Friday, September 9, 2011

Journey of Dreams

ABBEY:  When we first rode the flyer we were greeted by a long queue. A lot of people are excited to ride the world's largest observation wheel. Innovating ways to attract more tourist, they built this Journey of Dreams. In here they exhibit the beginnings of the wheel; how they built it and the details of a capsule. They also show different arts made of recycleable materials and metals. Along the hall are the different awards this attraction got. At the end of the museum is the entrance of the flyer.

WILL:  On the past it is only a dream and now, it is a reality. This gigantic observatory is really an icon and a must-to-see when going here at Singapore. It is our second flight and to the addition of every flight, there is a journey that explains how this dream became a reality. 
       Journey of dreams is very informative. Kudos to Singapore Flyer in adding this up :)