Friday, September 23, 2011

Gong Cha -Singapore

ABBEY: Another bubble tea? Yes it is, but this tastes great. What I like the most is their Golden Ovaltine. We also tried their coffee once. One drink costs 3sgd. We also had the chance to avail a 1 dollar off from Singtel when you top-up.

WILL: I do not have any opportunity to take their long queue at International Plaza but when we saw Rex performance at the LaSalle, hehe, to our delight for no queue at all, we grabbed our singtel voucher then bought a Golden Ovaltine. 
There is something in that cup, its like a chocolate pulp in every sip of this yummy drink. 
     This excitement for this Gong Cha doesn't stop here, after finishing the magnificent stroll of Istana, Abbey took a queue at Plaza Singapura branch. Ordered again the unforgettable Ovaltine and coffee. Very addictive! We love it!