Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends with Benefits

ABBEY: What? A remake of "No Strings Attached" already? It's a story of a head-hunter and a job seeker who had just been dumped and both promised to never be totally in love again. The guy was hired and moved to New York. Being the girl as her only friend in town, they spend more time together. And decided to be friends and have the "benefits" of being more than friends. They decided to stop as they thought they are ready to commit for another relationship. Little did they know that they're falling for each other. Yes, it has a happy ending. By the way, Mila is not just hot in here, she's smart as well.

WILL: Friends with benefits, isn't this is the trend for this generation? Haha! Just for its title without viewing even its trailer I know in the end they will be in love with each other and gonna be in each others arms. 
     The lesson? For me? Never put yourself in this kind of set-up, coz, one of party will sure be involve and be in love. For me its 5/10.