris just to show live how they do their handcrafts. Now, I know where they get the inspiration on the new line of Louis Vuitton. Yeahbah! Abbey also got an idea how will be my future closet look like. :) 

Once we get out of that hall, I appreciate more the Louis Vuitton products. It is a work of art from the heart of many people working in those pieces for days, weeks or even months.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe - Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: Wilma gave me a treat to celebrate the day we became BF/GF. It was on the DC Comics Cafe at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Since it was all for royalty, the prices soared up compared to cafes offering the same items. Setting it aside, the experience is unique. The child in me is shouting for excitement. Sorry Batman, but Superman is my favorite.

I got a burger with nachos and iced chococinno. I liked the patty as it reminds me of the fillings of "lumpiang shanghai" we have back in Philippines. The bun has Superman's emblem as well as the drink. Nothing much difference from other Western restaurant. Beside the cafe are the novelty items for sale. 

From time to time it is ok to splurge on those treats. :)

WILL: We are still celebrating our boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary even we are married. Are we considered crazy to do that? Haha. 

I treated Abbey at DC Comics Cafe located just above at ice skating rink of Marina Bay Sands. Because of the free lunch in the office, I am very full and I cannot take another solid food. I am just there to sip a hot cup of tea and linger to the glorious face of my husband.

The food was served and my Abbey's face turned back to childhood. He relentlessly tell tales why he chose Superman rather than Batman. So, from that, you know what he ordered right? He ordered Superman's line of food. 

I enjoyed the restaurant's very childish ambiance. Some of the patrons wore their fave characters' shirt while dining in there..clever. 

Are we going back in there? Yep! I think so! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

10k Steps Challenge - National Steps Challenge Singapore

ABBEY: We registered in Heath Promotions Board's National Steps Challenge. Aside from getting a step tracker, we also want to know if we can meet the 10,000-steps-a-day. 

First two days I'm not able to reach the target. But on the third day I was surprised when I clocked 10k steps. It was an accomplishment for me. Since that day, I was aiming for the goal as I've already did it. I'm hoping and trying my best to be on top of it.

WILL: Singapore never fails to make their health projects a fun thing to do. 

We are very interested on their National Steps Challenge program and we are so glad to know that we can join it. We download the Healthy 356 app, registered, and collected our step tracker for only $5. You can get this tracker here.   

As soon as we  we paired our trackers with our phones, the competition between me and my husband began. Haha. Well, as of now, I already redeemed the first tier. Abbey? Nahh!! Haha.

Thanks Health Promotion Board. We enjoy your program. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Indian Buffet Dinner at Grand Empire Restaurant - Grand Imperial Hotel

ABBEY: My manager and a colleague had decided to have a career move. So as farewell, we planned for a dinner. We booked at Grand Empire at Grand Imperial Hotel. It was on the top storey where the pool also is located. It was a buffet for 19.90SGD per person from Gropoun Deal. 

Vegan and non vegan choices were available. As appetizer, they serve samosa and tandoori chicken. We also had butter chicken and mutton. I ate them with naan and briyani rice. That's all I had. Got no time for others. Sodas, coffees and teas are bottomless.

Maybe for my Indian friends the food is not that good, but it satisfied my cravings for Indian food.

WILL: Up to the front, I will tell you that there is not so much varieties of food that you can choose from. But...

Yep! A big BUT haha. I enjoyed personally their crispy ladyfinger, the saffron rice, of course their spicy tandoori chicken. I love the place as it gave a relaxing mood despite my husband's big bosses were around. 

This is a good place to held an event. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Masters of Wealth Singapore 2015 - Live with Robert Kiyosaki by Success Resources

ABBEY: Financial education is needed now more than ever. Me and my wife read books, watch talks and attend seminars. That's why we were so excited when we knew that Robert Kiyosaki will be having speaking engagement here in Singapore. No more booking of hotels or catching a flight. It was held last November 29 at Resorts World Convention Centre. 

I saw parents went with their youngsters exposing them and giving them education at early age. It was a whole day affair, literally. We started at 9AM and stretched until 9:30PM.

