Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Starbucks VIA -Ready Brew

A DIY Starbuck's coffee? Yes, they launch their microground coffee for 3.90 per pack of three. The preparation is simple: pour out a pack to 180ml of hot water. Don't stir yet for 6 minutes. Add your milk and sweeter. Voila, you can sip the great taste of hazelnut, columbia coffee, or decaf.

WILL: Starbucks instant coffee finally arrived Singapore. Early this year, when we went to Indonesia, they market a pack of coffee that do not need a coffeemaker  but taste like a freshly brewed coffee...we bought it. Then it ruined our starbucks tumbler! Gosh! The impurities get inside the tumblers design. The supposedly morning delight turned in horror. Our tumbler met our trashcan. :'(

      Now, of course this is from Starbucks, reliable! We bought their trial park for 3.90$. Shocked! No impurities! The taste is better than brewed! Lovvvve it!