Monday, July 6, 2015

Star Cinnamon - Bakery - Halal Restaurant

ABBEY: We planned to bring home half a dozen of Beard Papa's cream puffs. But instead we got a box of Star Cinnamon at basement of Bugis Junction  near the MRT. 

Tip: You can buy more on their happy hour. For 10SGD, you can have 6 buns.

The smell of cinnamon will entice you and your tastebuds to look where it is coming from. You will be given a sample bite to keep you from drooling. :)

I like the one with cream cheese and the original. If you cannot finish all six on one sitting,  just reheat the cinnamon buns and match it with coffee.

WILL: It's a feast to bread lovers whenever the clock strikes for the bakeries which are bound to close for the day. Almost all of them will holler a "sale" just to finish all the breads in their displays. I caught the banner of 6 for $10. My joy exceeds when I saw cinnamon... in different flavors. 

Abbey bought a box of six. I ate and I asked my office mates to try it too. I love it. They love it. Since then, whenever I go to Bugis I never failed to buy some for me to take home. 

Thanks Star Cinnamon for a another choice of bread.