Monday, July 13, 2015

Ban Heng Restaurant Harbourfront Branch - Dinner Ala Carte Buffet

ABBEY: Ban heng is located at the fourth storey of Harbourfront Centre. In here we have farewell dinner with Kar Yin. 

They are offering a 22SGD ala carte buffet. By the time we get there, I immediately get a bowl of congee. It has thin slices of pork and century egg and I topped it with green onions. Next is a plate of Chinese fried rice combo with our ala carte orders; deep fried chicken, honey glazed pork ribs, fish in sweet soy sauce, sweet and sour pork, and roasted pork. I think I really like the roasted pork then dip in balsamic vinegar as I finished 4 orders of that :) 

Be cautious in taking a bite with their fried chicken, it is spicy. I also finished the leftover hor fun of April. It was delicious and the fish taste good. This place is recommended for wedding or company affairs.

WILL: It is my fault, I thought their dimsum buffet is served until dinner but I am wrong. Anyways we were there so we just decided to go for Chinese cuisine buffet dinner. 

We ordered too many food and there are few of them that I will not ever forget. First is their Gong Bao Chicken, then their out of this world thick Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Fish with Egg Gravy, their Deep-Fried "Soon Hock" with Superior Soya Sauce and their sweet yum. 

It is a great place for you and your tourist friends that want to splurge for food without emptying the wallets. One of the best and yet cheap buffets in Singapore!