Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

ABBEY: We planned numerous times to dine in this  tea shop at Marina Bay Sands but they never happened until we have spare time to wait for a fashion show. Since it will not start for a couple of hours, we went at TWG and sipped cups of tea. 

I got strawberry-fusion tea. The aroma is good as well as the taste. No burnt and bitter after taste. A tea book was given to us and we read a lot of info about the leaves; from how it started, the trade until to the names of each tea and their uses.

WILL: I am an absolute lover of teas and once I saw the this TWG at Marina Bay Sands I told to myself that someday I wi be having a tea there. 
      Well, we have an extra budget to sip some tea there and yes my 2years wish was finally granted. Once we put our first foot on the steps, their waitress immediately greeted us and ushered to our seats. Oh, their chairs is very soft, it made me really a royalty that night. The man passed us the TWG tea book. Whoah! Shocked! Overwhelmed with information. This company was established here in Singapore and decades past of being port of trade, they saw every finest tea leaves from different countries and with expert knowledge they came of hundreds of concoction that will result in greatness. 
      Oh Darl, my heart is in heaven when they served my teapot. I ordered silver moon. The taste?, nothing ordinary. Very Delicious!