Friday, December 7, 2012

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Accommodation - Promotion 2012

ABBEY: This is a long-awaited nightout with my wife. Marina Bay Sands had promotional room rates and it coincides on my birthday month. A deluxe room costs 422sgd for a night stay (this doesn't include breakfast). So after our major activity at the office, I look forward relaxing in the arms of Marina Bay Sands. We got there by their airport shuttle at Changi Terminal 2 and checked in at 3pm. 

We were given a room at 24th floor with a view of Gardens by the Bay. The bed is comfy and bathroom is classy. Upon arrival, I indulge in a cup of coffee while my wife on tea. It was a nice stay. I rested well and got enough sleep. I felt revived and rejuvenated. I just wish that we could stay there a little bit longer. 

By 11am we checked out and ended our rendezvous.

WILL: Lo and behold! After Abbey's two years of asking me to have a staycation at this prestigious hotel and considered one of the icons now of Singapore we already stayed of 2D1N in this great structure. 
      Why I never booked before? I really do not see the value of my money for a one night stay, but because Abbey is a member of Sands Rewards, he get the sales and discounts at The Shoppes and with the MBS Room Rates. We read the email and immediately checked how much we can save from the original room rate of almost S$650 a night. We booked for a discounted price of S$350++ and immediately received a confirmation email. A week before your stay, they will send another email for you to fill up a form to expedite your check-in. Stretched out and to experience the whole package in booking a room, we went to Changi Airport Terminal 2 to avail their free coach. Like a boss lei! Haha. For 30mins we arrived the hotel queue for less than 10mins and then we set in our feet in one of Abbey's great wish. 
      As we turned on the tv, my husband's full name appeared and welcoming him. TWG is their complimentary tea, free wifi and an exceptional free coffee for Abbey. We stayed at 24th floor and our view from our room is the Gardens by the Bay. 
     This is a nice experience. Really! We check-out at 11am after a sumptuous buffet breakfast at Sky on 57. They billed a total amount of $422.54 on Abbey's credit card. Worthy! 
     Till next stay MBS ;)