Sunday, September 25, 2011

Morcon Recipe

Beef flank (filleted to desired thickness)
Cheddar cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Beef broth
Soy sauce

Marinate the beef in a mixture of soy sauce and lemon for an hour.
After marinating, flatten the beef in a smooth surface and start to arrange the hotdog, eggs and cheese onone end of the fillet.
Roll the beef tightly and secure it with cooking string or thread.
Cover the beef in flour and fry it.
After frying, boil the beef with the broth until the meat is tender. You can also add the marinate used earlier to add more flavor.
To give the morcon a more firmness, fry it again for a couple of minutes.
Remove the string and serve with hot rice.
The broth can be used also as gravy. :)

WILL: Dahil ayaw ni nanay na tuparin ang kahilingan ko para sa ulam na morcon, si Abbey, ang aking butihing asawa ang gumawa nun. ;) 
      We bought ingredients at Serangoon. Early in the morning he defrost all the meats and set all the ingredients. 
He rolled in the ingredients and tied it like a pro. When he starts to fry and simmer it in the broth, the aroma filled our home. 

      As i dig in, the meat is so so tender, melted cheese blends perfectly with the taste of beef, hotdog, egg and gravy. ;) Sa uulitin Chef!