Friday, July 17, 2015

eat at taipei (Kallang Wave Mall)

ABBEY: Make sure you know where the exact stall number of this diner. We got lost finding it at Kallang Wave Mall. The name was not written in English :) We should have memorized the logo or learnt to read their words. 

Once there I ordered Taiwan-style braised minced pork for 10.50SGD. Few minutes later I'm digging in a rice bowl with sweet minced pork, hardboiled egg and pak choi (pechay). 

Visit their site for updated menu and prices. They also have branches at JCube, Tampines Mall, and Chinatown Point.

WILL: Oh darl, Singapore residents are so lucky to have diversified cuisines that made available in every mall. After the Korean dish wave, Taiwan's food little by little conquers the food preferences of people here.

After our short trip from Kallang Library, we went eat at taipei for dinner. The restaurant's aura will make you fill that you are in Taiwan.. really! I am craving for noodles and soup so I went for Keelung Braised Mee Sua with Pork Knuckles. 

The dish was served and we were astounded on the size of the pork bones. It is really huge! The taste of the mee sua is awesomely tasty. 

Well, we do not need to spend for airfare, just head over to Kallang Wave Mall for you to taste this loveable Taiwanese cruising restaurant.