Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sands SkyPark

ABBEY: I've seen Marina Bay Sands towers progress from being built until it was opened to the public. It is my wish to go to the top and see the bay at a higher perspective.

For a fee of 20sgd and a good cloudy windy weather, we went to the 56th floor. The lift ride will give you air pocket telling you that it will be very high up there. When we reached the top the view is awesome. We didn't waste anytime to take snaps. We were overwhelmed by the place. Drinks and light snacks are available for munching. A garden, pool and restaurant are also there at the park

WILL: Sands skypark? Expensive meh! Hehe. Its on 56th floor of Marina Bay Sands. But anyway, acting like a tourist, we want to spend some time on a noah's ark look-a-like. ;)
      If you want to think over something about your life, this is a place to recommend. Hehe. Makapagnilay-nilay ka tlga. Or ako lng ang gumagawa nun, back in our home, I am staying to our rooftop just to think over what happened and will occur to my life.  Basta wag lng tatalon hehe. 
      They have store here for some snacks. :) A palm sweating and knees shaking experience. :)