Thursday, September 8, 2011

National Geographic Cafe Singapore

ABBEY: At last we set foot inside the NatGeo cafe. Wilma got her tea time set for 10sgd. It includes a pot of tea and a slice of banana chocolate cake. That's what the staff recommended. For me, I got turkey ham wrap and soda. At the cafe food is not the only item that is on sale; tables and chairs are included too. You can check for the price tag.

WILL: National Geographic just do not sell shirts and magazines, here in their VivoCity branch, they put up a cafe. We are wanting to dine here but the distance from our work do not supports the idea. Then here we go, need to meet our friend Chat, biro mo yun nasa Vivo na kami sya kakagising lng. Hehe. Then it gave us the idea to eat here. Abbey ordered a turkey wrap and a cola, for me I availed their tea time worth $9 consisted of tea and a cake. 
      I love their tea. Real teas, I mean they served me a tea leaves in a pot and not am ordinary teabag that I for myself can buy at groceries. We chose banana choco cake and its really terrific. Nice ambiance, nice tables and chairs... All in all for me this is recommendable for a romantic and serious business talks. ;p