Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shin Ramyun

Mushroom Flavor

Shrimp Flavor
ABBEY: I asked my wife what is Shin Ramyun. Is it a local restaurant or hawker that we visited? No. It is the great tasting noodles that I like the most. Imagine, I just eat it not knowing its name. I don't know the name because every time we buy it, I just look for the color of the package. Haha. Back in Philippines, Wilma gave me a cup of the noodles and said to try it. I was hesitant because I'm not used to a spicy noodle. When I tasted it, it was so good. It's flavorful and you'll be craving for more. You can buy it as instant noodles in a cup or cook it. A cup cost not more than 2sgd and 5-piece pack is 3.5sgd. This is a must try. Even Tatay enjoyed the noodles also.

WILL: I tasted this noodles when I was in Qingdao. Since then, my taste buds keep on longing for the taste of its spicy soup. My love story continues when I discovered that this was also available in Manila at Trinoma Mall and for me to confirm if this is really delicious noodles, I ask my dad to taste and give a verdict. From there, it is certified the best easy-to-cook ramen not only for me but for also for my family.
     Now, this is a must to our list. I am so delighted that their shrimp flavor do not give an itch to my husband! (Abbey is allergic to seafoods). Love this!