Monday, September 5, 2011

The Tastings Room

ABBEY: After going to another sale of Body Shop, we went to this diner at Marina Square. It is a very cozy place; interiored with black upholstery and plays with shape of circles and squares. We availed their August special-Sun Kissed tomato crayfish pasta only for 14sgd. I got BLT sandwich in a wrap. They are flavorful and taste great. A lot of different flavors on every bite. Usual price of coffee or tea is 5sgd, be we got it for 2.5sgd.

WILL: As I browse the web, The Tastings caught my attention for their 2.50$ promo on their coffee and tea. ;) we were about to buy some goodies at Suntec for pasalubongs and we need some place to have our mirienda, glad this is just located at Marina Square. 
When we reached the place Abbey's stomach reacts and want some food to indulge in. Then we ordered a BLT in wraps and sun-kissed tomato crayfish pasta.
     The pasta was served first, can be shared by two persons and it is incredible, flavors of tomato and meat of crayfish was well blended with its al dente pasta. The BLT wraps, the best BLT for me as of now. The saltiness of bacon, the unique sauce, sweetness of unknown fruit (hehe), and egg yolk came together to excite my taste buds!
     The interiors is very nice and relaxing. Very recommendable for a tea time.