Monday, September 26, 2011

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils

ABBEY: We got 4 sample sachets each of these cleansing oils. Upon availing the samples the sales associate will ask for your face skin type. I was given the sample for oily ones :) During our clean up, we opened one sachet and applied the oil as per the instructions. It has a nice scent and you will not feel any greasiness after rinsing; leaving your skin smooth and soft. This maybe the best cleanser that I've tried.

WILL: We registered then we get their samples. I forgot to get the name of the very accommodating personnel that time, they ask me few questions first and check our skin before they gave us the suitable oils for us. 
      She gave me the brightening cleansing oils and high performance balancing cleansing oils.. for my husband, she gave four sets cleansing beauty oil (anti-oxidant). 
      The instruction is to put it on a dry face with dry hands. Okay. After that date we had, I went to our bathroom to remove my make-up.
      In my head, "Hmp! This oils will just worsen the removal of my make up, specially on my eye area. Just like other unmasking products, tints of my liquid eyeliner will be all over my face". 
      As I open the sachet with violet colored bottle, I was surprised to found out the very soothing aroma. It made me feel that I am in a spa. ;) Very relaxing! I pour some oils on my dry hands and put it immediately on forehead then on my eyes. All I can is "wow". The make up just seems melted away and I can't see and residue of it. It just make me feel that I never put any make-up on. ;) 
      Abbey love it too. He have a very sensitive skin, but this oil dont give him any allergic reaction. After using it, he blurted out. "We will definitely buy this".
      Thanks Shu Uemura. Perfect! When they posted a contest to bring all our toughest and hardest to remove make up, haha! I passed up the challenge, I know I will lose that battle. Hehe!