Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sentosa Buskers Festival 2011

ABBEY: It's the second time we went to Buskers' Festival. As we enjoyed the first we also had a fun time for the recent one. Fun time means I also participated in one of the busker's act. It was for Acromanuel. As the name implies he's an acrobat. He handed me a balloon and told me to blow it up. He picked another male audience the same built as me and told us to face each other with crossed-arm. He stood between us, gripped our arms and did a head stand. I can't believe we can carry him. As a tip he told us to lean forward if we feel that we will be out of balance. :)
We also met Valentino and his Jazz puppets as well as the fire-breather magician Jeff Collins. While searching for a place to eat we met a mime on the way. He's antics are very funny. Every end of the act they encourage people to help for the funding of the Community Chest.

WILL: Buskers from other countries again at Sentosa. Thanks to Sentosa management for letting us witness their performances for free :)
      We went there for their day 4 and saw the following:
1. Jeff Collins juggling and fire performance. Hehe. We just love the way he cracked jokes in doing his dangerous acts. Hehe. 
2. Acromanuel, wohoooo! We are first to get seat in at kodak stage. :) first in line and due to that Acromanuel saw my hubby and ask to help him for the act. Damn it, i am envy for his upper body strength and balance. Hooray for very kind and very approachable Acromanuel. Oops, he told us that he love the audience in the first row. Haha! We are included in it. Hehe. 
3. Valentino and his puppets made our feet thumping from the start of performances up to end. He pulled the strings and the puppets moved like a real man. After the show we congratulated Valentino for his performance. Hehe, as of Valentino, that show is the best he have. We are the set of crowd that claps and participate a lot. Hehe. 
4. We are about to go home when we saw Karcocha making fun on people walking around. Haha. He made us laugh a lot! He doesn't bores us. Laugh trip up to end. 
Its very good for sentosa to support a charity. ;) simple act that make a lot of people benefit. Looking forward for 2012 Set of Buskers. ;)