Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cafe Mondo at Orchard Central

ABBEY: After our sumptuous dinner, our bodies are going for shutdown. But still we're not at home, we're in a mall. So we went to Cafe Mondo. 

I was about to order their signature hot chocolate but their affogato entry caught my eye. For 7.5sgd I got a shot of espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Yes it was small but it gave me a jolt. The vanilla ice cream is smooth and creamy. Half of it I melted with the espresso; instant ice-creamed coffee :)

They also serve pasta, cakes, chilled beverages and tea.

WILL: Its a waste of time, money and experience if you do not try the varieties of cafes here in Singapore. So after our fulfilling meal at Tony Roma's we paved our way to Cafe Mondo for a dose of hot drinks. 

It is one of your unusual cafes that you can find at the stretch of Orchard Road. It was exactly located at Orchard Central 2nd floor.

Since my throat is shouting for me to take liquid in and my brain wars me that taking anything in to my stomach will make me vomit and that is the reason I asked for Calming Your Tummy tea. 

When I soaked the teabag the water turns to green then after few seconds turned to brown. Sip by sip my tummy pacifies. Love the minty taste and soothing effect. 

Delight yourself and check it this out cafe that serves coffee, tea and ice cream in one roof :)