Monday, March 27, 2017

Timbre+ and Iskina Cebu

ABBEY: We had our "barkada" meeting at Timbre+. Chat went here a couple of times but only first for me and Wilma. The night is young and all the people are starting to come from their offices. Most of the kitchen were built in a cargo container. And each of them has colorful designs. The place was well ventilated. The main attraction is the live band. You can send in song requests and dedications. This keeps the crowd engaged, entertained and in high spirits. There is no shortage of choices for food. They have Western (burger, fries, chips), local, and French.

We got our own (Filipino food) lechon from Iskina Cebu. We ordered three types: lechon, liempo and belly lechon. Each costs S$10.00. It was delicious and the dips like soy sauce, vinegar and calamansi, really brought more flavor to it. The meat is tender and skin is crispy. Be sure to order early as the queue is very long.

One remarkable thing in Timbre+ is that you will pay a dollar if you will be given a tray to carry your food. To redeem it, you need to put the tray in the return area. Clever right?

This is a nice place to relax and spend time with friends.

Iskina Cebu @ Timbre+ 
Iskina Cebu - Lecon Cebu 

Iskina Cebu - Menu

Timbre+ - Used Container Vans Design 
Timbre+ - Supersonic Band

WILL: Abbey's to dine list keeps on growing and we need to shove-off some of our comfort foods just to make way with new ones. So here ye, here ye! Presenting Timbre+. 

Timbre+, located at one-north, is a hub for live music and food lovers. It is like a hawker leveled-up to maximum stage. Haha. Beside food and music you can find there the first and only return tray station. The food stalls will charge you S$1 per tray and you can refund it by returning your tray plus your utensils used. How great right? This will definitely create a good habit to bus off your trays. 

The place caters to much cuisines and I am glad to know that Iskina Cebu is there (Oh boy! I do not need to go to Geylang to visit them, haha!). We ordered belly lechon, lechon cebu, and liempo. Now I am drooling. Each costs S$10 with rice. Nothing beats the skin of a suckling pig Lechon Cebu. Yummmm! Do not forget to take some vinegar and chili for your to dip in. 

After an hour, the band started their first session and it lit up the night away. 

This is such a recommendable place to unwind. Till next time! :)

(A) 3A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC LaunchPad @ one-north