Monday, July 20, 2015

Spicy Cereal Chicken Recipe

3 boneless chicken thigh (cut into bite size pieces)
3 cups of potato starch (dissolved in water for min. 3 hours and then remove water)
5 chilli padis (chopped)
a handful of curry leaves
a pack cereal chicken mix
1/2 cup of butter

Coat the chicken with potato starch and fry (double fry). Set aside.
Melt butter in a pan. Once melted, stir fry curry leaves and chilli padi.
Mix in the cereal until the butter is absorbed.
Toss in the chicken and stir.
Serve with rice and soda.

WILL: Cereals proved itself not to be good only with prawn or luncheon meat. At this time Abbey put it with chicken. 

Crunchy-crunchy chicken inspired by Maangchi + spicy cereals is heaven. Sweetness of cereals, spiciness of curry leaves and crunchy chicken brings perfection to this meal. 

I will surely  asked Chef Abbey to cook this again for us. :)