Friday, September 16, 2011

Merlion Park

ABBEY: I've been at the park many times. The first time we went there is when Wilma had a stopover for her flight to Vietnam. Many people come there to take picture with the symbol of Singapore.

An artist even made the Merlion a hotel. It was enclosed in a room where people can check in and spend a night there.

Coffee shops and diners are available at the park as well as the duck tours terminal.
If you can't have the perfect snap with the lion-mermaid, you can have pose with its smaller version just at the back of the big one or visit the largest one at Sentosa :)

WILL: This is the well-visited park of Singapore. Located here is their Merlion... Singapore's icon. I am quite unhappy now lang namin sya nablog. The most difficult time to take picture here is on evening. So if you want to have some solo picture with beloved Merlion, go here morning to 3pm. 
;) goodluck for taking the best angle of Merlion.