Sunday, September 11, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

ABBEY: From the time I entered USS during their "After Hours", I said to myself that one day I'll be having a day-pass there. And it came true. We got our tickets for 66sgd each. Street performers, Universal Studios characters like Woody woodpecker and Frankenstein, snack and beverage stalls are all over the place providing entertainment and convenience for the guests.
The rides that I tried is the Jurassic Park's Canopy flyer, Madagascar's , 4D adventure at Shrek's Kingdom Far Far Away. There were some technical difficulty at The Mummy Returns roller coaster so we didn't proceed. I haven't gone to Battlestar Galactica. I feel I'm gonna faint out. :)

We also went to Lights, Camera, Action theater where they show visual and sound effects for a particular scenario - a hurricane 5 devastating New York city.

WILL: Now, we are here to avail the whole day fee of $66.00. We went here before for only $5/pax, and they called it After Hours. We were there 9:00am but the ticketing counter opened around 9:15. Its better to be that early than to take a long queue just for tickets or better log on to their website to buy tickets. 
      We first visit Madagscar. The queue took as around 1 and half hour for not more than 10minute water ride. ;) the effects is so great that even me to happiness tapped my feet to their beats. 
      Ran our way to the Jurassic Park. Another 45 mins for queue but I am quite happy because my in-laws just ride a semi thrilling roller coaster. Hehe. And after that ride ayaw na nila sumakay basta basta. Haha. 
      This is a tip, do not waste your time dining in on any of their food stalls for a lunch, time is so valuable so just grab some snacks like nachos and soda then eat them while on queue. Hehe. 
      Next stop, the wild and wet Waterworld Show. Very, very, very enjoyable. Haha. Basang basa kami.. Why? We have this guts to sit our butts to the front seats with a warning na tlgang mababasa kami. Hahaha. Ang saya! Buti na lng may payong kami. Nice! Recommendable for anyone who will visit USS. oh, naabutan nmin ang 2pm show nila. 
     Shrek, the 4D cinema. Basa ulit. Pero konti lng. Hehe. The queue is not more than 30minutes. Its cinema I think can accommodate 400 viewers. 
     After nun, hayyy, sayang! Nasira ang roller coaster ride ng return of the mummy. So we went to the very controversial ride ng USS. 
     I and ate sol have the guts to ride the Battlestar Gallactica. Kakainis kasi nung pumila kami sarado ang blue line, so pinagtyagaan na namin any red line. Each ride have a 28 person capacity. We waited for 2 long hours for our turn. Damn, nakakatuwa. Ang sarap sa feeling, and pinaos ako kakasigaw. Haha. Pagbaba ko, i got dizzy... First time to feel that after a extreme ride. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
     Upon our exit to this park, I saw another attraction that will start in 5 minutes. Sayang naman so i asked them to follow me. Movie came to life tlga! The effects and everything makes us feel that we are really a cast in that movie. 
     Upon exiting this Steven Spielberg attraction, we heard a sound of music. Then we saw the pinoys,iba tlga ang indak ng isang kababayan! 
     Okay, enough of it, we need to go to beach station for the 7:40 show of the songs of the sea
Suggestion: i hope USS will indicate in their maps the show times for the visitors can plan well the visit. ;)