Friday, July 10, 2015

Changi Museum Singapore

ABBEY: Entrance is free for this museum but to make the experience better, rent their audio guide for 8SGD. It will narrate the events that happened during Japanese occupation on Singapore. 

It was a dark period of Singapore's history. Food was rationed, security was scarce, justice is always given to the one in power. It also exhibits the part of a cell where 3-4 prisoners of war stayed. But even with their bad condition, the POWs still came up with their arts like paintings and other activities to keep their morale up. The narration also contains account of a comfort woman on that time. The heroes of war and all those people who helped for the liberation were listed and given honor at the museum.

The last phase of the tour is the chapel. Despite of what people experience, they still look up to God. Just like what a prisoner prayed every night "to deliver us from present circumstances".

WILL: Are you brave enough to hear the stories of the survivors in Japanese occupation here in Singapore? Their grumbling voice? You can? Then check-out the one of the must-visit place of Singapore...The Changi Museum and Chapel. 

No photos and videos inside please. Pictures and memorabilia will make you feel how cruel that era is. 

You can rent an audio guide to maximize the experience and I will strongly recommend it to you. 

Simple and yet touching presentation guys. My tears are about to welled up. One of my favorite place here in SG.