Monday, September 19, 2011

Borders - Final Days

ABBEY: I'm happy and somehow sad when I learned that Border's will be closing down. Happy for the book discounts; sad because the bookstore will meet its end. I got two reference books for 5sgd each when I first went to their drive. On its last days, my wife got one part of her fave novel but I had none. Almost all the reference books are gone. Its nice to be part of the last sale but I also must live to the fact that life must go on Border-less.

WILL: There is no easy way to say goodbye. Bye Borders. :( this company been great in serving the public by giving us the varieties of books the world can offer. 
      By letting them know that we support them until the end, we went at their clearance sale. And surprise, surprise my long last book was found and purchased for 70% off
     Thank you borders for the years of service and feeding our mind through good books.