Wednesday, December 12, 2012

District 10 Bar & Restaurant - The Star Vista Branch Grand Opening

ABBEY: Believe it or not I spent nothing on my birthday treat. It was also the opening day of District 10 at Star Vista mall near Buona Vista MRT station. I think it was a gift that my wife and my Facebook account won a pair of invites on the party. Wow, it was a party of four :) 

The event started 7pm. Each guest were a given a drink; be it champagne, wine, beer or soda. Then came the servings of beef skewers, spring rolls, sliders and the special pizza. The food was great with special mention of pizza. It has a good aroma, crusty and tastes very good. Party music made the event more lively and cheerful. We managed to made some acquaintances and had a snap with the chef and the owner himself. 

It was a nice birthday celebration. Happy birthday, District 10.

WILL: Our stay at Marina Bay Sands is my real gift for my husband but that was Nov 11-12, his birthday is Nov 14, and I want to have a simple dinner for him. My head is spinning while thinking where I should I bring the celebrant on his natal day.

      While browsing, I saw District 10 Grand Opening at Star Vista, we recently moved and Buona Vista is just an MRT station away from us, so this will be a great place. To know more about the restaurant I browse their website and hit the "like" button for their Facebook page. Looking and looking, I saw that they are holding a giveaway contest and the price is a ticket for two for their grand opening on 14/11/2012.
      Abbey sent a poem and I just post a simple and yet meaningful comment why I want to go and have a party with them. We won and my husband's party has a lot of beautiful and positive-vibe guests. Ha!
      We feel every second of this party, we met many people from different countries, air was filled of nice music and laughter, we ate all we pizza, sliders, drumsticks, beef, and the mouthwatering prawns. Gulped red wine and sodas.
     This is a great place to unwind. District 10 is now having a promotion for their Christmas and New Year, come and visit their UE and Star Vista branches.