Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2CELLOS - On The Road Tour Live in Singapore 2015

ABBEY: Yahoo, we won. This time it is a pair of tickets for the live performance at Kallang theatre of 2Cellos; Croatian music artists who play, of course, the cello. This is courtesy of The Exchange bar. Just like and share, and lots of luck. 

After their opening of classical music (JS Bach's Air), they told the audience that they can take all the pictures we want during their entire performance. They encourage us to sing ("You can sing if you know the lyrics because we don't know the lyrics :) ) and dance as well. How cool is that? Part of their repertoire is their Celloverse, Thuderstruck, With or without you, and The Book of love. The audience were on their feet when they played Trooper Overture, Highway to Hell and Smooth Criminal. It was unique and electrifying experience. A stringed instrument partnered with distortion and very good players, then it is a party. They ended with another classical, Pachelbel's Canon, and bid goodbye to us. 

Thanks, The Exchange.

WILL: I love classical music, the sounds produces by cellos, violins and magnificent orchestras. And few close people knew that. So when we saw that our favorite bar held a Facebook contest Abbey hit like and shared instantly and hoped to award the pair of tickets. And it is! Thanks The Exchange. 

2Cellos is not your ordinary classical cello players. Well, I knew that because of their youtube videos. But seeing them performing live is different. They are not that formal type of performer. They are the rock-n-roll version of classical genre. It seems that we attended a comedy show and rock and roll concert with a classical music at the end. 

I clapped, I stamped my foot, I holler and most importantly I laughed hard. Thanks 2Cellos for making mine and my husband's night wonderfully. Till next time. ;)