Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Don't talk to anyone; don't touch anyone. That's how you will become paranoid if a certain virus gives a pandemic threat. One touch and you'll be tagged as sick. The one infected by the virus displays ordinary symptoms like cold, cough, fever. Severe cases can have blurry vision, nausea and difficulty to swallow. The world is at chaos learning about the virus. Theft, murders and a lot of disorders. Scientists are committed to search for a cure and fight the disease. Opportunists are still part of the society bringing more confusion.

Lesson is to have a physical hygiene. Learn to take care of your body so it would have a positive outcome not only for yourself but to people around you as well.

WILL:  Its a date! Hooked with its trailer, then we decided to set-up for it ;) 

       This movie just show that anything can happen in just a snap of time. Because the world is so filthy, many organisms developed and passed through humans, lucky, some can fight by our immune system some like SARS, AH1N1, and the movies declared virus of MEV. 
       This movie portrays men who works to make solutions for an epidemic..how dedicated the others and how some willingly to put themselves at risk to serve. They also let the people see what will be the chaos look like when something like this hit the globe and how few to be just so lucky to be immune for a very strong virus. Nice movie. 8/10