Thursday, July 9, 2015

Prata Wala - Bedok Mall Branch

ABBEY: It was past lunchtime when we finish our visit at Changi Naval Base. We dined in Prata Wala at Bedok Mall. 

Wow, they have fried chicken biryani rice set for 7.50SGD; veggie strips, fried chicken, big serving of briyani rice and pappadum. It was delicious, spicy, and hot. We also have an order of naan and extra pappadums to complete our sumptuous lunch.

WILL: Indian cuisines were either be seen at hawkers or at stand-alone restaurants. Well, this Prata Wala reached out to be a fast-food-like theme. 

Prata Wala is well-known for its, of course, pratas. But that time due to a growling tummy we adhere to our decision of taking rice than pratas in our mains and naan at the side. 

I got buttered chicken. It is delicious. I even asked for mint sauce to elevate more the richness of its flavors. Naan is on its usual taste. 

Next time, we will back to try their pratas. :)