Thursday, December 13, 2012

1983 - A Taste of Nanyang

ABBEY: This "sosyal" hawker caters Indonesian, Malaysian and Western cuisines. It's located in Basement 1 of Marina Bay Sands Tower 1. At 6.80sgd, I had nasi lemak. The chicken serving is large and the rice is flavorful. The fish though is cold. It's as if it came from the fridge. Drink starts from 1.50sgd.

WILL: Who say that every restaurant at The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands is expensive? Some don't want to roam around here because they say all the food outlets will costs them a minimum of $20 each. Except of the Rasapura Masters which is their version of hawker, you can also go to 1983 A Taste of Nanyang. 
     They offer our favorite Indonesian Cuisine, the nasi lemak. For only $6.50 you will have a big piece of chicken. a whole fish, and their very own special rice. So great that I always asked Abbey to dine in here whenever we were at MBS. value of money with a full tummy. :)