The facilitator Jason Tyne ensures that the audience is not sleeping as he always asks questions and give exercise routines to the attendees. All of them are good speakers in their own fields. But there's one thing common in them: to motivate, boost and make you do the act and that is the start.

The ones who caught most of my attention were Peng Joon, JT Foxx, and of course Robert Kiyosaki.

Peng Joon talked about how to setup and earn money online. He is younger than me and my wife but he already reached greater heights. We opted to enroll my wife for his intensive seminar and I know this is the start of our formal training in that field.

JT Foxx randomly give his perception on the attendees. I'm glad that I was picked and everything he told is true and I got instant personality check. He talked how a person needs to take action to progress and should be done now.

Most of the speakers offer their classes which don't come cheap. You just need to choose what you really want. Time passed and the last speaker were introduced on the stage. Robert, as entrepreneur, no need for him to promote his classes nor the books. They are selling themselves. The take away from him is that change the mindset, study, learn and act.

WILL: He is one of my favourite author in financial literacy arena. Well, who am I to pass a great deal to see him in flesh and directly talking to me. Thank you Robert Kiyosaki and the gang for going here in Singapore!!! 

In pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, we were at Resorts World Sentosa too early to get a good seat. We were got the 3rd in row in the center. Yey! 

PengJoon make his way on the stage first and taught us how to earn in internet. JT Foxx interacted with my husband about branding. Kevin Green awed me when he blatantly told the audience that his secret in surpassing Robert Kiyosaki's real estate business. And a lot more speakers are there to make your eye and ears open for you to get a piece of their brains. 

Then Robert took the stage around 8pm. We never had dinner but still it is okay. Do not care with the growling tummy, I am there to feed my brain. As usual Robert uses a harsh words. But it is okay, because stup@d people need those forceful words to open up their minds for them to use their braincells. So Robert says saving money is not a good thing to do today, financial education is very important and people who are ready within will never be affected of any financial crisis that the economy goes through. In fact, if you are knowledgeable enough, you can make a tons of money in a crashing market. Do not worry Robert, I got you there! :) 

This is one of the most beautiful self-investment I ever went. Thanks Wealth Resources for making this dream come true. :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Damai Spa - Grand Hyatt Singapore

ABBEY: From time to time we need to unwind and get relaxed. So as part of our company's insurance we can avail wellness benefits which include spas. We booked at Damai in Grand Hyatt Singapore. We were given coconut juice before the session and a couple of minutes later we were ushered to our respective rooms. After telling me where to put my things, I took a shower. They have "Japan toilet". The one where the sit is warm and has high-end bidet system with only a push of a button.

The masseur is waiting for me to wash my feet and give them pre-massage. I was also asked what oil they should use. I picked the healing one as it smells relaxing and refreshing. And yes most of the session I'm asleep. The pressure is medium and it is ok for me, not a fan of hard massage. What I liked the most is the foot massage. They were aching before the massage, but after I felt like I'm walking on cushions.

The session ended with a cup of ginger tea so good that we asked for more. The next batch came in a teapot. :)

WILL: If you will search In the internet "Best Spas in Singapore" Damai Spa is always included. For my husband's birthday month, we got to check this out. Haha! 

I booked for a 75-minute Classic Swedish Massage for $234.00 each person. Expensive? Yes it is. This is under Abbey's insurance benefits so we do not worry too much about the price. Thanks AETNA! 

So when we entered the magnificent all wood reception we were immediately assisted to seat, gave us a freezing cold glass of coconut water and we waited for our masseurs. When they approached us, they guided us to our rooms. Gosh! The room is so huge and fancy. Ohh! I love their heated bowl seat. It is relaxing.

In bathrobe, I was welcomed with their foot bath and asked me what oil I want for massage. The massage starts. I requested for more pressure..of course and Ying's (my masseur's name) hand is like dancing on my back...then I fell on slumber. She got me back to reality when she asked me to lie on my back. :) 

Well, the massage is well done. But I regret that I do not have a chance to try their facilities because of our lack of time. 

When we were at reception I asked for a pot of their hot ginger tea. They gladly gave us a pot and 2 teacup. Love to stay in that relaxing place but we need to go for some errands. 

Till next time Damai Spa of Grand Hyatt Hotel.