Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heinz (Singapore) Tomato Ketchup Blended with Balsamic Vinegar

ABBEY: I don't like the taste of tomato ketchup as it was too sour for me when I was a child. Maybe because I was just used to dip my fries or chicken in banana ketchup. It is also "part" of the sauce recipe of spaghetti in Philippines. Some people really use it for that purpose. 

But as I grew up I get accustomed to it and began to like tomato ketchup. Here in Singapore we preferred Heinz. I can't wait to tickle my taste buds when Wilma told me that we won 4 bottles each of Heinz tomato ketchup with balsamic vinegar. And I thought how sour was that? :) 

We tried it in fried pork liempo and it was delicious. The sourness of vinegar and sweetness of tomato is a good match. As usual just like any other tomato ketchup, the aftertaste is rusty but wine-like-taste. 

WILL: Balsamic vinegar marry tomato and vowed to be together for forever, haha, and their baby is Heinz Tomato ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar. Good choice tomato, good that you accept balsamic vinegar's proposal now we are enjoying the taste of your product. ;) 
      Heinz promoted this and as a lover of each of their products I am very excited to have a bottle of 4. We both won and take home bottles. 
      The taste is extra-ordinary. Love the extra kick of sourness. And for saying thank you to Heinz, we ask our friends to take some of the bottles and so they can try this new innovation. Before we ran out ketchup, we always check if Heinz is on our weekly list. Each bottle costs $3.40.