Saturday, September 10, 2011

Istana Singapore

ABBEY: We were overwhelmed by the queue. Its a long way before you can enter the palace grounds. That's how people are eager to visit the president's home. A fee of 1sgd for guest will be collected. Nearest MRT station is Dhoby Ghaut. The park is beside Plaza Singapura. A tall white gate welcomed us and after that a wide green lawn. People sat on it and soaked under the sun.
Walking up the path and we reached the palace. It is a great structure. For 2sgd we entered the residence. It showcases the gifts from the countries who visited Singapore. We also get to see the great hall where the meeting with other leaders were held. Outside the palace is the fountain and Victoria's garden. As the sun sets we headed for the exit. The park is also about to close

WILL:  Open house at Istana?.. and we grabbed that great opportunity to see whats inside with that big white gates. As we arrived at Dhoby Ghaut station we saw the very long line of people but we also queued, no choice Hehe. 
       After a long wait for more than one hour, finally we are in the Singapore's President office. 
       The view was jaw dropping! Very green and they have a vast space that serves as golf course. The building is magnificent, we entered it and paid $2/person, taking pictures/videos is prohibited. 
       As I thought of the Malacañang Palace, I wondered when it will be open to public for viewing. Kaso that thought will remain in my head napakaimposible na makapasok ang ordinaryong tao sa palasyo. Ang kukulit kasi ng nga tao sa atin, security of the president is at risk if they open those gates. 
       Love this experience :)