Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Discovery Food Court

ABBEY: It's lunch and were hungry. We decided to have bite to eat. We went to Discovery food court. Wow, jam-packed. So we for another ride. When we came back only few diners were left. It is a circular place and at the center of it is a model of a dinosaur. Can't remember what is the name. We got roasted and steamed chicken rice with mung bean soup, wanton noodle and a kid's meal which comes with a free lunch box. The meal costs 11sgd but drink is not included. The place got a feel of freshness and relaxing.

WILL: Its really in our itinerary to eat our lunch here at Discovery Food Court. This is located at The Lost World area. After the enjoyable ride in Battlestar Gallactica, we went here to see my in-laws, husband and nephew for dinner.
      The first thing you will notice on this food court is their gigantic dinosaur remains. It just reminds of the Jurassic Park movie. I ordered hainanese chicken set. The taste?  Not that good as I expect. Bland.