Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BongKod Traditional Thai Foot Spa

ABBEY: We got this traditional Thai foot reflexology on Groupon at less than 20sgd per person. Bongkod Thai Foot Spa is located at Ang Mo Kio.

Upon reaching the establishment we were welcomed by their staff and asked us to get ready for foot wash and scrub. Once finished we were given a very comfy-kingly chair. It was very relaxing. The masseur put warm towel on our feet and immediately started the session. The ointment/cream applied to our feet is non-greasy and really soothes our tired feet; and it has a good aroma. Upon ending the session they gave us a relaxation tea.

WILL: Thai Massage yes but foot spa?, this is my first time. Bongkod Traditional Thai Foot Spa was located at Ang Mo Kio just behind a wet market, very accessible to the residence along the area. We bought this package for $18.00 at Groupon and immediately redeemed the voucher.
      Once we stepped our feet in their haven, they immediately accommodate us, asked to sit in the middle of the room to wash our tired feet, then we followed and sat to our assigned seat. All of of the people beside us is sleeping while their masseurs were busy striding their fingers on their feet.
      They handed as the hot ginger tea, and soaked my foot on a warm water with tea then my body completely gave in.. Relaxed.
      The masseurs came then started the 60mins session. Gosh, really, they are hitting the painful spots. Relief and relaxed and sleepy, that was I felt after they took off their hands off my feet.
      They have a very friendly staff. Try here, they have also a $10.00 package when we got there,  Very recommendable place.