Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bad Teacher

ABBEY: Ok, I admit it, Cameron is hot :) But her character in the movie isn't; not only a bad teacher but bad also as a person. Imagine spending a lot of money to enhance her twins just to have the man of her dreams. The good thing is she realized it all before its too late. It's nice how she busted that control freak colleague of her sending her to the worst school. Haha.

WILL: Yeah! She is a certified bad teacher! Hehe. 
The story was about how she can get a rich man who can marry her and to get herself off from her life. This kind of ladies do really exist. Materialistic and uncontented and bitch who taught that having a big boobies will be the answer for man's attention. 
The cat fight was so nice, that "ma-epal" teacher reminds me of someone. Haha. Well out of 10 this is 7 for me.