Monday, September 12, 2011

Night Safari Singapore

ABBEY: I thought I won't see that much creatures at the Night Safari. With my eyes not in 20/20, sight is very difficult. But I enjoyed my time there. A shuttle from Mandarin Oriental hotel picked us up; fare is 4.5 for adult and 2sgd for kids. We reached the zoo at 6:45pm. Admission is 30sgd(adult) and 21(kids). This includes tram rides also.  Two shows were presented; fire dance and Creatures of the night. We saw otters, wolves, sugar gliders, lion, giraffe, elephants, and other nocturnal animals. We had our snack at ZBar. We got hotdogs and soda. Restaurant, hawkers, souvenir shops are there as well. The zoo helps to educate people to care and preserve wild life. Flash photography for the animal is prohibited. As the host said "If you're not familiar on how not to use the camera flash, better not use the camera" :)

WILL: Night Safari!!! I am very hesitant to see this attraction. Why? Creepy and I am little bit worried for our security. But my in-laws and my sis arrived here and this is a must-see for tourist, now, its either stay at home or go with them. I chose the latter. Hehe. 
     We hop on to one of the shuttles from Mandarin Oriental at around 530pm for 4.50S$ one way then bought a ticket at the same bus and discounted a $1 for each ticket. 
     Arrived at the park, we wait for fire dance at entrance 7pm then watched the 730pm show at amphitheater. The rest of the night from 8pm to 10pm was spent in foot trails and tram rides. 
     For me, I enjoyed more the tram rides than foot trail. Why? Takot ako. Maglakad in that darkness, baka may bigla lumabas na butiki. But in our whole journey wala naman nagpakita. 
     Love it! Congratulations to Night Safari. Worth visiting!