Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Night of Comedy with Rex Navarrete 2011

ABBEY: I thought I won't be seeing his act here at Singapore. It's a weekend, but it's a workday for me. Good thing my colleague offered a swap. Upon approval, I booked our tickets priced at 45sgd each. The place is at LaSalle College of the Art near Little India MRT station. The show started bit late but its worth the wait. Honestly, I've already watch some of his antics. But it's very different when you are on a live audience and hear him deliver the punchlines. Madami akong tawa talaga :). Bonus is the picture taking session after the show. Rex is one hella Pinoy :)

WILL:  Rex Navarrete... Who is he? Never heard of him until last year that Abbey gave me a link to his YouTube. From there, di ko n sya nakalimutan! Naks! At yun, Abbey went with me too see him perform live. 
       Ang aga namin dun, di kami pwede malate kasi baka kami mapagdiskitahan ni Rex hehe. As expected I laugh and laugh. His jokes were true, sabi nga nya he do "research" hehe. Very witty. Like ko talaga sya lalo na pag ang mama na nya ang usapan. Haha. Nakikita ko ang mga nanay sa Pilipinas haha. Ahmmmmmm. 
       Nashocked ako, kala ko ako lng nakaexperience sa airline na yun merong retired captain na nasa passengers' seat. Hehe. Pano ko nalaman na captain sya ng eroplano? While on the midst of his sleep, pinunthan sya ng stewardess and ang bungad "Captain, tawag po kayo ni captain" what the f, then dun nya kwento sa akin na retired sya and he's on vacation ALONE! haha. Nakarelate tuloy ako. Haha. 
       Basta nakakatuwa ka Rex. More more more wisdom for you.