Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Exchange | Singapore Bars and Clubs - Ladies' Night

ABBEY: Wednesday nights are Ladies' night in Singapore. And we visited The Exchange (Asia Square Tower One). 

No entrance fee for the men. They are offering free margaritas and cocktail drinks to the women from 5PM to 9PM. Yes, only until 9PM as there will be office the next day and it is only the middle of the week. 

We had a lot of fun, stories shared with a good serving of nachos and bucket full of garlicky fries. Tip: You can sit on chairs at Tower One's facade. Appreciate the staff for delivering our orders there.

WILL: Just want to clear up the middle week blues but do not want to break your budget? Why not go to The Exchange for some round of frozen margarita for free! Yes an unlimited frozen margarita for free. 

From 5pm-9pm you can go here for some shots plus pica-pica(try their nachos) and non-stop stories with your friends. Forget your phones and socialise in real life and The Exchange is the best place for it for sure. 

Be early as you don't want to end up standing without even a table to put down your drinks. Hooray Ladies Night!