Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Navy Museum - Ministry of Defence (Singapore)

ABBEY: We've been to Singapore Navy camp when they had an open house last 2013 but we haven't got time to check on their museum as their "stars" on that occasion are their big ships for warfare, monitoring and security. Shuttle buses were used on open house but going there on your own, you have to go either by own car or cab (15-20min ride from Tanah Merah MRT station). You have to register as a visitor and you will be escorted to the museum. Make sure to follow all the rules on the camp.

Big numbers will guide you on viewing the exhibition. The museum exhibits their navy history, from wooden RSS Panglima to their state of the art ships. It also shows how Singapore helped in search for MH370 when it crashed on 2014, defend the waters from sea pirates, and doing humanitarian works.Simulators and games were also made available for more interaction with the guests.

Visit the museum and learn more about navy and maybe you can have your "Andreas and Nicole" who will give you a lift to nearest MRT station :)

WILL: Taxi is the best way of public transport to go in here. To add up their strict compliance of security, once you register and get a museum's visitor ID, one of them will escort you to the premises. 

It was a sizzling Saturday afternoon but all the sweat was worth it. The Museum will welcome you with a chilling airconditioned room, an all smile staff and free badges. You can take photo inside. 

In this exhibit you can see that Singapore doesn't want to repeat the history with Japanese occupation. They will prove to the visitors in this museum that they are in watch 24/7 for achieving peace here in the country. 

You will love this branch of Ministry of Defence even more if you will see the last floor of the museum. It was consisted of their charity works and how to befriend not only their neighbouring country but also the West. 

Love of the country is really the answer and best reason for a good public service.